Lying in the Sun

Shame of the McCanns

Shame of the McCanns

                       Twins for Sale - 500,000 bucks each!


In an earlier blog (Madeleine 6 Years Gone) I spoke of how Gerry and Kate McCann use their twins for publicity.


At that time, back in April 2013 Kate McCann was doing a round of promotional interviews as she was planning to run in the London Marathon.   She spoke of a threat made against her, said that someone wanted to shoot her (she knew at that time this was not true. The police had checked it out –there was no threat, a silly flippant throw away comment had been made, but no threat, she had nothing to worry about and she knew this.)


Sadly for the McCann twins their mum Kate chose to give the press a ‘headline’ – She ‘feared for the lives of the twins.’


Kate McCann had sunk lower than anyone could ever have thought possible of a mother.


My feelings on how she was treating her twin children I made clear in ‘Madeleine 6 Years Gone.’


I felt at that time that Social Services, some Child Protection agency should investigate the McCanns, as using their children in this way was an abuse.


I found it chilling, stomach churning that they would have used their 8 year old twins in the way that they had.  To give the press such a headline which would terrify these little ones was beyond the comprehension of any sane, loving and caring person, not just parent, person, individual.


I have followed this case to an extent, and nothing the McCanns do for money and publicity shocks or surprises me in any way.


I don’t know what happened on the night little Madeleine vanished, but there is not a doubt in my mind that her mummy and daddy do!


Still I gave them the benefit of the doubt that having lost Madeleine they would do all in their power to protect little Sean and Amelie in every way.


How wrong I was!


As the years went by and they gave the press stories of what the children said or did, it became clear that they were not prepared to protect them from media but wanted to propel them into the spotlight, always in some way to benefit whatever they were plotting and planning at any given time.


The headline Kate McCann gave to the media back in April would as I said have every mother of a young child, and mothers of children now adults thinking back to when their children were 8 years old, and of how they would never, not for anything in the world, have frightened their child by doing what Kate McCann did.


We heard in the first days of this libel trial of how Kate and Gerry McCann protect their children, do not let them go on the internet in case they come across anything about themselves/Madeleine, or rather in case they come across any mention of Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book.  The child psychologist to the twins, stating that Gerry and Kate McCann had done a good job of making sure the children did not do this.   (Any responsible parent would make sure their little ones did not muck about on the internet at material which is not age appropriate.)

Today we had a family member of the McCann/Healy clan, Kate McCanns cousin claim that there were threats against the twins, that persons had made it known they would kidnap the twin children so as they could force from the little ones information, the truth as to what had become of Madeleine.

(an incredulous tale)


This he claimed also had made Kate and Gerry McCann more vigilant about the use of the internet by the twins, now 8 years old.


This cousin further stated:


“I know Amelie has googled her name, and discovered sites to do with the conclusions of Mr Amaral’s book, he told the Court.

“I don’t know if she opened any of the pages, and fortunately she told Gerry and Kate.”


So it certainly looks as though the child psychologist to the McCann children, got it wrong!


The McCanns have not done a good job of monitoring their twin children when on the computer, and they clearly do not have restriction on it, else Amelie would not have been able to reach sites where there were conclusions as in the book by Dr Amaral.

Most curious is that the the psychologist to the children, Mr Trickey, in his testimony made no mention of this incident with Amelie? 

Further he made no mention of a kidnap threat against the McCann children, which surely would have affected how he treated these children, would have had bearing on the advice he gave their parents as to how they should handle it.

Surely the McCanns didn't forget to mention to him such a serious incident?

Surely the psychologist didn't fail to obtain this information from Amelie?

How can he possibly evaluate them if he has failed or the McCann parents failed to furnish him with such crucial information relating to the welfare of the children?

According to him all well with the children?  

Someone is lying - perhaps both witnesses, Trickey the psychologist, and Wright, the family cousin?


This cousin, doesn’t know if she opened the pages, but luckily he said Amelie told her dad.


So Gerry McCann told this cousin this story of Amelie but forgot to mention if the child managed to open the pages.


