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School Bus

School Bus

This story by Kate McCann has got to stand out as one of the most nasty of all she has come up with, it was so obviously a lie, invented for the Court, its purpose, to blacken the name of Dr Amaral and to bolster her case in attempt to mislead the Court for financial gain.

And the Court saw it as exactly that.  How else could they view this, when Kate McCann was unable to bring proof of her claim?

It is such a nonsense tale to have told.  To tell the Court of her concern for her son then not be able to explain to the Judge where in fact, for absolute sure her little boy had heard this.  He was 9 years old at the time, so very able to explain where he had heard it, and, if as Kate McCann told the Court, the boy had come to her, it would be ridiculous to believe that he did not say to her where he had heard such a thing, even more ridiculous to believe that she didn't ask.

Her answer to the Judge - that she THINKS it was on the school bus, blew her story right out of the water.   I guess she did not expect the judge to ask her where the boy had heard what she claimed he had.

And so simple for her to have asked him.  So simple of her to have asked the other twin.

And it didn't end there.

Kate McCann then said she had to contact the school, in case
a child would tell the twins something, speak to them about the content of the book.

That statement goes beyond believing or understanding.   

This book is not available in the UK, and is not in English language.

So where would a kid at the school the McCann kids attend obtain a copy and what are the chances of any of them speaking any of the languages in which the book has been published?

But access to a copy and language aside.   What if a child who attends the same school as the McCann kids overheard a parent speak of this book, what would be the chances of that?  Possible.  But where would they get a copy, and what are the chances that they would speak or read any other language, that is any language in which this book was produced?

I'd say, very much less than the chances of any child seeing the McCanns on their TV screens speaking about it.  Speaking about this case.  Speaking about Dr Amaral.  As let's face it, the McCanns have hardly been shrinking violets these past seven years.  When it comes to TV appearances, exposure, they are not slow to put themselves out there. No one forces them to appear, and often, it is to promote something they are doing, not directly related to missing Madeleine.

This statement by Kate McCann, that she had to contact the school in case another child told her kids what was in the book biggest load of bullshit ever.  

But what if they did?  Let's humour Kate McCann, her lie.

She cannot gag the kids at school, silence them. 

And how would a teacher approach this, hardly can they say to the kids - any of you who know anything about 'the book' don't be telling the McCann twins?   Ridiculous!

And the poor children at this school have been fed 'Madeleine McCann' since the little girl vanished.   They kept an empty chair for her, the child who had never ever attended this school.

If they, the McCanns did not want stories of Madeleine being talked about then they should have asked the school not to keep an empty chair for Madeleine.  So unfair to the other little kids who at that time would have been commencing school for the first time, their big day, to be overshadowed by such a tragic event as Madeleine going missing.

If there is one thing that would have got a bunch of little five year old's beginning school for the first time, talking, it would have been 'Madeleine's empty chair.'

Kate McCann cannot silence children, not her own, more especially NOT those of others.

That is simply outrageous.

She may want to tell her children that a burglar stole Madeleine, but it is for the parents of all other children to handle their children's questions about this missing child in a way that they decide is best.

Kids at that school should not be having 'Madeleine' rammed down their throats.

I for one would not tell any child I may have at that school that a burglar broke into the McCann holiday apartment and stole their  little girl.   No parent would wish to frighten their kids by telling them this, that bad men creep in through windows and steal children.

It is not for the McCanns to dictate how this should be handled by others.

Judge Maria Emilia de Melo e Castro
 knew instantly when Kate McCann made her statement about her young son, that it was not truthful, and challenged her by asking - how was it possible for him to know about the thesis in the book, if she McCann had been so careful to protect him from it?

I guess put on the spot, the school bus was the best Kate McCann could come up with!

The result of this - she was not believed, and rightly so.

And not to pussy foot around it.  Not being believed by the Court, is really the Court telling her she was lying on this count!

And had her child heard anything on the school bus her concern should have absolutely extended to those other kids travelling with him.  Kids who would have heard that the little boy's mum and dad, hid Madeleine, as claimed by Kate McCann in Court.  That would have frightened these kids half to death.

I doubt any of them will be popping round the McCanns house for tea and a sleepover!

But that is the ridiculousness of her story, and the Judge threw it out.

It got me thinking - What if a criminal case, what if Gerry McCann was put on the stand and asked:


It is a question which still remains unanswered.

It is a question that absolutely has to be answered by Gerry McCann.

Why and at what point from the night of 3rd May 2007 to the 10th of May 2007, did he decide to change his police witness statement? 

Get the answer to that and case closed, because this guy DID NOT forget which door he used.  Just not possible!

A change was made to this story because they needed to change it, to hide or cover for something else.  That much is obvious!

Time for those who who tippy toe around this couple to put an end to it.

They do missing Madeleine and all vulnerable children an injustice.

And a little reminder of what Kate McCann told the Judge.

KMC - 

Mentions that her son, in October asked her why Mr Amaral said that they hid Madeleine. She answered that there were many stupid things in his book.

Judge –

How did your son know about that? How was it possible if you were careful to prevent access to the book?

KMC  -

 he heard it on the radio, on the school bus.


So what did you do?

KMC  -

says that they spoke to David Trickey who advised them to let the twins make comments and just answer when they ask questions. She says that they had to contact the school in case a child would tell the twins about something that is in the book. She says that the book is noxious for adults and must be even more damaging for children.

And of course Lorraine Kelly the stupid female that she is, swallowed Kate McCanns lie to the Court, hook, line and sinker, and followed suit by putting her own LIE about Dr Amaral in print.
22 January 2015

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