Lying in the Sun

Refusals - 5

Refusals – 5

Dianne Webster

The Leicestershire police were asked to put questions to the tapas group  which had been compiled by Gerry and Kate McCann - One being:


I rather suspect there is a whole lot of pertinent and relevant explanation which could establish the
'material truth' held by each and every one of them, the parents included, which they have yet to divulge. 

Officer 4078

  “Mm. And finally I want to come on to talking about the re-enactment that you’ve been asked to attend in Portugal, and I want you to tell me what your feelings and thoughts on that are.”


“(Sighs) Well to be honest I don’t understand why they want to do this sort of nearly twelve months down the line err is it something that’s going to be televised sort of worldwide? Or is it purely going to be for the Police? Because if so err because it’s a holiday area you won’t have the same people around that were around err when it happened and lots of the apartments are holiday apartments and a lot of them are closed up, were still closed when we were there anyway. It was very quiet err so I don’t really know what their hoping to achieve by it.”


4078:    “Under what circumstances would you be happy to go back to do the re-enactment? Well, not happy to, but prepared to go back?”

Reply:    “Well I mean I would do anything if I thought it was going to find Madeleine, I really would.”

Dianne Webster goes off track speaking of other matters, then continues:-


4078:  “Mm.”


  “There have been stories in the press for, for several months now about them coming supposedly to re-interview us all and nothing ever happened and then you know suddenly it is happening but we weren’t really given any formal notice from them.”

 4078:    “Mm.”


 “And likewise with the re-enactment, err it’s only what we’ve been told about, nothing official’s been err put to us at all. I don’t know really whether, whether a re-enactment would, unless it’s being televised.”


4078:  “Mm.”


“Would have any, whether it’ll have any effect on it at all. And I think it would also be quite distressing for Kate and Gerry to go through that.”


Same old, same old –

 “Well I mean I would do ANYTHING if I thought it was going to find Madeleine, I really would.”

Anything BUT take part in the police reconstruction!  You just really wouldn’t do that now, would you Dianne?

And again, Mrs Webster who has not a clue she tells us in her police witness statement as to how the police operate, proceeds to tell us of how she thinks they, the police  ‘got it all wrong.’   This lady, who was the 'three wise monkeys' rolled into one when on holiday in Portugal, suddenly knew it all.  She'd seen it, said it, heard it.  

What was rather amusing though was that the officer put to Dianne Webster, a question posed by Gerry and Kate McCann:

'Is there any supplementary explanation that you consider pertinent or relevant to establish the material truth?' 

The irony of this is twofold - Kate McCann who REFUSED to answer questions put to her by the police which would help establish what happened to her missing daughter, was asking the police to question others on her behalf!

Funnier still, dear old Dianne,didn't understand what was being asked by them, the McCanns!   If she had been a bit sharper, she could have, like Kate McCann had done before her when questioned by police - REFUSED to answer!

Now would that not have been a turn of events if the tapas group had REFUSED to answer the McCann questions?  How would Kate and Gerry have felt then, someone pulling the same stunt as Kate had when she herself was questioned by police?

But we all know that these people would have been made aware by the McCanns beforehand what their questions would be.  They were all playing a game of 'Who is Kidding Who?'

And for the McCanns to ask anyone if they know of anything that might establish the truth..?    you could not make it up!   

Almost had me lost for words...but not quite!

Can just see the pair of them sitting putting these question together - Wonder which one of them came up with the idea of asking their pals if they knew of anything that could establish the
'material truth?'

Someone has a sense of humour, albeit warped!

Had Portuguese police asked that of Kate, it would have been considered by her a hanging offence!
April 2013

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