Lying in the Sun

Refusal - 7

Refusals - 7


David Payne



 ”Okay. And finally, Mr PRIOR touched on the re-enactment earlier on, I think the re-re-enactment’s likely to take place either at the end of April or sometime in the middle of May. Do you see yourself attending?”


”I will do anything in my powers that could be helpful to shed light on what happened to Madeleine or bring Madeleine back,
or to change the status that Kate and Gerry find themselves in. Though saying that, we have concerns regarding going back err for a re-enactment and those points that we have you know raised in a letter which I believe is being forwarded to the Portuguese Police. Err what we would like to see is you know some detailed answers to those points and we would also like to know that everyone else is taking part in the re-enactment because if everyone wasn’t there then it doesn’t seem that its particularly err worthwhile and obviously you know, problems with the press, you know, which would become very prominent the past twenty four hours, you know I think we would certainly want some reassurances err to you know, just, it’ll address people to look at the letter that we all sent and if you’re kind enough to answer those in detail then that is a, you know, an answer that we would make in light of what the response was to those points.”

1485:    ”Okay.”

Reply:    ”But I wouldn’t rule anything out.”




Very interesting how David Payne, like the others insists he will do everything in his power to help Madeleine, he wouldn't rule anything out,  EXCEPT it would seem, to respond positively to the police request for the ENTIRE group to attend and take part in a reconstruction of events.

Perhaps more interesting is that he wanted to do everything in his power to CHANGE THE STATUS THAT KATE AND GERRY FOUND THEMSELVES IN (arguido status at that time.)

Did he not know that Kate and Gerry, with the help of a £70,000 a year story teller, Clarence Mitchell, extradition lawyers, and the £m’s donated by the public (to help find Madeleine) were already doing
EVERYTHING in THEIR POWER to HELP themselves keep on the right side of a Portuguese Jail Cell, ONLY thing McCanns needed from Payne was to keep his mouth shut, and stay on HOME SOIL!

If Payne wanted to do everything in his power to help Madeleinehe had to go to Portugal for the Reconstruction.

If Payne wanted to do everything in his power to help Kate and Gerry - he stayed on home soil and kept schtum!

I guess Madeleine again was ‘pipped to the post’ by her parents, this time, courtesy of David Payne!

For Payne to say that he needed to know if the others were going to attend is just laughable – the group had quite clearly discussed and decided how they were going to proceed, quite obviously he already knew the answer to that one. It did not stop them playing silly buggers though, communicating with Leicestershire Police, back and forth wasting police time and tax payers money with their nonsense and silly games.

This bunch I would suggest already had their instructions from McCanns, their legal team as to how they were to proceed.  They were simply leading both the police in the UK, and the Portuguese Police, a very merry dance.

Madeleine WHO?
April 2013

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