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Roux - Roses are Red My

Roux - Roses are Red  My Love..

After Gerrie Nel had finished cross examining Oscar Pistorius, the legal expert Llewelyn Curlewis suggested that the Defence may wish to consider changing their plea to guilty on the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

That did not happen.

That to me came as no surprise, having seen what I have of Pistorius, I could not see that he would back down on any level.

As Llewelyn pointed out it is as though Pistorius is treating it as he would a track event, top prize, going for Gold or nothing.

Roux returned and re-examined Oscar Pistorius.

One would have imagined this would have taken hours if not days to try and repair the blows which the Prosecution had successfully landed the Defence.

It took Roux all of ten minutes.

I guess the repair job was too great and Roux was not going re-visit as had he done so it may have had the opposite effect - to remind the Court of all the inconsistencies, lies and discrepancies Pistorius had spouted.

He did though, play the sympathy card once more.  Introducing  a Valentine Day Note which Miss Reeva Steenkamp had left for Oscar Pistorius to be opened on the morning of 14th February 2013.

He had shot and killed Miss Steenkamp before he ever got to see this note.

Martin Brunt Sky News described this as having been devastating for Pistorius - no, not devastating that he had taken the life of a young woman in a horrific and heinous act of violence, but that poor old Pistorius had later read the note in which Miss Steenkamp had said she loved him.

Was that love reciprocal is the question that Brunt should have been considering in his report.   Did Pistorius care for Miss Steenkamp, love her, was he really planning to set up home with her as he has suggested, or is it all to save his skin, a story for the Court?

And even if he did, in his mind 'love' Miss Steenkamp - what Pistorius thought of as 'love' may have quite a different meaning for most - he is most definitely an angry man, arrogant, controlling spoilt, a domineering individual - a Me Man.

A man like that can declare love, and in a fit of rage, not getting what he wants, a partner who will be compliant, under his thumb, kill!

If the actions of Pistorius are anything to go by - there we have our answer.

Not a single word uttered by Brunt about Miss Steenkamp of how she lost her life to this guy to whom her note was written. 

He said Pistorius never got to read it before Miss Steenkamp died.  

This was not a loving husband/boyfriend whose partner had died in a road accident or similar and had not received a love note until after the tragedy which took her life.

This is a young woman whose life was taken by her partner!

Miss Reeva Steenkamp will never get to write another little love note to someone who is deserving of it and who would have been deserving of having such a wonderful young woman as a lifelong partner.

We all know that Barry Roux was in a a tight corner today - most likely, his client, the arrogant Pistorius would not concede that they were in a hole and that it was time to re-consider their options, but for Roux and Pistorius the Defence team to sink so low as to introduce the letter written by Miss Steenkamp, and Pistorius to stand emotionless when reading it to the Court, speaking of little smilies or 'x' whatever it was on the letter, in a sick scheme to save his skin...words fail me.
15th April 204

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