Lying in the Sun




Sharapova, it would seem, like the McCanns, decided to get her version of the tale out to the public first, and fast.

Like the McCanns, by doing so, by hurrying it along, she appears to have slipped, up – inconsistencies, and like the McCann story, things that quite simply, just don’t add up. 

Sharapova her PR team moved quicker than her medical team, and came up with the idea no doubt that she should get in there first, and that she did, announcing her failed drug test before the testing authority could.


Sharapova held a press conference (as McCanns did)


She had this to say:


“I wanted to let you know that a few days ago I received a letter from the ITF that I had failed a drug test at the Australian Open.

I did fail the test, and I take full responsibility for it.

For the past TEN years I have been given a medicine called mildronate by my doctor, my family doctor, and a few days ago after I received the ITF letter I also found out that it has another name of meldonium, which I did not know.”


It would be difficult to see how someone like Sharapova a superstar of the tennis world and with the team she has, medics, trainers, legal teams, PR teams, and all else who support her, support what is a business, and she is a business, that they would be unaware, that mildronate also goes by the name meldonium?

Anyone, any joe getting a prescription reads the leaflet inside and notes the various names the meds come under.  For sports persons, professionals it is crucial that they make themselves aware.

Yet here we have Sharapova telling us she didn't know that mildronate was known under any other name?

MOST drugs are known by more than one name.

IT IS NOT BELIEVABLE that any medication this young female has taken since becoming a tennis professional, that she or her team would not have had it checked out for obvious reasons and to discover what other names it may be manufactured.

Sharapova like the McCanns, definitely getting in first.  But like the McCanns it is what they themselves might call - with ludicrous statements.

I mean come on, neither Sharapova or her team, or even her family doctor EVER stated, what other names this drug is known by, and none of them read the leaflet inside?

Of course, she said she has been taking this drug for past ten years, during which time it was not a banned drug.  So of course also we have to say well that's okay then, during this time she was not doing anything illegal in this regard.

But is it okay?  

Well perhaps that is a yes and a no depending how you wish to view it?

Sharapova, her team and her family doctor, all of them must have known that it was a drug, though NOTa banned drug, but a drug which ENHANCED PERFORMANCE, and surely as a sports professional as Sharapova is, she would have NOT wanted to take such a drug which would give her an ADVANTAGE over other competitors?  

Was there no other alternative medication which she could have been prescribed to treat whatever the condition she was taking this medication for, but a medication that would NOT give her an advantage over others?

Would a professional with integrity not have asked for some alternative, not wishing to have some form of advantage over others?

And every time she picked up a winner's trophy, did she ever ask herself - 'would I have won, if not for the mildronate? 

Her story of NOT KNOWING until a few days ago that Mildronate was also known as Meldonium, is not reasonably possibly true.

For professional sports persons, EVERYTHING that they are prescribed will be looked at left right and centre by their team to ensure they are not taking a banned substance.

And I will say again that during the ten years she stated she took this drug, it was not a banned substance.  

The decision to add Meldonium to the prohibited list was approved in September 2015.

The ban on this drug came into force by the world anti- doping agency on January 1st 2016.

The Australian Open 2016 took place between 18th January - 31st January 2016.

Here is where Sharapova's statement, like many of the McCann statements, comes into the category - beyond believable:

Sharapova said in her statement, aired on 8th March 2016, that it was during the Australian Open that she was tested, and that a few days ago she received a letter from ITF informing her that she had failed said test.

So a few days ago would be roughly, say 3/4/5 days ago, so around 3/4/5th March 2016?

And here's the BIGGIE, she then goes on to say that also, a few days ago AFTER receiving the letter from the ITF she THEN discovered that the medication she was taking 'Mildronate' was also known as Meldonium!

So this professional sports person one of the highest paid in the world, perhaps the highest paid female sports person was:

Tested for drug use back in January 2016, and is asking the world to believe that NEVER during the intervening time between the test and receiving the letter from the ITF (in the last few days) informing her she had failed the test, did SHE, or HER TEAM, OR ANY DOCTOR, family or otherwise who she deals with, seek to check out which drugs were banned, as check for ANY UPDATES on the banned list, and/or NEVER sought to check out if Mildronate was indeed the same as Meldonium?

Any medic on her team seeing Meldonium would know instantly it was Mildronate!

And to be asked to believe that this sportswoman, after having been tested, did not bat an eyelid about any of this, was not concerned about the result, so did not double check with her family doctor or any of her team re that drug, until a few days ago (7/8 weeks after being tested) and only on receipt of a letter from the ITF - beyond belief!

I would imagine any sports person, those who are clean, but who may have taken some sort of medication for whatever health reason, having been tested, would then be checking and double checking just in case they had missed something, just in case they had unwittingly taken something, they would not be sitting back, not bothering to have another look at the prohibited list, not bothering to speak with their doctors.   Professional sports persons have too much to lose not to!

I  might suggest Sharapova was waiting for official confirmation, of something that she had indeed checked out or indeed already knew, and waited until that time, to then, together with her team, the PR lot, decide the best course of action, and that it was decided to get in there first - call that press conference.  To show of course how honest and upfront she is, that she was not hiding anything from the public...!

Sharapova made a mistake she said, and would take responsibility - that 'mistake' must surely include, her, her team, her doctors, her coach, because the entire team work together, and they have to know what she is taking (IF unless, for 10 years she hid it from them all, and then why would she, at a time when it was legal - The entire team know the time of year when prohibited lists are updated, and they all also must know that, in the month of September sports persons are informed of any upcoming update, giving them plenty time (3 months) before the updated list comes into force!   Another of those collective type mistakes as in McCann case?

In the three months from September 2015 to January 2016 NOT A ONE OF THEM thought to check anything?
8th March 2016

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