Lying in the Sun

Riding Roughshod

Riding Roughshod

Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy...

They, the nasty 'T's' as Hutton now refers to her fellow forum members, are being trampled by this one woman stampede.

While Super Moderator F ' is putting in her best performance as a magician desperately trying to make the reality of Hutton's err, mistake, disappear, and failing abysmally, in her attempt to convince others that Mr Nice Guy misquoted Hutton - 'as we all know he did-  

Do we?  

Well Super Moderator F said we do!  

And so it followed that Super Moderator F would declare Hutton a victim, an innocent, a poor individual, who had been stitched up by the lying bastard that is MD, he was the villain of the piece, guilty as charged....

Hutton would surely then be demanding an apology at the very least from this poor excuse for a nice guy?  Surely?  She would, wouldn't she?

No Siree!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Hutton - who had left forum world - announced she was going to take a well earned break away, as she'd had enough of the terrible T's on the forum, i.e. her friends - appeared about an hour or so later (didn't realise it was a tea break) and undid all the 'good' work by Super Moderator F to paint what is black - white   -  Back to magician school would be my advice!

Hutton rode into camp again, her speed took the forum members by surprise, they had no time to circle the wagons.  She had foxed them. All had thought she'd rode into the sunset, but during her time spent with Cowboy Joe the Journo she'd listened well, she'd picked up some crafty sneaky stuff, she knew now, that one could say one thing, then act out something quite different - and this she did.

Hutton doubled back on her forum friends  - an arrow aimed straight at Super Moderator F's heart hit its target -  'F ' hit the ground with an almighty thud.  

Hutton's work was done - for now!  She'd come back (five minutes later?) to shoot the rest down.    And she will, you can bet your boots on that folks.  She'll take you out one by one if you dare to disagree with her.   You see its the strangest of things, ever noticed these people that shout about freedom of speech suddenly want to silence others when what is being said is not to their liking?  Suddenly anyone who dares question is made out to be a bully?  I find it rather amusing in a sense.  Hutton spouts off at the mouth about everybody, gives Pinnochio a run for his money too, but when push comes to shove, she cannot face the truth, cannot face FAIR AND HONEST CRITICISM of her actions.   She who lies with as many teeth in her mouth fears honesty!   You give it girl, you gotta learn to take it, and not start shouting 'I'm being bullied.'   One look at the writings of Hutton and one cannot fail to see that she IS a bully.  By her own admission, a lifelong bully, being dismissed from places of employment for exactly that!   So pretty much double standards by Hutton playing the 'victim' when it suits her.   Doesn't wash with me, whether it be the McCanns lying about the case of their missing daughter who seek to bring harm to others,  or people like Hutton who lie, and seek to destroy others too, and in her own words - using any means open to her to do so, pisses me off!

I hate liars, and injustice at any level.  Hutton in my view is no better than McCann behaving as she does.

And to hear her this week compare herself to B. Leyland beggars belief.  Outrageous that she should compare herself also, to another who has from the beginning of this case done so much for Madeleine, by translating, bringing us news from Portugal, news we would otherwise, especially in those early days, never have come to know -someone who truly has taken a lot of shit and so undeserved.  Hutton is no more than an attention seeker in my view an unsavoury character who will latch on to any story to make it hers!

From what I see, there is NOT a single piece of research in any of her writings!  No real opinions on this case.

More outrageous has to be the comment on that forum by a Hutton follower who breathtakingly said what has happened to Hutton was similar to what has happened to Dr Goncalo Amaral!

Yah think buddy?

Get a grip over there!

Hutton defending the bastard who has LIED IN THE PRESS ABOUT HER:

"As an ageing, not so radical, feminist, I have a bit of a soft spot for 'lads, I have two of my own.  Strictly speaking, and that seems de rigueur on here these days, 'lads' stop being lads when they hit 18.  What a crying shame! Tis the 'laddish' side of men that many women find appealing.  I have no desire or inclination to stop men getting together to discuss football and large knockers and share a bit of banter. What a dour old world this would be if men had to behave like grown adults 24/7.  Martin's quote above made me laugh out loud, and it sounds like good advice too!"

(Martin = Mr Nice Guy)

Oh lordy, lordy, lordy can this get any worse?

Mr Nice Guy, who supposedly LIED AND LIED AND LIED about what Hutton told him, is now her Mr Funny Guy!  

And what the heck is all that about women liking lads? - I hope not - sounds iffy shall we say, to me - I'd like to think that sensible women like men, honest, decent men, men with integrity, who would not lie about what others have said, especially not to lie about what an ageing lady had told him. That is abuse, taking advantage of one of the most vulnerable sections of society, the elderly!

Not funny at all.  It is appalling IF that is what this man has done.

Yet somehow I just cannot imagine that this lovely lad, Mr Nice Guy, Mr Funny Guy, Hutton's description of the guy, stitched her up.

Why would a lovely lad, a nice guy (Hutton's words) who liked nothing more than to make people laugh - then take advantage of the elderly, the ageing ladies like Hutton,  lie about them?

