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Redwood's Pyjamas

Redwood's Pyjamas

I do wonder if DCI Wall has checked out Redwood's pyjamas or rather the pyjamas he claimed a 2 year old child was wearing while being carried through the streets of Praia da Luz on the same night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing?  Wonder if she has spoken to crechedad?

Madeleine McCann was a few days from her 4th birthday when she was reported as missing.

Her parents said she was wearing these pyjamas.

The pyjamas were sleeveless, and had cropped legs.

Their holiday buddy Jane Tanner claimed to have seen a man carrying a child, a child who was barefoot.  She only saw the legs of the child from the knee down.  But claimed to have been able, in the dark, to identify the pyjama bottoms as being pink with a flower pattern and a frill round the bottom of the legs.

The McCanns had a sketch of this man drawn up as per Tanner's description.  And since that time all those years back he was known as the suspect, the man who stole Maddie according the the McCanns that is, not according to the Portuguese Police.

Then six years down the line along comes DCI Andy Redwood.

He tells us this guy is NOT a suspect.  He is a British dad who happened to be carrying his 2 year old daughter home from the creche that night.  His daughter too, being dressed ONLY in pyjamas on a cold and windy night.

As if!

(Not forgetting we have Smithman too, who also was seen carrying a child dressed ONLY in pyjamas on that same night, and if this guy was not carrying Madeleine, then we had THREE kids that night dressed ONLY in pyjamas)

More than six years after Madeleine's disappearance DCI Andy Redwood produced the pyjamas of the then TWO year old child who he said was being carried home from the creche by her daddy.

Evidence: The girl seen at 9.15 wore distinctive pyjamas and the prime suspect also brought these to police to prove his innocence

These pyjamas have a long sleeved top (not that Tanner saw the top) and blue bottoms, not pink!

Whether they have a frill at the bottom of the legs, cannot see from this picture.

These pyjamas allegedly belonging to a two year old child and having been kept for SIX years by her parents, look rather large to have been for a toddler.

Do we believe Redwood's pyjama tale?

Well, have to say, I don't!

It is a tale that lets Jane Tanner off the hook, Matthew Oldfield also, and Gerry McCann too somewhat.  It helps the McCann tale of abduction, and Kate McCanns story too.

But it also exposes the stories by Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield of having seen the bedroom door open, as not being true.

But what is the purpose behind Redwood's tale his creation of crechedad?  Well that is anyone's guess.

Did Redwood purposely expose the McCann/Oldfield tale as being untrue or is it a case of he didn't give a jot whether members of the public who have followed this case noticed this or not, as long as he managed to change the timeline to suit his agenda?

And it has to be asked - Do the Portuguese Police agree this timeline by Redwood, or do they have a problem with the fact that it doesn't tie in with the tales told by McCann and Oldfield?

Strange too that the tapas lot stated that the streets were always quiet when they did their checks of the children, no one around.  Yet on the night Madeleine vanished we are to believe that the place came to life, creepy guys popping up everywhere, and daddies and other guys carrying little girls through the streets dressed only in pyjamas, and of course the tapas lot themselves claiming to have been going back and forth every 15 minutes or so.  Would a burglar strike with all this activity going on?  Not likely!   Would a burglar carry off a child with all this activity going on? Not likely!

And what of that pink blanket in the photo above.   Is crechedad saying his daughter was wrapped in this on that night, and if so, why did Tanner not see this?

Makes no sense that this dad would not have had warm clothing for this child, or a buggy to transport a sleeping child home.   No warm clothing to carry her home, means she was not dressed in warm clothing when being taken to the creche.  What kind of parents leave home on a cold evening with a toddler and dress her only in pyjamas?

And where did crechedad store these pyjamas for six years, as they certainly look as though they haven't seen the inside of a washer for a long time.

And I ask as I have on previous occasions WHAT and WHO did crechedad see?

He wasn't walking around blind.  If Tanner, Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins were all on the street, surely he saw and heard them?

Crechedad if he exists has to have told DCI Redwood more than simply he was walking home with his child!

And if he exists I cannot see that he would not be of help to the Portuguese Police investigation.  I cannot see that they would not have wanted to interview this man and his wife.

And where exactly did crechedad and his family eat out that night?

If it was the tapas restaurant they would have seen the McCann party. And if it was McCann would not have missed an opportunity to speak with him.  He seems to be the type who intrudes on others.

Like every other story in this case, Redwood's pyjama tale stinks just as much as the rest.
15th March 2015
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