Lying in the Sun

Same Kinda Clothes

Same Kinda Clothes

Andy Redwood's crechedad.

"This is the actual photograph taken by Metropolitan Police Officers of the man dressed in the same kind of clothes he wore on holiday.

This image was compared to the artists impression."

BBC Crimewatch Presenter.

While I was taking a look back this morning at the Crimewatch, Madeleine McCann Special of October 2013, it struck me that I had gotten something wrong.

I had understood that this British dad had posed for the above picture taken by the Metropolitan Police, in the VERY same clothes he had worn on the night Madeleine McCann was reported as a missing person.

I wondered where I had gotten that idea so began checking out news reports from that time, and indeed, it was reported that this guy posed for pictures in the very same clothes he had worn on that night.

'He even agreed to be pictured in the clothes he wore in Praia da Luz on 3rd May 2007, to prove he was the man in the police sketch previously seen as key to cracking the case.'

No matter, press cannot be trusted to report accurately - and neither it seems can DCI Andy Redwood/Metropolitan Police.

The lies, deceit, corruption in the Madeleine McCann case is absolutely mind blowing!   Everyone involved, from the parents, their buddies, their spokesperson, and many others, have something to hide.   Everyone has their own agenda.  Not a one has been completely honest.

And the focus is NEVER discovering what happened to Madeleine!

According to the presenter of Crimewatch it was NOT the case at all that this British dad posed in the very clothes he had worn on that night.  The British dad has posed for pictures wearing clothes KIND OF LIKE what he wore on that night.

At the time, many, like I did, thought it odd that this guy would have preserved the clothes he had worn on the night Madeleine McCann vanished.  Thought it odd too that he would even remember what he had been wearing more than six years previously.  What guy does, in fact does anyone?  If you asked me what I wore on a particular night years back on holiday, I wouldn't have a clue, unless some special event occurred when on holiday then I might possibly have a vague idea.

But this British dad, crechedad - Did he look at the sketch of the Tannerman sighting when it was released into public domain (when would that have been, how many months AFTER Tanner's sighting, 4/5 months, more?) and at that point thought - well knock me down with a feather - that guy looks like me, the clothes are identical to the ones I wore the night that kid went missing!

Or, did he already believe the person Tanner saw was him WAY BEFORE, months before, the release of the sketch which the McCanns had drawn up?(it was not the police who commissioned this sketch as is reported in some quarters it was McCanns.  Funny that too, that they NEVER IMMEDIATELY DID THIS AS SOON AS TANNER GAVE THE DESCRIPTION, BUT THEN, TANNER'S SIGHTING DEVELOPED OVER TIME.)

At what stage did this guy go to the Leicestershire Police in the UK and tell them that he believed he was the person who Jane Tanner had seen carrying a child?

Much as I thought it odd that this guy had preserved the actual clothes he had been wearing on that night, I find it much more odd, that the clothes he is wearing in the above picture were in fact NOT those same clothes.  

So were did he get them?  Metropolitan Police provide them for him?

Makes it all the more FISHY! 

Met were hardly going to supply him with an outfit that did not match the McCanns sketch, a sketch we are told was based on their buddy Jane Tanner's sighting!

Well, now you can knock me down with a feather, because that rather changes an already outrageous story!

The British dad kitted out in the
outfit provided by Metropolitan
Police? Jane Tanner's Tannerman, an
image she developed over many months of a sighting she claimed
to have made of a man with a child, and which was widely discredited, considered a fabrication by police.  A sketch
commissioned by McCanns NOT
the police!

Time I think British dad came out of hiding and filled in the general public about a few matters concerning him being crechedad, and BEFORE the McCanns embark on another of their money making schemes.  Public deserve to know ABSOLUTELY where McCanns, and police now stand regarding this crechedad nonsense!

Public deserve the truth!