But more importantly why would Hutton not demand an apology?

Instead on Twitter she THANKED him for saying NICE THINGS about her!

Doesn't add up!

If a lying bastard had tried to stitch me up like that - I wouldn't be thanking him!

If Hutton's track record was of an honest individual she would have had my full support without question.  But it's not!.  It is more than tarnished!

And anyone out there who has read the things this lady has written on Twitter, her blog, forums - and still will not admit to the lies she has spread -  then shame on you for turning a blind eye!  Most of what she has written not a jot to do with this missing child!

And to now watch her turn on her own, her forum friends, declaring them bullies, defending this bastard that has done her and her forum so much harm -  what more can I say?

What a sorry affair!

To the forum folks - I said at the weekend that perhaps best to censor/moderate Hutton's postings just as you do those of others, when they are NOT appropriate, a liability to your good names, to your forum,  because as it stands at the moment, Hutton is making mugs of you all.

From the outside looking in, that is, what is going down...Hutton's attitude is -  if she is going down, she's taking the ship with her!

Your forum is I take it about the Madeleine McCann case and all things related to same?

Just  checking as at the moment, like tuning into the Hutton Show!

Hopefully 'F's super powers will kick in and she will start kicking ass, as its about time someone did!  To allow Hutton to accuse fellow members of bullying her for simply voicing an opinion,asking very valid questions, simply not acceptable!

Oh and don't hold your breath folks waiting for an apology from Mr Nice Guy - at this moment in time he is no doubt putting together Trollgate Two!

Don't hold your breath either waiting for Hutton to refer to herself as anything other than a victim bullied by her buddies.

Yeah that's right, she's tarring them all as what she refers to as 'T's' not being specific as to who she is referring...y'all are baddies. Hutton is the only good guy!

Still she has not explained what the article was meant to have been about?

It did nothing to address the tragic death of B. Leyland and what led up to this.
Did nothing to address little Madeleine McCann.  
Did nothing for those who genuinely and rightly question the circumstances surrounding this child's death/disappearance.
Did everything to aid the McCanns, the Sun, and Hutton's own story, and I mean -'story.'

And now NONE of you have to have the right to reply!

Oh, and did I hear Poulton condemn Mr Nice Guy for stitching up Hutton?

Don't think I did!   Hmm!  Maybe she finds him funny too?

Is that laughter I hear?   It is!   It's Martin D!
4th February 2015

****As someone who for many years cared for a close relative who suffered from mental illness, I have every sympathy for Hutton in this regard.   However, it is shameful that when she is now being questioned on her actions that she should play the 'mental health card' as she has done this morning, to make others feel guilty. Doesn't work like that, not at all.  It doesn't seem to affect her when she is being malicious - or is that why she is malicious - oddly she does not draw the 'card' at these times by way of excuse!

Persons who suffer mental health issues are like everyone else, some good, some bad, all with different personalities, some honest, some not, some malicious, some not.  Suffering mental health problems does not somehow make the sufferer one of the 'good guys'  or one of the 'bad guys'  It makes them someone with a health problem who needs help.   A bad guy who breaks a leg, is still a bad guy!  A liar who suffers mental health problems remains a liar.  Cold hard fact! Just as And for those out there who perhaps too have had to care for someone with mental health issues, you will know that depending on the condition, as there are many, the sufferer can be extremely cunning, know exactly how to get their way.

I have no idea from what Hutton suffers, absolutely not my business, but she has raised the issue.  I can say with all honesty that I wish her like all sufferers, good health, as too few understand mental health issues and the problems it brings to not only the sufferer.  But when she uses those health matters to score points on a public forum...distasteful!

All who suffer mental health issues, have my absolute sheer and utter sympathy - but it should not prevent us seeing when they are harming others through lies and malicious conduct.

Only those close to Hutton will know how much, if any, of her truly bizarre and often malicious behaviour, the downright lies, is attributable to her mental health problems, and one would hope if this is the cause of her conduct (her erratic behaviour which we see now in her attacking fellow forum friends, refusing to discuss reasonably and rationally with them - I'm going.  I'm staying.  I don't know what I'm doing.) that those close to her would help her.   There is no free pass which comes along with mental health issues that allows the sufferer to abuse others.  Often the sufferer has no insight to their conduct.   If anyone on that forum is a true friend, they would put a stop to this now, establish if it is indeed a mental health issue which is causing her to act towards her forum friends as she is doing, as with every word she utters, she does herself the utmost damage. And if that is due to mental health issue, that is tragic!  Cruel to allow her to continue to harm herself in this way. Cruel to encourage it, and that is happening.  And harming herself is what she is doing, of that there is no question.   Is there such a thing as a duty of care on these forums, how far does the responsibility of a moderator extend?

But if it is simply Hutton just being Hutton (and I know which I think it is) knowing exactly what she is doing...time someone kicked ass -
got that forum back on track.  Stopped encouraging the crap from Cristobell.

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