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Remember, Remember...

Remember, Remember...

The Fund for Dr Goncalo Amaral doing amazing well.

But we must remember the reason why this good man is in the position that he now is.

A group of British holiday makers, consisting of nine adults, parents, 6 of whom were in the medical profession, doctors.  Doctors who claim that for FIVE nights they left their young children alone to fend for themselves in holiday apartments.  ALL of these children were under 4 years of age.  Madeleine McCann at days from her 4th birthday was the eldest of the group of children.  Some were but babies, others little toddlers.  There were EIGHT children in total. EIGHT LITTLE KIDS in total, all left in dark scary holiday apartments, night after scary night.  Some kids were unwell.  Little kids, sick, alone, frightened.

These children came to harm.  They felt misery.  They felt fear.

Some of the mothers felt the area where the apartments were located was so quiet at night, that when dark they felt too scared to walk alone from the bar where they would meet each evening, back to the apartments to check on their kids.

Parents, doctors who abandoned their kids FIVE nights, scared they said to make that walk back alone.  How in hell did they think the little ones left alone in the dark apartments felt, in surroundings unfamiliar to them?  Kids, crying, kids who were unwell, vomiting we are told.

What kind of people are these doctors?

Astonishingly there are those out there who have supported the cruel treatment meted out to these little kids by their doctor parents.

Little Madeleine McCann was reported as missing when on this holiday with her parents. Kate McCann her mother stated that around evening time on the 3rd May 2007 she carried a very tired, pale Madeleine back from where the child was having her evening meal to the apartment.   So tired was the little one, so not her usual self that she and her other half Gerry McCann decided that the kids, all three of their kids were unable to spend a little time outdoors in the play area before bed time.

Madeleine must have been pretty out of sorts, if they decided that she and her brother and sister were not up to playing around with other kids for a short while before bedtime.

  • Strangely, the picture they posted as being the last one taken of Madeleine, the child is glowing.

  • Strangely, Gerry McCann it is said dined at the kids area with his three children that evening, and NOT a word in any of his statements to indicate that Madeleine was unwell in any way.

  • Strangely, Kate McCann said Madeleine told her that day was her best day ever.  Would a child unwell feel this was her best day ever.

  • Strangely, the McCanns decided to go out and leave these kids alone that night, as they did every night, though this time they claim they left the patio door unlocked.   Kate's best friend Fiona Payne telling Portuguese Police Kate had done so, so that Madeleine could exit the apartment should she wake in the night and want to go look for her parents.

  • Strangely the McCanns had been told that very morning they say, that Madeleine had asked them why they had not come to attend to her and her baby brother the night previously, when they were crying alone in the dark scary apartment.

I guess their parents could not hear their cries they were TOO FAR away to have heard or seen anything that was happening in that apartment.

  • TOO FAR away to see if anyone slid that patio door open.   

  • TOO FAR away to hear Madeleine cry in fear when the alleged abductor removed her from the apartment.

  • TOO FAR away should Madeleine, her brother or sister have cried when MATTHEW OLDFIELD a man the kids did not know ENTERED THE DARK SCARY APARTMENT in what to these kids would have been the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

  • Strangely, David Payne said he visited the apartment that evening too, said all kids were sitting happy in their pyjamas, predominantly white in colour, angelic.   He never said anything about Madeleine or the other McCann children being sick or pale.

  • More strangely, Kate McCann claims she was standing in nothing but a towel when he arrived as she had just stepped out of the shower.  (a mother showering leaving three little tots on the sofa looking at picture books and none of them ventured off that sofa in her absence, none came to harm?) and believe it or not DAVID PAYNE said he DID NOT NOTICE what Kate McCann was wearing!

Unfathomable to me how this guy cannot remember an almost naked woman opening the door to him, but he DOES remember seeing three healthy children dressed in pyjamas ?

The McCanns and their buddies came up with the most far fetched of stories, in fact incredulous stories regarding Madeleine's disappearance.  Perhaps the most incredulous stories the world had ever heard.  The stories forever changing.  

They ALL failed to fully co-operate with police authorities in Portugal. Refused to co-operate in fact.   Immediately they employed teams of lawyers to defend them.  And a bunch of dodgy private detectives to supposedly search for Madeleine.

