Lying in the Sun

Roux v Redwood

Roux v Redwood

In South Africa we have Oscar Pistorius defence lawyer Barry Roux trying to discredit every witness who has testified against his client.

He is desperately trying to convince the Court that Oscar Pistorius is as honest as the day is long and that the story told by Pistorius is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Roux doesn't give a damn if he blackens the good name of others, ridicules them, insinuates they are liars.  That is the name of the game.  

Roux is paid to defend his client using every trick in the book.
He knows Pistorius is up to his neck in it that he shot Miss Steenkamp in cold blood and that Pistorius knew exactly who he was shooting through that door.

Roux will never succeed in convincing the world of the innocence of Pistorius but he may just pull it off in managing to get this guy off with the lightest of sentences!   He only has to convince the Judge!

In UK we have DCI Andy Redwood trying to discredit the Portuguese Police, and of course to blacken the name of anyone else they choose to decide they will put on public display as a suspect.

He is desperately trying to convince the world that the McCanns, and their holiday companions are as honest as the day is long, and that the stories they have told are the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

He doesn't give a damn either not about anyone, and certainly not Madeleine the missing child.

DCI Redwood will never convince the world of the innocence of the McCanns and their holiday companions, and neither will Roux convince anyone that Oscar Pistorius is innocent.

There is though one difference between the two.

Roux is a skilled Defence Attorney who cleverly goes about his business, albeit he scares shitless those he is cross examining. Some may describe it as bullying, others- brilliance! 

Redwood a mere Met Officer who got what he will no doubt consider a
lucky break in what can only be described as a lack lustre career where he had achieved little, nothing to speak of - at the time he was instructed to make the Madeleine case disappear.

But after almost three years of Redwood's nonsense it is surely 'Make your Mind Up Time' for the Metropolitan Police.

Who is it he is looking for - the blonde Germans or the burglars he spoke of in the last Crime Watch programme?   Or perhaps the guy who looks like Gerry McCann carrying a child who looked like Madeleine McCann?

Or has he now changed his mind and is looking for his latest suspect - a smelly guy, who breaks into holiday accommodation where British family's are staying, attacks their children and manages to leave without anyone knowing he has been there...until they do!  - he strikes in the early hours of the morning, and a refuse vehicle can be heard in the background when he does so.

The intruder sometimes wears a dark top, sometimes he is bare chested - the top must be in the laundry on those days.

I take it Andy Redwood is hoping that this guy too, like crecheman,  will have held on to his top for many years.

So bottom line, this guy if he ever existed his M.O. doesn't fit the story the McCanns have told.

And he doesn't fit the description of the man seen carrying a little girl of Madeleine's description on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

Gerry McCann fits this description - according to the eye witness

Now much as I would like to believe that Andy Redwood is doing all he can to discover the perpetrators of crimes committed against young Madeleine - that he is playing the long game, and actually has the real perpetrators in his sights, these ridiculous stories of burglars breaking in, and taking the child, blonde haired Germans, and now today's latest nonsense, amongst others, the smelly man - make it very difficult, impossible in fact.

When Redwood continues to ignore the obvious, the lies told by the parents and their holiday companions, the evidence gathered by the Portuguese Police, the cadaver dogs, and a million and other one items which will lead him to where he should have been three years ago - one can only conclude that he has been instructed to look anywhere but at these people, the parents and their companions.

When Andy Redwood can come on Crimewatch and explain the following to the world, then and only then does he have the remotest chance of anyone believing that he is seriously seeking those who harmed this child:

(a) Why did Gerry McCann change his story as to what happened on the night he reported his daughter as missing with regards to which door he entered and exited that apartment?  Why McCann changed his version of events but only reported this change SEVEN days after Madeleine vanished?  Explain why it took him so long to reach the conclusion he had gotten his story wrong first time round and at what point in time did he realise that the story he gave the Portuguese Police on the night his daughter vanished was not the correct account, and his second version was the correct one, or rather the one he then wanted the police to accept as the truthful account?   Though how any father who had been checking supposedly on his children for five nights, several times a night, could forget which door he used to exit/enter their holiday home.   Just impossible!

