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Reply - Sedation

as to whether the McCann kids were given 'something' to keep them asleep at night, is of course possible (anything is in this case, as we have seen thus far) but like everything in the case, it rather depends which story or part of the stories told by the group we take into account when considering any one particular theory.

The stories told by the McCanns and their buddies - no ifs, buts or maybe's about it- don't add up. In fact in many areas, what they have stated as having happened, their movements and much else, is quite frankly, just not possible.  (
Is it any wonder they want to silence all who question them their account (S) )

The Portuguese Police could see this.   The Leicestershire Police could see this.   I reckon any police officer anywhere in the world can see this.   So the chances of the 30+ Metropolitan Police Team that is Operation Grange not seeing what is staring us all in the face, is inconceivable.

At the moment not knowing which parts of their stories are the truth, makes it more difficult to put together truly plausible theories regarding specific issues.  And that is where as Dr Goncalo Amaral stated, it was crucial, in reference to the movements of the group on that night, to reconstruct events.  And also, for very much more which they have stated since, to be reconciled!

DCI Redwood DID NOT do this in his Crimewatch Production.  

Yes in Crimewatch we had the nonsense put forward as being a reconstruction using the actors, which we all know was not accurate, that is, not in keeping with the police witness statements as given by them.  

And then we had DCI Redwood, with his plan of the apartment, and Redwood simply saying, the parents left the apartment at this particular time, and then jumping more or less straight to Kate McCann returning to discover Madeleine was missing.   Nothing much in between, nothing to demonstrate their movements, to demonstrate if what they had said in their police witness statements was at all possible.

The Crimewatch production was almost like two separate productions.  And Redwood must know absolutely that the first part was far from being accurate.  How could he not?

One has to wonder how exactly DCI Redwood reconciled his little story with that of the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies.   Quite simply they don't tie in!  

One part being, if, the abductor struck at just before 10 pm, then WHO opened the bedroom door before Gerry McCanns check?  And opened it again before Oldfield's check?

And one has to ask what on earth Redwood was up to by replacing Tannerman by Crecheman, a man walking in COMPLETELY the wrong direction if he was coming from the night creche as Redwood stated he was?

Some say Redwood did this, removed Tannerman, his great plan to catch out the McCanns and their buddies, but I cannot see that as being the case.  It helps McCanns and their buddies, in many ways, more than hinders them.  The most obvious person - Jane Tanner!

He has allowed her off the hook, big time.

We know she invented Tannerman.  So how in hell Tannerman could then become Crecheman, is a complete nonsense!

And would you not just be interested to know what Crecheman saw and heard?

And would you not just be interested to know what the Portuguese Investigation thinks of Crecheman?   Have the Portuguese spoken to this guy?

Are we able to see on the night creche records, the time when he checked in his daughter, and checked her back out again?

And was it in fact he who checked his daughter IN to the night creche, or his partner?

And the seriousness of Redwood's actions, is that this production went out, not just in the UK, and if there is no Crecheman, Redwood has put out false/misleading information in the case of this missing child.

Crimewatch was a bit of a farce to put it mildly.  No one out there can deny this.   Not even those who support the McCanns could honestly put their hand on heart and say that it mirrored the police witness statements which the group gave.  Statements within which there already existed lies and inconsistencies.

Will they ever acknowledge this? Not in a month of Sunday's.  But that is because they are supporting the McCanns and their buddies, and NOT the missing child.

As to sedation.   Do I think the McCanns administered something to keep their kids asleep?   I think it is possible, but perhaps not with all three kids.   And perhaps not on every night.

Is it something they did when they were at home in UK?   Who knows. It has been suggested that they did.  But IF they did, were ALL three kids treated in the same way?

Madeleine we are told was a little girl who woke in the night, not a good sleeper.  It doesn't necessarily mean, likewise, the twin children. So, if anything was administered at home, could be it was only for Madeleine?

Would it follow if they did so at home, that they would do so when in Portugal?  Quite likely, if that was common practice!

And if they didn't, when at home in the UK, what would have made them do so in Portugal?

Perhaps if they had discovered Madeleine awake out of bed, at some point, when they would rather she was asleep.  At a time when they needed her most to sleep to allow them their 'me' time?

Madeleine is the child who we are told was prone to waking and wandering around in the night, getting out of bed to look for her parents, going to their bedroom, and not just when at home in the UK but when she was in Portugal also.

Both McCanns, Gerry and Kate McCann have stated that on each of their separate checks of the children that their immediate thoughts when
discovering the bedroom door more widely open (Gerry McCann) and Madeleine, not to be in her bed (Kate McCann) that the first thing they thought, was that Madeleine had gone through to their bedroom.