Yes Metodo 3 were dodgy, they were OPENLY dodgy, everyone could see that.  Dodgiest in my book was Dave Edgar and his little buddie Cowley (?) they were presented to the world as these two honest ex coppers who assured everyone that if they found within the Portuguese police files any little detail that would cause them to suspect any wrongdoing amongst the McCann group that they would flag it up.    

Would appear these two either did not read the files, or chose to ignore the content!

McCanns had no financial means at this time to pay for same, but the public had very generously given of their money to a Fund set up for a 'search' for Madeleine.   It soon topped over £1m and grew quickly.    McCanns made some mortgage payments from this fund, UNTIL it was noticed, and a STOP put to this practice.   It is said that they later repaid said monies to the Fund.

The point being, these were two doctors, strapped for cash at the time of this child's disappearance, had they not been WHY would they have DIPPED into Madeleine's Fund to pay their mortgage?   Taking money from this kid's account would be rather hard to explain away IF they were not hard up!

The Portuguese Police VERY QUICKLY realised that ALL was NOT WELL in this case.   That ALL was NOT right with the disappearance of this little girl.  That ALL was not well with the stories and statements the group of doctors had spun.  

I have stated many, many times that Gerry McCann CHANGED his story SEVEN DAYS after telling police he had entered the apartment by the front locked door, using his key to open it.    He changed this to having entered by a now unlocked patio door which required no key to open.

Quite clearly the group had gotten together during this SEVEN day period and decided that SOME CHANGES were needed, as their story JUST WAS NOT ADDING UP.   In particular their statements that the windows had been jemmied open.

This was proven NOT to be the case, the shutter and the window had NOT been jemmied open, so yes, this fact dictated that a NEW STORY had to be invented.

I did a series of blogs a while back 'TAPAS TIMELINE FOR THE PJ' which I took a look back at.  I think they rather highlight just what the Portuguese Police were up against in dealing with a group of people who were un- co-operative and untruthful.

Part 2 is ONE of the accounts by Kate McCann, describing her actions when she went to check on her children on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.    

Most know of her statement to police.  Most perhaps will have read her book 'Madeleine', read her diary, listened to the many interviews she has given, and most after having done so will have noticed the many changes to her tale.

What some may not have known of, not read, the COLLECTIVE STATEMENT by the NINE adult members of the McCann party, prepared and presented to the Portuguese Police (PJ) just before they were requestioned on 10th May 2007.

It makes for very interesting reading, particularly so as I said, Kate McCanns story.   SO VERY DIFFERENT from her other accounts.

Highlighting this at this time, at a time when the Fund for Dr Amaral is doing so well, allows us to see EXACTLY WHY the McCanns have tried to SILENCE this man.  Why they have hounded him from the earliest possible moment in this case.  It explains WHY the McCanns from the very outset, from the moment the first police officers arrived at the scene at apartment 5A that Kate McCann spoke ill of them.

Kate McCann complained about the officers first on the scene. Complained about the officers who drove her to the police office for questioning.    Complained about the police officers at the police office.   Complained about the police liaison officer.  Complained about Dr Amaral.   Complained about every police officer with whom she came in contact with, and complained about those she didn't!

She stated that an ex Metropolitan Police Officer sent her a cruel, insensitive, a message she considered not to be constructive.

This from the mother of a missing child, who has changed her story many many times.  Who refused to answer 48 questions when questioned by police (yes it was her right, but WHY would any mother of a missing child hinder the investigation to discover what happened to her missing daughter?)  She is the woman who condoned the refusal by her buddies to assist police with a police reconstruction of events.

She believed her child was in the hands of paedophiles, they all did, that was their story, that Madeleine had been taken by paedophiles, yet they ALL refused to co-operate with police in the way that ANY parent would have done so willingly.

One can see absolutely why Dr Amaral must be silenced!

But one can see absolutely that the public world over are not now prepared to let that happen.   They are waking up to the world of McCann.

Below are the links to the COLLECTIVE statements prepared by the group of NINE.   I give links as in my quirky blog it will be quicker to find them this way.
31st May 2015

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