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Ridiculous Mr Roux

Ridiculous Mr Roux

Have you ever seen or heard anything so ridiculous as the defence lawyer Mr Roux asking the forensic witness to kneel down, then raise his feet up off the floor - which quite naturally, would cause him to lose his balance to some degree - and then suggest that this is how it would have been for Pistorius when on his stumps!

He is comparing apples and oranges!

Short of chopping the witnesses' legs off from below the knee - the two cannot be compared.

Quite obviously the witness having his limbs below the knee, feet and toes and all the rest of his bits in place, cannot possibly then balance in the same way as someone like Pistorius who does not.  

Pistorius perfectly able to walk on his stumps.   Easier of course for him with his prosthesis, but he can walk on his stumps, and he can most definitely stand on them balance. 

Can he stand on them to pee without falling over?   You bet he can! 

Well then, he can stand on them and batter the toilet door with a bat while he does so!

Best one to demonstrate would be Pistorius show the world how while wearing his prosthesis he made the damage to the door.

Or maybe Roux should challenge Pistorius to a race.  Roux on his knees, feet up off the floor, and Pistorius on his stumps - dime to a dollar y'all know who'll be left standing, or wobbling, at starting post!

Couldn't help but wonder what Pistorius was thinking during today's demonstration - sitting there:

Knowing exactly how he did it. 
Knowing exactly how he swung that bat.
Knowing exactly how he fired those shots which killed Miss Steenkamp.
Knowing exactly how she screamed!
Knowing exactly how she died.
Knowing the witness knows he was on his stumps!

As to Sky Reporters Martin Brunt and Alex Crawford - referring to this trial as entertaining is to show a complete and utter lack of respect for the victim Miss Steenkamp, her family.    This trial is not for their entertainment but to establish whether Pistorius took the life of this young woman by accident as he claims or whether he murdered her - a pre-meditated murder.
12th March 2014
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