That tells us that these parents did not find it unusual in any way that their daughter would wake and wander!

and it also tells us that these parents, THEIR STORY that they felt it safe to leave their kids alone, is utter nonsense.  Because parents who KNEW that their kid (Madeleine) was prone to waking and wandering, and who knew also, was able to get out of bed and do exactly that absolutely knew the dangers this held for ALL three of their little kids.   No amount of the McCanns spinning their tale that it felt safe, makes it so.  They would have to be the biggest idiots on the planet, or the most uncaring, irresponsible cruel parents on the planet for two doctors, not to have recognised the danger in which they were placing their kids.   This nonsense that 'we didn't expect an intruder to take our child, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.   Anyone who considered leaving their kids, considered the danger of doing so.  Anyone who considered leaving an unlocked door, considered the consequences and dangers of doing so.   Impossible not to have done.   Can you imagine ANY parent leaving a patio door unlocked and NOT thinking - 'hell what if someone goes into the apartment and harms my kids?'   Can you imagine any parents who had locked the patio door NOT THINKING - 'hell, what if someone BREAKS IN and harms my kids?  Either scenario is INCONCEIVABLE!)

McCanns story is, that EXACTLY what they did, was to -  
Leave their kids without a thought or care for their safety.

So if we accept this, then I would have to say in relation to sedating the kids, of the three, Madeleine would be the one who perhaps they would have given something to keep her asleep.  She was the one if she woke who could get out of bed.  The one who could cause them the most trouble so to speak.  

One might suggest that IF Madeleine had cried on the night prior to her disappearance (
this as we know is one of Kate McCanns stories) that they then gave her something to keep her asleep on the night she vanished, to ensure she slept, to allow them to be able to go out again that very night.

And this is what I spoke of earlier, of how any theory depends on whether we believe what the McCanns have dished up, in full or in part. How it fits together.

Kate McCanns story appears fabricated.  I for one don't believe a word of it,
that Madeleine had said she had cried and they still walked out and left her and her brother and sister.  For them to say this, and then argue they acted within the bounds of responsible parenting is outrageous.

And, there is no way in hell that any person in the legal profession told this pair that they acted within the bounds of responsible parenting, IF that legal professional KNEW that they had DELIBERATELY LEFT THE DOOR UNLOCKED, and KNEW also that the McCanns had been told by their little daughter, that she and her baby brother had been crying in their absence the night before Madeleine vanished, and they still walked out and left the kids.

Added to which NEITHER parent had intended to do a visual check of the kids, and they also allowed a GUY, OLDFIELD, who did not know their kids, to do a VISUAL check of the kids.  Now that makes no sense whatsoever.

Add to this, that Kate McCann, passed up on what she said was HER TURN to check on the kids to allow this
stranger to the kids, to enter that apartment.  Something none of the party (according to them) did at any time throughout that week.

Further add that Kate McCann said Madeleine was pale, not feeling well. 

Yet in those circumstances, the McCanns both walked out on the kids.  And Kate McCann was happy to forego her turn to check on her three kids, one having been not well - Madeleine!

And this AFTER, telling buddies during dinner she was concerned about having left the patio door unlocked?


Furthermore.  Gerry McCann said he discovered the bedroom door open.  Established his kids were all asleep in their beds/cots, established that they had NOT MOVED a muscle since the time he/they put the kids down to bed.  So someone had to have been in that apartment to open that door.

YET he walked out and left them again, and didn't bother his sorry ass to discover WHO that person might have been WHO HAD BEEN IN THAT APARTMENT ALONE WITH HIS KIDS?

Pull the other one McCann - got bells on!


The statements by the McCanns puts the nail in the coffin for them with regards being responsible. They are so damning!    It is just not possible that anyone giving them legal advice, that is anyone who had been made FULLY AWARE of the entire story, of the door being left unlocked, of Madeleine telling them she and her baby had cried, of Gerry not bothering to check out WHO had been in that apartment when he and Kate McCann were out at the bar, how they had allowed Oldfield to enter, of how McCann couldn't remember which door he used to enter apartment, of how he had NOT A CLUE as to whether they had locked all windows, shutters, doors, not someone who had just been asked to give advice as to the legal position IF the McCanns had left the kids alone, and regularly checked them
-  that that person would instruct the McCanns that their conduct was legally within the bounds of responsible parenting.

