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Remember Reeva

Remember Reeva

"Four bullets which ended one life, and changed another's forever"

Alex Crawford, Sky News, 11th September 2014

If I recall correctly, Oscar Pistorius, in one of his versions stated that the gun just went off, as though out of his control.

The above statement by Alex Crawford would lead anyone having heard this to think that she believed that the four bullets had in fact a mind of their own that "poor Oscar" was blameless!

Four bullets did not end the life of Miss Reeva Steenkamp, the perpetrator of the crimes against this young woman, Oscar Pistorius, the guy who discharged the gun of the four black talon bullets, ended the life of this bright and beautiful young lady who undoubtedly had a wonderful future ahead of her.  

It is the lives of Miss Steenkamp's family that have been changed forever.   A life for Miss Steenkamp's parents which must be filled with the deepest of sorrow at the loss of their beloved daughter Reeva.  No matter that Miss Steenkamp was an adult at the time when her life was so cruelly and callously taken, she is their child, and I cannot imagine the pain they must have gone through and continue to go through at her loss.

So let us be clear - The four black talon bullets did not end Miss Steenkamp's life - Oscar Pistorius did!

In the report by Sky we are told that should Pistorius be found guilty of culpable homicide/manslaughter that a custodial sentence is not guaranteed, that there is the possibility that he may receive a financial penalty against him, or be under house arrest so to speak, and most probably at the home of his wealthy Uncle Arnold where he has been staying since the time of committing this heinous crime against Miss Reeva Steenkamp.

I would hope that should Oscar Pistorius be found guilty of culpable homicide that a "price" would not be placed on the life of Miss Steenkamp by way of a financial penalty, nor that her life would be so little thought of that Pistorius would not receive a custodial sentence but be allowed to continue to live in the luxury of his uncle's home!

It must be noted that the S. African Legal Expert, Llewelyn Curlewis has stated this morning that in his opinion much of the evidence by witnesses will not be considered so to speak by Judge Masipa as she makes her judgement.  He considers that Judge Masipa will at the end of the day be looking more closely at the evidence given by Pistorius when making any judgement, together with other matters and issues.

So after months of drama in Court it would seem that much of what the witnesses stated, both for Defence and Prosecution may have held little or no weight by Judge Masipa when considering and reaching her Judgement.
11th September 2014
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