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Roux Screams

Roux Screams

Roux in his closing arguments asks why Pistorius would scream BEFORE shooting?


"Let's look at probabilities.   Because that is a wonderful aid in any case." 

 (Roux quotes a case.  Sorry did not pick up names, only one - Cromwell)

He speaks of the witnesses, who heard the screams of 'help, help,help' (He lists them by name)


Would he...would it make sense M'Lady if the shots were, as suggested/submitted by the State - would it make sense that before firing the shots, that the accused would shout 'help, help, help?'

Or would it make sense, that after firing the shots, and after realising it was the deceased -  that's his evidence - that he desperately wanted help, that he opened the sliding doors and he shouted for help. Heard as far as the house of Mrs Steiner (?)    Would that make far better sense?

M'lady its not even a comparison.  It simply does not make sense.  

That he would SCREAM or shout 'help help help' when he was now this raged mood... I'm not sure what he was doing whether he was now standing in front of the door or standing in the entrance and talking to the deceased while she was in the toilet or whatever versions, I don't know any more after the States submissions.

But what I do know on any version on any submission
you don't find probable or probability that would justify the 'help, help, help.'   It goes one step further.

The anxious screaming also by a man...

(The footage I was viewing, cut at this point but we get the gist of the poor attempt by Roux to defend Pistorius on this and discredit the witnessess)

But if I may...It is interesting that Roux brought up the issue of whether Pistorius would, call out, scream, or shout 'help, help, help' BEFORE shooting, stating that it made more sense that he would scream, shout for help after shooting and after realising he had shot Miss Steenkamp.

I did a little transcript back in April I think it was of evidence Pistorius gave under oath, and posted it here on the site as a blog ('Pistorius and Gerrie Nel' above).   In evidence Pistorius claimed that he SCREAMED and kept on screaming BEFORE shooting/realising he'd shot Miss Steenkamp.


"I wasn't sure if someone was going to come up the ladder and point a firearm in the house, and start shooting erm so I just stayed where I was, and KEPT ON SCREAMING, and THEN I heard a noise from inside the toilet erm what I perceived to be somebody coming out of the toilet, BEFORE I KNEW IT I'd fired 4 shots at the door, my ears were ringing I couldn't hear anything, so I SHOUTED I KEPT ON SHOUTING FOR REEVA TO PHONE THE POLICE I was still scared to retreat as I wasn't sure if there was somebody on the ladder, wasn't sure if there was somebody in the toilet."

It rather knocks on the head pretty much all that Barry Roux said on this issue.   Interesting that he addressed the Court saying you would not find probability in this instance.

That is exactly the point I was making in my blog where the above evidence by Pistorius is posted.   Only difference is.  Roux was trying to show how improbable it was that Pistorius would scream or shout for help BEFORE shooting/shooting Miss Steenkamp.

I was pointing out how improbable it was that Pistorius stood in that bathroom area, and screamed and kept screaming (before shooting Miss Steenkamp) how improbable, in fact how impossible for him to have done so, and for Miss Steenkamp not to have heard his screams if she was in that little toilet!  

Pistorius in the bathroom only feet from the toilet door, screaming and screaming, and Miss Steenkamp didn't hear him?

And what exactly was he screaming, were there words, or simply screams?  Was he a man standing there pistol in hand, screaming like a girl? Or was he standing in the bathroom area shouting for help help, if he was so afraid?

(And if I recall correctly, and i would have to check, did not Pistorius also testify that he stayed quiet so as not to alert the intruder as to his position, that he was coming to challenge him?)

Oh Mr Roux you have lost the plot, or at least you didn't do your homework, else you would have known, before making a fool of yourself in Court that your client gave evidence that he SCREAMED AND KEPT SCREAMING BEFORE SHOOTING AT THAT DOOR, BEFORE SHOOTING AND KILLING MISS STEENKAMP.  

And, yes it goes further, after firing the FOUR SHOTS he kept on shouting he said, for Miss Steenkamp to phone the police!

There is one thing here that I can agree on with Barry Roux


And you won't find any probable or possible reason to justify how it could be that Pistorius said he screamed and kept screaming before shooting and killing Miss Steenkamp, and yet she never heard him, did not reply,when she was only feet away from him in that tiny toilet cubicle.

In this case just about every word spoken by Oscar Pistorius was improbable, the rest was lies.

And speaking of screams - the witnesses heard a female scream - 

'Pistorius Reeva, Reeva'   - Blog above.

And that garbled statement by Roux (above) saying he didn't know if Pistorius was in the door, standing in the entrance talking to Miss Steenkamp when she was in the toilet blah blah...he didn't know other versions...

He certainly didn't know the version by Pistorius that he was in the bathroom screaming and kept screaming BEFORE shooting Miss Steenkamp.

My Opinion:

- Barry Roux struggled in his Closing Arguments. Lost his way.   Gerrie Nel did the job he set out to do, and it left Roux with an impossible task.

In all probability Mr Roux your client is going down!
9th August 2014
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