Lying in the Sun

Refusal - 6

Refusals – 6

Rachael Oldfield


1578 :    “Okay.  Finally would you be available to travel to Portugal to, to take part in a re-enactment of the incidents of Friday the third of May, two thousand and seven, there are two specific periods provisionally quoted, the twenty eighth to the twenty ninth of April or the fifteenth to the sixteenth of May this year”?

Reply:    “Yeah I mean we could be available but erm you know we’ve expressed our reservations about going to Portugal and about the reasons for doing a re-enactment, you know in a letter to Stuart PRIOR, erm I can’t really see how you know, what the purpose of it would be nearly a year down the line, erm you know there are lots, you know there are the full details about our movements that night and what happened and you know, there’s the time line that we prepared when we were out there which we thought was gonna be helpful for the PJ, erm and you know obviously since then there are all our statements and I know times might be slightly out and you know, but not, I don’t, can’t imagine they’d be sort of materially out, erm you know to make a huge difference, erm so
I don’t really see one why it needs to be done at all, and two why it has to be us, erm I mean you know, asking us as a group to go back and do that when it was, you know it was such a, an horrific event and certainly you know to be sitting around that table again and sort of pretending to go back and check the rooms and it would be, it would just be awful and you know, I mean much more difficult you know for Kate and, and Jane, erm you know than me anyway, erm don’t see why they can’t do it with actors”.

1578 :   “Okay”.

“Erm and I can’t really see what the material benefit to finding Madeleine would be doing that re-enactment”.



Another one, who wants - ‘actors!’   Can’t think why because we already have a bunch of those – no, got that wrong – we have a bunch of comedians!  Oops, wrong again!  We have a bunch of hard-nosed, ruthless medics!

But hey, Madeleine and the police should be grateful, they, the tapas group were ever so thoughtful, they prepared a timeline for the Portuguese Police, so now feel their “work” is done.

The child is still missing.  A Reconstruction of events, to test the timeline would be even more helpful to discovering what became of young Madeleine, and at what TIME in the evening it was possible for this ALLEGED ABDUCTOR to have struck. To see demonstrated how he could have gotten in and out with Gerry McCann standing at the door. 

And how Jane Tanner managed to pass Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins unseen on the street that evening, that’s one we all want to see demonstrated.

If we remember – Gerry McCann when making his own wee documentary did not allow for that to be shown!  For some reason, he left it out!

Could be, because it would demonstrate that it just could not have happened?

And do bear in mind, it is NOT the police who say the child was abducted. And it is NOT the police who have said that the child was seen being carried off at around 9:15 in the evening.

That – is the story the McCanns have released – NOT THE POLICE!

This tale as told by the McCanns and the others in the tapas group, has yet to be proven!

But it seems that Number 6 on the list, Rachael, she wasn’t prepared to help either.

How odd that a bunch of medical professionals, and Rachael, a lawyer, have no vision.  

None of them could see the benefit of helping Madeleine/the Police.  None of them at all!

Whatever happened to all of this HOPE we are continually asked to ‘hold on to?’

When the parents of the missing child and those who holidayed with her, key witnesses, by their failure to help the investigation demonstrate their lack of HOPE How can these people expect others to continue to hope?

Their failure to assist police does not give a positive message, does not make one feel confident that they themselves believe this child to be alive.

They ask for monies for their Fund to find her, yet they are NOT doing ALL that they could to do so.

Why, after 6 years do they STILL need so much money?

£m's have been donated by public, much of it wasted on  lawyers fees spent on Court actions the McCann couple have raised and LOST, and vast sums they gave to a fraudster, and other dodgy detective agencies. 

It would not have cost them a penny to travel to Portugal to assist police, all expenses were to be met by Portuguese authorities.

Madeleine didn't need money - she just needed their time!  Their honesty.  She needed them ALL to help police find her.  

Sadly that didn't happen!  No one was prepared to make the journey for this missing child.
April 2013

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