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Reviewing the Situation

Reviewing the Situation

It is being reported that the Met will once again be heading to Portugal some time soon. Reported also that there is a new Prosecutor on the Portuguese side. Newly appointed Ines Sequeira is 'utterly determined' to solve the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, so a source close to the investigation has supposedly stated.

Close to which investigation?   Not the Portuguese Investigation!   

Pink Party Alert methinks!   Well the forecast was for the rain in Spain to fall mainly on the plain but for Portugal to be hit with the pink stuff!

This latest piece in the Mail is brought to us by Gerard Couzens and Jennifer Smith Mailonline - two heads are better than one I suppose when they have been tasked to come up with another load of old nonsense.

They do describe Ines Sequeira as being a sharp cookie.   Razor sharp, well she will have already separated the wheat from the chaff, and cast to one side all that has ever been printed in UK press, this latest fast tracked to the shredder!  

But speaking of determination to solve this case. 

I think many consider it already solved - just not proved, as in evidence not robust enough to bring charges and secure a conviction.

Maybe a new Prosecutor might think differently but again what will she be presented with, and by whom - the Portuguese Investigation or the Met Investigation through whatever process would be necessary for that to happen?

Are the Portuguese Police in agreement with Andy Redwood's burglary gone wrong scenario?  That a burglar either killed Madeleine in the apartment and carried off a dead body, or that the burglar thought, hell I'll take the kid with me, I'll just forget robbing for tonight, take her with me and kill her later - as burglars do!

What a load of old nonsense, sounds like a game of Clue -   Yeah Mr Boddy the Burglar Did It - in the Holiday Apartment - behind the patio door - With Madeleine's toothbrush!   Ooops No, she didn't have one!

Well the dogs have got something more to say on that one.  You know those unreliable dogs police use in such cases, and used in the recent very sad case of the youngster Alice Gross?

To, not solve it, but prove the case, that is what is required.  Two different things as far as I see.    Proving it - that requires the movements of the McCanns and their buddies on the day of 3rd May 2007 into the evening and including later on that night, to be reconciled.

And on that very point - Whether the McCanns or any of their buddies know of what happened to Madeleine were involved in her removal from that apartment, TRUTHFUL accounts of their movements must be had.  

That can only happen if they tell the truth, and no more dishing up what is in those police files.   The movements of the group on that night  ARE CRUCIAL to the proving of the case no matter who are the perpetrators of the crimes against Madeleine be it the McCanns, their buddies or anyone else!.

And for that very reason is is astounding that NONE OF THEM were or are prepared to assist any investigation in this respect.

If they are innocent of ALL involvement - why would they have given untruthful statements which they did, not only regarding checking of the kids on the night of the 3rd May 2007, but on ALL of those nights that they claim they left the kids alone unattended.

Was the neglect of their children which they claim - their ONLY reason for not giving truthful statements?

That reconciliation has never happened and it has to!

DCI Andy Redwood who now leads the Metropolitan Police investigation simply has not done this!

I'm not speaking of reconciling of events for the public to witness - he'd never attempt that, as he and his crew know that they could never manage to do that.

The group of buddies as we know REFUSED to take part in a reconciliation of their movements when requested to do so during the initial Portuguese Investigation.

There is absolutely no way the current Portuguese Investigation will have been able to reconcile the movements of this group (on paper) and neither would DCI Andy Redwood's team, so as to make sense of their statements or for their movements to be made credible, and I doubt that the group have ever been requested a second time around to take part in one.

The chances of them being requested by the current Portuguese Investigation or them accepting to take part in any reconciliation if requested to do so - not going to happen!

And no beating about the bush here - their statements in this regard, quite simply cannot be reconciled in any way as they don't make sense and are not completely truthful.

The reconciling of the movements of the McCanns and their buddies is probably one of the most crucial aspects of this case.

We can see from their police witness statements that what they have all stated cannot reasonably possibly be true - as Gerrie Nel would say!

That is a FACT!   

For anyone who has not already done so - read the statements they made of their checking of the children, they have lied and tripped each other up consistently.  (Just Checking Blogs above)

And their REFUSALS to take part in a reconciliation of events - Well quite obvious why they did! (Refusal Blogs above)

Without this reconciliation being 'squared' impossible to see how DCI Redwood reached the conclusion that the McCanns are not suspects nor persons of interest in this case of a missing child.

In any other country with any other police force if they were not suspects they sure in hell would be persons of interest.  The key witnesses!

Reviewing this situation - the above Blogs transcripts of Redwood interviews:

Redwood Take 1
Redwood Take 2
Redwood the Timeline

The Blog - Redwood Take 1  

 "Yes, I mean, you know, we have conducted a forensic analysis of the timeline, and there is clearly opportunity there for Madeleine to have been removed from that apartment alive...:"

Mind blowing stuff from Redwood.  Time too surely then for Madeleine to have been removed - not alive?

And a FORENSIC ANALYSIS of the timeline?  WOW!

The Blog Redwood Take 2 


'They are not persons of interest or suspects, they are parents who have lost their daughter and we are doing all that we can to bring resolution for them to find out what has happened to Madeleine."   

"Madeleine McCanns parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have been in close collaboration with us from the beginning, and I meet with them regularly, and they are fully updated as to where we are in terms of our Review and now Investigation."

"Neither her parents or any of the members of the group who were with them are either persons of interest or suspects."  

Sky Reporter:

" are quite categorical in that?"  