Their conduct towards their children, taking into account ALL that they have stated in this regard -
was criminal!   Reckless conduct, gross negligence. They placed their children's lives in greatest of danger and knowingly so.  Made a conscious decision to do so.  

But if we want to use this story in the theory as a reason for them perhaps to have sedated Madeleine for instance, then we have to believe/take into account, this particular story by Kate McCann that Madeleine and Sean cried the night previous to Madeleine having vanished.

The fact that this child could get out of bed (unlike the little ones who were in cots) and knowing she did not sleep throughout the night - Would that have been a reason for them to sedate Madeleine?

The thought of this, little kids in this position is frightening.   Frightening the mindset of persons who would do this, leave kids alone in this way.  But there is something more terrifying, that they would sedate their own kids (or Madeleine) leaving her arguably more vulnerable.  Would that not make it so very easy for any alleged intruder to remove her without her crying or struggling?

And IF they had sedated her, would they then have had any reason to leave the patio door unlocked if they considered there was NO chance of Madeleine waking?  

Would they have had any reason to lock the top stair gate, if they thought Madeleine had been sufficiently sedated to keep her '
out of it' for the duration of their night out with their buddies?

If she couldn't get out of the patio door as Kate and Gerry McCann stated.  She couldn't reach the stair gate!  So why did they lock it.

Kate McCann said it was locked when she arrived for her check.  So Oldfield must have locked it on his way out.  Yet Oldfield knows, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, about the stair gate!

And if they had sedated Madeleine would that not make it ALL THE MORE CRUCIAL that they did proper checks of this child, and not just LISTENING CHECKS as they claimed, to be sure this child did not become ill due to any sedation?

Patients under sedation at hospital, at the dentist for that matter are constantly monitored.  Why would they sedate their kids and then NOT monitor them?

Fiona Payne stated to police, that Kate McCann said the patio door was left unlocked so that Madeleine could leave the apartment should she wake.

Kate McCann, according to her best buddy Fiona, put it to those at the dinner table, asked of Fiona Payne,
did she think it best should Madeleine wake, for the child to find the patio door locked or unlocked?

Now that statement would indicate that Kate McCann thought there was a POSSIBILITY of Madeleine waking and trying to get out.

But, if she had sedated Madeleine, surely she would not expect her to wake and wander out through the unlocked patio door?

Which  of the stories are true -  Kate 
Canns, or Fiona Payne's?


Kate McCanns TV interview Tubridy Show, further contradicts. muddies the waters, as she stated on this show, that Madeleine could NOT get out of the apartment, that it just was not possible for her to do so?


And of course we have too, Gerry McCanns ridiculous story that they changed ROUTINE from entering the apartment by the front door to the side/back patio door - SO AS NOT TO WAKE THE KIDS.

To this day he has not stated ON WHICH DAY they changed this routine.

To this day he has not stated WHY they changed routine.   

Yes, he said, so as not to wake the kids.   

One would only change the routine, if that in fact had happened - that the kids had woken up.   And they would only change that routine if the reason for the kids to have woken up was due to some noise from the front door?

If they had simply woken up, as kids do.  There would have been no reason to change routine.

And bear in mind McCann stated that NOT ON ANY CHECK of their kids throughout that week, did he or Kate McCann, find the kids awake!

(just another story, one of the many the McCanns have spun?)

So again, the theory that Madeleine was perhaps sedated on the night she vanished, rather depends on what is the truth of matters.  Which elements of the McCanns story, if any are truthful!

Again Dr Amaral is spot on.   The absolute need to have gotten this lot, the McCanns and their buddies back to Portugal to re-enact the events of the night, hammer out who is telling the truth amongst them, if any of them, that is what is needed before any real conclusions can be reached.  

And what is abundantly clear by the nonsense that DCI Andy Redwood has produced over the past years is that HE HAS NOT addressed the very many LIES in this case.

If he had, it is also abundantly clear that he would NOT have declared the parents, their buddies, and all acquainted with them, before and after Madeleine's disappearance as being not suspects or persons of interest.

Based on the stories, police witness statements as they stand, as given by this group of people, they would have to be at the very least, persons of interest to the Met Investigation.

I lean more however, Anita, to the McCanns NOT having given the kids something to make them sleep, that is, not initially.

There was some discussion re the possibility of Madeleine having gained access to some form of medication which the McCanns had taken with them on holiday, while her parents were absent, and she had overdosed.

I don't rule out Madeleine having had access to her parents meds. Kate McCann said these were kept in a bag in the room she and Gerry McCann shared. Whenever Madeleine woke, where did she head?  To her parents bedroom!