Public need to know when this British dad AND his family:

  • First believed that he COULD BE the person Jane Tanner claims to have seen on the night of 3rd May 2007. 
  • When he/they first approached Leicestershire Police in this regard?
  • Did he/they actually remember the clothing he wore on that night, or is it more he believes he was in that spot/location on that night that has made him believe he could be the Tanner sighting?
  • Why he was in that location, as the creche and his apartment, were not in that area.  He was heading in wrong direction.
  • Was there at any time, between the time he supposedly first reported to Leicestershire Police, and his family's DISCUSSION with Redwood/Metropolitan Police that he ever contacted the police to speak of his belief that he was Tanner's Tannerman?
  • Why had he kept the pyjamas which it is said, are the very ones his 2 year old daughter wore on that night (and why the hell was she wearing a pair of jim jams that would ALMOST have fitted her father?)
  • Did he meet with Jane Tanner?
  • Did Jane Tanner ID him?
  • Did he meet with the McCanns?
  • Was he ever interviewed by the Portuguese Police, the police authority who are the lead in the case of the missing Madeleine McCann? (not the UK Metropolitan Police as some may believe is the case)
  • Why did he go alone to the creche to pick up his child and not together with his wife/partner/
  • Why on a cold night did he not have his daughter warmly clothed as he himself was?
  • Where had he and his family dined that evening?
  • Did he approach Met, or did the Metropolitan Police approach him?
  • When did he first have any discussion with the Metropolitan Police?
  • What did HE SEE on that night at the location where he believes Jane Tanner spotted him?
  • Did he see Tanner?
  • Did he see Gerry McCann?
  • Did he see Jez Wilkins?
  • Did he hear any of the above named, speaking on that quiet street, or Jane Tanner's footsteps?
  • Did he see anyone else at all on that night at this location?
  • McCanns keep his image on their website as they say they cannot be sure he is the person Jane Tanner saw - WHY then is HE so sure that he is?
  • Does he believe that there could have been another guy dressed just like him, carrying a barefooted child, just like he was, the child dressed only in pyjamas, and the other guy CARRYING THE CHILD IN THE EXACT AND UNUSUAL WAY HE WAS?
  • Did he often carry his child in this way, and did he often wander about dark streets far from his accommodation with a young child not dressed for the elements?
  • Was it usual for his daughter to not wake up having been taken from the warmth of their home (or this creche) and remain sleeping when out in the cold for a quite lengthy time?
  • Was his partner happy for their child to be carried through the streets dressed only in pyjamas while he was dressed for the cold night?
And I am sure others out there will have a whole load of other questions they can come up with that they would like to ask of crechedad!

Time for them all to come clean about crechedad!  

Crechedad, the guy who had Andy Redwood all gushing with excitement, had Redwood declaring he was ALMOST CERTAIN THIS was Jane Tanner's sighting.


who also had the McCanns rushing to their website to declare that it was NOT POSSIBLE to determine if he was indeed the guy who Jane Tanner saw?

Now here's an idea, WHY DON'T The Metropolitan Police, and the McCanns, to settle their differences -  wheel out the British dad (crechedad) and Jane Tanner, ask crechedad to once more don that outfit, recreate the scene as it was that night, get Jane Tanner to take up her position (Gerry and Jez too of course) and ask Jane Tanner if this British guy is the guy that she saw!

Oh, and ask the British guy too if when he crossed the road that night if he looked in Tanner's direction to check for traffic before launching himself and his daughter onto the road?

Dangerous thing to do, not check for traffic before crossing, especially when carrying his young daughter, and as it was a T- junction, the way he would have had to look to check,  was in the direction of dear of Jane, Jez and Gerry!

Did Crechedad, stop, look and listen?

Let's hope this new bunch of private detectives will get to the bottom of crechedad, get to meet him!

Wicked webs, none more wicked than in the case of poor little Madeleine McCann!

Wonder who picked up the tab for crechedad's outfit?
4th January 2016

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