Lying in the Sun

Serious Sunburn

Serious Sunburn

Ian Horrocks is the perfect example of how damaging the scorching Sun can be – he got fried…


In July 2012 Horrocks was introduced to us by Martin Brunt he too now looking a little singed around the edges these days…




“A former top Scotland Yard detective has written a detailed analysis of the Madeleine McCann mystery and explains why he believes there is a good chance she is alive.  Ian Horrock visited the holiday resort where the toddler vanished and examined the police files and media reports.”  


Horrocks a former Metropolitan Police Officer had this to say in 2012...  

  • “In February of this year on behalf of the Sun newspaper I travelled to Portugal to review the investigation into the abduction of Madeleine McCann and the circumstances surrounding the offence.” 


  •  “Finally, and in my opinion, the most salient fact is that a male was seen at 9.15 p.m. carrying a child who clearly fits Madeleine’s description.”


  • “When taking everything together, this was CLEARLY Madeleine, which therefore 100% RULES OUT Mr and Mrs McCann as being involved in any way!”   


  • “I believe the later sighting by the Irish family to be IRRELEVANT and NOT Madeleine.”




(Dodgy Detectives Blog)



For this report on the Madeleine case Horrocks was not only paid by the Sun newspaper but he was hailed a hero by those who support the McCann abduction theory. 


I wonder where he is now? – Passing the 'after sun lotion' to Antonella I wouldn’t wonder as she too will soon need to ease the painful sting of the Sun if she doesn't refrain from lying in it…
19th October 2013

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