Would there have been sufficient time for the child to have taken them, fallen become injured, bled, which allowed for the dogs to have alerted as they did?  

I'm not so sure that Madeleine was sedated.  I would be inclined to agree with Dr Amaral that she had a fall, her injuries fatal (or that the child had sustained an injury prior to the 3rd May but which caused her to become ill on that night, and perhaps a fall ensued)  

I am more inclined to believe that when Madeleine was discovered injured/dead (at whatever time) that the twins were then sedated in some way to keep them asleep while the McCanns and whichever members of their group who had been drawn in - carried out what they had to, to remove Madeleine from the apartment/conceal what had happened, to allow them to play out their abduction faked abduction.

Little ones waking, crying, or seeing or hearing that which they could later articulate, not something the McCanns would want to chance.

So no, I don't really think Madeleine or the twins were given anything throughout that week, I would be more inclined to believe the TWINS were given something, on the night Madeleine was removed for the reasons I have given.

According to the McCanns their children, all three, woke at night during their stay in Portugal.  Madeleine they said, alerting them to the crying of the twin children. 

(Must be noted also that the McCanns stated their children NEVER woke in their absence.  That in itself a ridiculous statement. How could they possibly know this to be the case if they not there? The kids being alone, is the clue to their own ridiculous statement!  But in true McCann style they also want us to believe Kate McCanns story that Madeleine woke the night prior to her disappearance while they were ABSENT!   Always they want their cake and eat it too! )

  • It would therefore be inconceivable that if an intruder entered that apartment, opened shutters, and removed Madeleine, etc etc that the twin kids would not wake.

  • Inconceivable that they would not wake with the cold night air in the room due to the open window and shutter. 

  • Inconceivable that they would not wake with everyone trooped in and out of the room on the night Madeleine vanished. 

  • Inconceivable with their daddy outside messing around with the shutter, with the noise outside, with their mother screaming and yelling, banging furniture, doors, and their father wailing and behaving likewise, that they would not wake. 

  • And it is reported they remained asleep when removed from their cots and were taken out in the cold night air to another apartment.   Inconceivable!

  • Inconceivable for this to have happened if these kids had not been sedated in some way.

  • For that to have happened, the twins to have not stirred at all  -and Kate McCann said they did not MOVE - not just that they did not waken, she said they did not move.  Is INCONCEIVABLE.

We know this to be true, that the twins did not wake as police and others testified to this, this is one story, that is not just coming from McCanns.

So indeed Anita, for this reason, the independent witness statements, I do believe there is a huge possibility that the McCann TWINS were sedated, and by their parents!

The stories the McCanns have told in this case are absolute utter nonsense.

Every story they tell, contradicts another they have told previously.

Inconceivable that the Met Police have not noticed this.

that the Met Police have been able to reconcile the stories by the McCanns and their buddies.

There is, in my opinion ONLY one reason the McCanns, both doctors, Kate McCann a qualified anaesthetist also, and their buddies, four of whom are also medics, Kate's best buddy Fiona, also a qualified anaesthetist, and being the one person who did NOT leave Kate McCanns side after it was made known Madeleine was not in the apartment, that this group of buddies did NOT seek attention for the McCann twins, did not seek to have them checked out at hospital on that night - and bear in mind they were of the opinion the child Maddie had been abducted by a paedophile - checked out to see if they had been harmed in any way by this paedophile who had been alone with them, be that some physical harm, by drugging them or otherwise, IS that it would lead to a whole host of difficult questions for them, that it would lead to the discovery that they themselves were the persons responsible for having sedated the twin kids.

IF, this group had truly believed these kids had been sedated, been given a drug of any description, had been physically harmed in any way by this alleged intruder, medical attention would have been sought for them.

As I said in a previous blog.   IF Kate McCann, who was checking the twin kids, according to Fiona Payne, by putting her hand over their mouths check for breathing, and Kate McCann herself said, that she did so as she thought they may have been sedated - IF this qualified person, Kate McCann did NOT seek attention for the twins, her two babies, she must have, together with Gerry McCann, been satisfied that the kids were NOT SEDATED (BY AN INTRUDER) or satisfied that whatever they themselves had administered to the kids was not having any ill or adverse affect!

The twins, the police said, did NOT stir AT ALL despite the noise in that apartment caused by the many and various goings on.

One would have to conclude from this, that they were indeed sedated in some way.

One would have to conclude too that with SIX medics in the group, two of whom were qualified anaesthetists also, had Kate McCann, as she has stated, thought for a moment her kids had been sedated, that she would have consulted best buddy FIONA (who never left her side throughout) if no one else, to check the twins also.  Fiona being the one present, the one who witnessed Kate carrying out the checks of the twins breathing.