(b) How the bedroom door could be open when Gerry McCann entered the apartment around 9 pm.  Closed over by him before he left his kids alone again.   Yet it was open again at the supposed check by one of the McCann companions at 9.30 PM

A child abductor who hangs around the apartment we are told from before 9 pm until just before 10 pm when Kate McCann is said to have arrived.   An abductor who knows that 8 adults are to-ing and fro-ing in and out of these apartments and checking the McCann apartment according to their story and he manages to go unseen by them all, and hangs around for an hour also.

What a load of crap!

Interestingly Redwood has this latest story of the smelly man as being a guy who entered holiday homes while all the family were asleep and cool as a cucumber hung around for a while and even when disturbed he didn't bother his ass getting out of there, he did just mosey along, doin' his thing!   And the parents didn't even mosey along to the cops to report the attacks on their children.

Also there was mention of how the smelly man his crimes could be escalating - from abusing children to err kidnapping a child a dead child that would be if he killed her (Madeleine) in apartment!

I think old Redwood is setting a scene, laying the foundations for an exit strategy for Operation Grange and the McCanns- a now dead Madeleine, killed by a smelly man, who they won't be able to find, who hangs around the holiday homes of British tourists, doesn't steal anything, (sounds like he's covering all bases, nothing stolen from McCanns, alleged abductor would have to have been in 5A for at least an hour, no forced entry (patio door) etc etc) and perhaps too a closing of that Fund.  But so much which does not fit (apart from McCanns story) Redwood trying to fit a square peg in a round hole!


(c) Why none of the police witness statements given by the McCanns and their holiday companions come anywhere close to being truthful such are the contradictions.

Get the lot of them together and thrash out on Crime Watch their stories then we'll see where the truth lies of the events of that night.

Until Redwood grows a pair, makes young Madeleine Beth McCann his priority and not the protection of the parents, the perpetrators of crimes against her will never be brought to justice.

If the McCanns truly played no part in their daughter's disappearance they would speak up.  We all know they have lied but it is WHY they have lied, discovering their reason for doing so that will help this case be solved.

There is no question that they have not divulged all.

Do we take it is something so awful that caused them to lie, because it would need to be for any loving parent to even consider doing what they have done.

It is astounding that Redwood has not had the group take part in a criminal style reconstruction to hammer out the inconsistencies in their stories.    The fact that he hasn't tells us much.

And we all know that what was presented on Crime Watch back in October 2013 was not a truthful account of events of that evening as per the police witness statements given by the group.

Redwood knows it wasn't.   His 30+ team of Metropolitan Police Detectives know is wasn't, and so do the McCanns and their holiday companions.

As for David Cameron, he should know it wasn't but if he doesn't, then he had better take a long hard look at this case before he gives the McCanns/Met any more £m's of UK taxpayers money to splash around on wild goose chases.

For both Madeleine and Miss Reeva Steenkamp it is obvious that the truth has not been told by those responsible.  Pistorius, responsbile for shooting Miss Steenkamp, and the McCanns, responsible for the safety and wellbeing of Madeleine, and who failed in their basic duty of care for the child.

We know Pistorius shot Miss Steenkamp he's admitted that - We don't know the reason WHY.

We know the McCanns left their children alone night after night - they've admitted to this horrifying behaviour - then concoted a story which doesn't add up not by a long shot but we don't know WHY.

Miss Steenkamp at least has someone fighting her corner in Court attempting to get an answer to that WHY and see to it that the person responsible is punished for his crime.

Madeleine?  Well those who should be fighting for her are not - the Metropolitan Police are failing her.

If not for Dr Goncalo Amaral, the man the McCanns would love silenced - the name Madeleine McCann would have been buried long ago.

And just to recap - Who exactly is Andy looking for?  A blonde haired German or three blonde haired Germans, three burglars, a man who looks like Gerry McCann, and now a smelly man.

Two questions -

Does Smelly Man have a mobile phone as we know Andy is big on pings?


How smelly is he, so bad that Gerry, or Matthew Oldfield or Kate McCann might have noticed the pong of this paedophile when they each called at apartment 5A?

For a sloth of a man, beer bellied, smelly he sure made one hell of a job of cleaning that apartment - to leave not a trace.

And would such a fat guy get out through that window?

Either Andy is telling fibs or he needs to go back to Zero - Police Academy!

Roux is known as a rottweiler - Andy, a chump!

And Smelly Man is not the only thing that stinks in this case.
19th March 2014
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