Lying in the Sun

Roux Cries Too

Roux Cries Too ... Repetition!

Court resumes after 'crying incident.'    (this case has 'crying incidents' too)

Roux -

Makes objection as to the method of Gerrie Nel's cross examination of Pistorius.  He said it is repetitive and his repeating question regarding the night of Miss Steenkamp's killing causes Pistorius to become upset and cry resulting in the Court having to adjourn, slowing up the process.

Roux objects to the repetition of questions of this nature... 

Gerrie Nel

Nel said  he cannot be held responsible for Pistorius crying.  That he is not being repetitive in his questioning.

Judge Masipa

Over rules Barry Roux,  she agrees that Gerrie Nel should continue cross examination as he has been doing.
14th April 2014
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