Think about that.

You are a Fiona Payne, a qualified doctor, an anaethestist.  You are the best buddy of Kate McCann whose child has just been abducted. Her other two kids having been alone in the apartment with the alleged abductor, they are asleep, cannot be stirred despite the mayhem in the apartment, they do not MOVE at all.  Their mother Kate McCann checks, more than once their breathing by putting her hand over their mouths.

Clearly she is doing so for a particular reason, which would be obvious to a fellow medic, a fellow qualified anaesthetist, like you, Fiona Payne!

Do you just stand by and think - 'OH THAT'S ODD, I WONDER WHY KATE IS DOING THAT?

Hell no!

Would Kate McCann not bother to ask you for your assistance in this?

Hell NO!

Remember, Gerry McCann stated that the FIRST THING as medics, in an emergency situation, they are trained to do is SEEK ASSISTANCE.

(this was his excuse for Kate McCann having left the twin kids alone after discovering Madeleine missing, that she was following her medical training (not her motherly instinct to protect) but her medical training, to seek assistance.  So why did she not do so, when medical assistance, in form of Fiona Payne, was standing right beside her?)

Do we take it from this, that both Kate McCann and Fiona Payne, FAILED IN THIS INSTANCE to follow their medical training, yet shortly beforehand, Kate McCanns medical training kicked in instantly on discovering Madeleine to be missing?

Absolute nonsense!

And would ANY MOTHER who believed her kids had been alone with a paedophile, not bother to immediately check these kids out physically, whether you were a medic or not?

Would ANY MOTHER who believed INSTANTLY that their little three year old daughter had just been abducted from a holiday apartment, run out and LEAVE THE TWO, TWO YEAR OLD KIDS ALONE, in the apartment?

Hell NO!

A mother, medic or not, would keep them close, would scream for help, SHE WOULD NOT LEAVE HER LITTLE ONES, to the possible same fate as she believed took her first born child!


Anita, I would have to say that the McCann twins were indeed sedated in some way, and by the McCANNS!    I cannot see it any other way, not if, as confirmed by witnesses, Ocean Club Staff, Police officers, that the two little ones did not stir, at any point on that night.

It would also account for the fact that the McCanns did not TRY TO WAKEN THE TWIN KIDS.

Checking that they were breathing by placing a hand across their mouths is one, thing.    To NOT have attempted to WAKE THEM, is more than suspicious!

If one was concerned as to whether their kids had been sedated, as Kate McCann claims, then to shake them gently, to attempt to wake them, would have been one of the FIRST things to be done.  If these kids did not wake, and a mother knows their own child, then that would have been the first clue, and not only for a medic mum - and a massive first clue for any mum, that something was not right, that their kids had perhaps been sedated.

And in those circumstances, one child missing, any parent would have wanted those kids awake (sedation aside) to ask if they knew what had become of Madeleine?

And, if we are to take consider DCI Andy Redwood's story that the alleged intruder struck just before Kate McCanns check - which in itself is also nonsense - Why in hell would any intruder who had been watching this group, strike just at a time when s/he knew there was about to be a check of these kids? - a story Redwood put out there without ANY EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP.  HE SIMPLY PLUCKED THIS TIME OUT OF THIN AIR IT WOULD SEEM, but if we consider this as being correct, then there was ABSOLUTELY no reason for any intruder, who knew a check of the kids was about to take place, to STOP and sedate the twins.  He would have taken Madeleine and gotten out of their pronto!  No time to waste.

And if we further consider Redwood's nonsense story - a burglary gone wrong - burglars are not in the habit of taking along some form of drug to sedate little kids who might wake while they are ransacking someone's home.   Burglars don't put themselves in that sort of position.  And they certainly don't carry off dead kids.

And that is what DCI Redwood is saying by his story of a burglary gone wrong, that the burglar carried off a dead Madeleine!

The McCanns made a fuss over the sedation issue, way long after Madeleine was reported as missing.

And that as ever was the McCanns doing what the McCanns do, dream up stories to counter that which they know is going to cause them trouble. 

It is their track record, that when issues such as this were discussed on forums  - abracadabra, Mitchell shaped a story for them!

In a nutshell Anita, not sure about Madeleine having been sedated, but the twins, absolutely!

Thanks for your contributions.

I see there are some replies to your comment so will post them on a blog so that they get more exposure than they perhaps would on the guestbook.
28th March 2015
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