"They are not persons of interest or suspects they are parents who have lost their daughter, and we are doing all that we can to bring resolution for them to find out what has happened to Madeleine.

The Blog - Timeline Redwood

How is it possible for Redwood to have done a forensic analysis of the timeline, and not noticed that NOTHING about it fits?

He moved the time of Madeleine being removed from the apartment to around 10pm - no problem there ONLY that by doing so he has LEFT GERRY McCANN in DEEP SHIT!  No problem there either!

You see as I have stated many times before, and make no excuse for doing so again - McCANN said he found the door to the bedroom where his children slept WIDE OPEN at 9 PM.

Does Redwood think this burglar turned child snatcher - sat around for an hour in the apartment before heading off with Madeleine?

At 9.30 PM when the creepy acquaintance of McCann, Dr Matthew Oldfield said he was hanging around the apartment peeping in the bedrooms to see where Madeleine slept - (Oldfield is the guy who had never set eyes on the two younger McCann children in his life, and had only seen Madeleine as a tiny baby - and more importantly he had NEVER before checked on the McCann kids)  where was this BURGLAR turned child snatcher at this time?

DCI Redwood if his forensic analysis of the timeline he has squared - Let's hear it!

What is tragically sad about this case IS just imagine if the McCanns and their buddies knew nothing on that night of what became of Madeleine, and the child vanishing genuinely came as a shock to them -


As they surely have not been!


Retired British detective John Stalker stated that this group of people are hiding a big secret.   He may not believe they harmed Madeleine, but HE DOES believe, his gut feeling based on many years in the police tells him that they have not been entirely truthful!

Redwood is seeking to interview some persons in Portugal - suspects?

Clearly then he is not on the same page as the Portuguese Investigation as if they were the Portuguese would have already interviewed these persons as part of their latest investigation and if they had found them to have been involved, then they would have been arrested!

I think we at times tend to forget that there is an investigation in Portugal, and that it is the Portuguese who are the lead.

But what of the original investigation?

Redwood appears to have cast aside the evidence of the dogs and turned a blind eye to much more.

I know many believe that DCI Redwood is pulling a blinder, and will one day soon will pounce on the McCanns.  

I cannot now share their views on this.

A whole host of questions remain unanswered regarding the police witness statements given by this group of people some listed on Timeline Blog.

Would not everyone wish to know how Redwood reconciled these in his forensic analysis, and would not everyone wish to know what Redwood thinks of Gerry McCanns change of story?

That change of story whether Redwood likes it or not has great bearing on this case!  Great bearing on what became of Madeleine.


Gerry McCann about his change of story?  How it was possible that he forgot which door he entered the apartment on the night Madeleine was reported as missing?

Or ask

Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best friend about the fantastic tale she told?
And what of her husband David Payne, his tale too fantastic - his visit to Kate McCann that evening.

Oh and that of Jane Tanner?

Russell O'Brien's too?

And not forgetting the Oldfield's!

And then there is Kate McCanns story - what can one say?

One has to ask DCI Redwood - why is ALL of that being ignored?

But I guess he has no intention of making any comment on such matters the crucial matters in the Madeleine case.

No one has to ask about any of this case.  No one is to challenge the stories.

No one in the world of the media has the balls to stand up and ask the right questions for this missing little girl.

Any journalist truly wanting to report on this case accurately would have become informed by reading those police files, the Police Witness statements of the McCanns and their buddies, and they would have quickly discovered that the whole case STINKS.

Does it not make sense, that if the McCanns and their buddies cleared up the many inconsistencies that exist that  people would stop asking those questions.

Why over the past seven years and the many interviews they have given, instead of sitting talking a whole lot of nonsense and getting the begging bowl out did they not use the opportunity to EXPLAIN: 

Why Gerry McCann changed his story seven days after Madeleine vanished?
Why Kate and Dr Payne their meeting that they each have different accounts?
Why Fiona Payne would say Kate McCann told her at the dinner table that night that she had left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out?
Why Kate McCann does not agree this statement?

Why McCanns have not taken action against Fiona Payne for making such a damning statement against them?

There are literally dozens of questions which remain unanswered in relation to the inconsistencies in these police witness statements that any investigative journalist worth their salt would be jumping for joy at the opportunity to do just that - investigate - discover - find the truth!

The reporting on the Madeleine case in UK papers though leaves no doubt that there is not a single journalist out there with either the balls, courage or the integrity to do what they know they should be doing regarding the case of this missing child - asking the right questions.

Sky's Martin Brunt had load of chances where he could have done exactly that but for whatever reason he chose not to.  Just as he chose not to speak out regarding the interview in Portugal with McCanns lawyer when she made accusations against Dr Amaral.  Brunt stayed schtum which prompted by blog -B(runts on the Run.   The irony of that now.

If they are not prepared to investigate properly and fairly, they should have at the very least the integrity to report honestly, and refrain from the nonsense and untruths which they print.

Is there not a single journalist in the UK prepared to stand up for Madeleine McCann by asking what they must surely know they ought to be?

Madeleine probably the most well known child in the world.  The child most let down by those around her by those who should have cared most then, and who should care most now.

Such a sad case, and none of what has gone on over the past seven years necessary - Mitchell and his £70,000 per year to shape stories - and the damage and harm to the many this has caused, if ONLY the group had been truthful from the beginning accepted responsibility for their actions, fully co-operated with police - all other innocents who have been harmed by this case would not have been.

The group have more to answer for than the inconsistencies in their stories!
11th October 2014

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