Lying in the Sun

Redwoods Great Big Onion

Redwood’s Great Big Onion


"It's like peeling back the layers from an onion"

                                      Andy Redwood Metropolitan Police



James and the Giant Peach – Andy and the Great Big Onion


Both about neglectful parents/guardians!

Both about lies and deceit!

Both about children who were treated badly by those who should have cared most!

One is fantasy!

One, sadly, is not!


Before delving deeper, what I’d really like to know is where Andy Redwood gets his onions as like the lies told thus far in this case, they must be whoppers – He’s been peeling this one since May 2011!


Either Redwood is deserving of an Oscar or a jail cell, time will tell which!


He is either pulling off the most remarkable act of catching the culprits, those responsible for the crimes against young Madeleine Beth McCann slowly, and unknown to them ‘reeling them in’ or he is completely ignoring all other evidence contained within the police files which relates to the McCanns and their holiday companions, known as the tapas bunch.  Ignoring the Portuguese Investigation and that of Leicestershire police! 


A little reminder of what the police had to say about the McCanns their companions, their police witness statements:


  • Portuguese Police:

‘If these witness statements do not totally exclude the possibility of abduction, they make the THEORY LESS CREDIBLE. 

As a result, the answer
must lie elsewhere.  

Notably, with the Group of friends (parents included.)’

  • Carlos Anjos, Association of Police Investigators:

‘They said that every half hour they would go and look in on the children, and
all of them we found in everybody’s statement some questions that suggest that actually they DIDN't go and see the children.’


  • The Assistant Chief Constable, of Leicestershire Police speaking of Gerry and Kate McCann.


While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.


Not forgetting retired police officer, John Stalker who stated that the McCanns and their group of holiday companions were hiding something.

Perhaps most significant of all is that the Judge in the libel trial stated that they do not know what happened to Madeleine.


That is – there is no proof she was abducted, and not sufficient evidence to charge anyone with any other crime – not at this point in time.

Neither, we must note, with regards any investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance (not libel trial) -  has there been any credible evidence presented to the Portuguese authorities which would allow for the case to be re-opened in Portugal, not any information from the public and more importantly –


Nothing from the Scotland Yard Review – The ‘onion’ it’s layers slowly shed, still not ‘giving up’ it’s secrets – why it makes you want to cry!


So very disappointing that the Metropolitan Police after two years trawling over the files have come up with –


‘We want to check out mobile phones.’   The mobile phones of anyone it seems who ever owned one!

‘Fresh and substantive information will emerge’

‘This is a targeted attack on phone records’ said Redwood!

To see if it might tell them what happened to Madeleine ‘at that time’ says he!


Translated that means Redwood has zilch and he’s running out of layers!

(Only in Britain could there be a 'targeted attack on phone records' - Nothing as exciting as CSI storming a building, forensics - nope - they launch a targeted attack on mobile phones/their users - (loud laughter)

But nonetheless he will treat us to a Crimewatch style ‘appeal’ (again)

But not just any old style of appeal, unlike the last one this one, and as though promoting a new movie, the Met tell us:

It will not be ‘bland’

Thank heavens for that – we do hate bland!

This one will be new and exciting and they have prepared a new story a shiny bright new story, just for us, the public!

Never before have I heard the police come out and speak, give press releases resulting in headlines galore about an episode of Crimewatch!  (Loud Laughter)


DCI Redwood:


  • “We're trying to say in a particular moment in time, around the moment of opportunity, who's there.

  • "We have identified new people in who were in Praia da Luz and we have a significant number of phones that are unattributed."

  • Much of the focus is on finding witnesses as well as suspects.’


So, as I was saying, Redwood/Metropolitan Police has zilch!

There is clearly no urgency in this, nothing truly new - else it would not be going out next week, but NOW, or rather, DCI Redwood would have had something positive to announce on this case at this moment, his moment of opportunity.

He has no suspects!  He’s still trying to find one, or fifty!  Numbers mean little to Redwood.  Plucks them from thin air!

As the very wise Dr Goncalo Amaral said, if Redwood had come up with five, it would have been meaningful.

Indeed 38, now 41 shortly to be back at 38 is laughable!

As to the significant phones – Look Behind You Andy!

And his ‘new people’ who were in PDL – Well we all know what they will have to say!


The most interesting comment he made – to me at least is that he speaks of

‘a particular moment in time’

‘around the moment of opportunity.


From this we can safely say that Redwood has for the purpose of his reconstruction pinpointed the moment in time, the moment of opportunity which he will present in Crimewatch as the moment in time Madeleine was abducted!

(well it isn't going to be the moment in time when it struck the The Yard that there was no abduction)

And quite possibly one of the new people will be able to answer Andy's 'Knock, Knock question - Who's there?

This is all according to his bright new shiny story!


But will it be the ‘Tanner Moment?’


Tune in 14th October for this not to be missed moment – Never before done, Never before heard of, Never before brought together, the McCanns and the Metropolitan Police Detectives, side by side, shoulder to shoulder!


But 'ello 'ello, 'ello  Andy - Just one flaw (well there are lots really)-

You still haven't told us why Gerry McCann told the Portuguese Police one story, then changed it to another - seven days later?

If Redwood isn’t finished peeling his onion, still a few layers to go, so he tells us – nothing then a forgone conclusion.

Abduction still on the table!

Madeleine having an accident and her parents concealing evidence still very much on the table!

But the Met's table we all know will have been set for only one!

Makes me think – Redwood doesn’t know his onions!

Just knows which side his bread is buttered!

Perhaps Andy was inspired by the words of Marvin Gaye his words make as much sense as Marvin's!

The World is a Great Big Onion

Hey world! We got a great big job to do
Yeah, we need you
& everybody who loves truth
Don't you know we've got to clean up this place

So come on knock on every door

Whether rich or poor,

Cos the World is a Great Big Onion

4th October 2013

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