It will be luck, and only luck if the young McCann twins don’t ever read the testimonies given by these people who their parents have called as witnesses.


It is crystal clear they are telling lies.  

Doesn’t come as any shock that they would, the people that they are, and also because that is what happens in libel cases, cases of insurance claims – people, lie in Court.  Make out they were injured in some case much more than they were, if at all they were injured.


Medical professionals are paid to be witnesses, and depending which side manage to hire which medical consultant first, makes not a jot of difference the consultant will say whatever is necessary for whichever side is paying the highest price.


We all know that is the game.


The judge in these cases knows this too.


The McCann case is no different.  We expect them to lie to exaggerate (apart from the fact they are who they are, and are known for this anyway) in an attempt to win their case.  If they were entirely honest, it would never have reached Court at all.


For a million bucks they would have witnesses trooping in and out of Court every day of the week making false statement if that is what it takes to get their hands on cash, to destroy Dr Goncalo Amaral.


For a million bucks they will say and do anything to blacken Dr Goncalo Amaral, you, me, or anyone else they think they can.  Or rather anyone they think there is a hope of getting a dollar out of.

So no shocker there!

When I came home this evening I read about this man Wright, Kate McCanns cousin what he had said about the twins a threat of them being kidnapped.

I did not feel anger at him, not at Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, Clarence Mitchell, Carter Ruck, Isabel Duarte, Trish Cameron, Granny Healy, the priests wife Ma Hubbard, Dave Edgar the retired police officer, the child psychologist, Kate’s psychologist or any of the others who have participated in this disgraceful display.


I felt only great sadness, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, scared for Sean and Amelie.

I said in April things were not right, time for this abuse of Sean and Amelie to end.   I asked then, if there was not a member of the McCann/Healy extended family who could step in, have a word with Kate and Gerry about the twins, and put an end to this.   These children should not be subjected to this abuse and not, be put in a state of fear with the headlines their mother instigated.


A member of the family did ‘step in’ today, into the witness box, and added further to the abuse of young Sean and Amelie.  Added to their fear, added to the chances of their school friends come Monday asking them about this, about them perhaps being kidnapped.  Some of these school friends too will be frightened if they think the kidnappers might take them also.


Not only did this cousin make headline news with stories of threats of the children being kidnapped, there are a whole lot of the extended family lining up to add to this abuse…Granny Healy, aunty Trish and more…


The McCanns argument is that the twins may see if they ever manage to get on the internet, something about the book by Goncalo Amaral.


Amelie according to this cousin of Kate McCann has already done that, though he is not sure if she managed to open a page.

(loud laughter)

This statement had to be included at today's hearing as the witnesses from last week had spoken of the book, how easy it was for the twins to read, easier than the online version.   Of course throughout the forums there was great laughter.  The book has not been published in English!   Today we therefore had to have the twins, both or one or other having tried to read it on the internet!

There is one sure way of telling if he Wright was being truthful, about Amelie that is to ask her, ask Sean.  But that is something a normal caring person would never put a child through.

And no NORMAL, CARING, LOVING parent would have allowed what happened today in a Court in Lisbon, at the Palace of Justice, to happen to not only their own child/ren but any child, and not for 1 million bucks or any amount of money.


The McCanns abuse of Sean and Amelie – and make no mistake this IS child abuse, abuse of the rights of these children to be protected is blatant.


Horrifyingly the McCann twins are being "sold" by their parents for the princely sum of 500,000 bucks per head!

I have nothing but feelings of disgust for these parents for their family members who are also party to this, and the money grabbers who lined up along with them to use Sean and Amelie for their own gain.


Dr Goncalo Amaral has ALWAYS shown the utmost sensitivity for Sean, Amelie, Madeleine, and Kate McCann too as a grieving mother, for her loss, he has been nothing other than respectful.


This good and decent man must have been sick to the core to have to sit and listen to, witness these people abuse and use the little twins as they did today.

Kate McCann need not worry about anyone reading Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book, a whole nation, the entire school where the children attend, the teachers, the people of Rothley, must tonight be sitting, not giving this book a single thought, but wondering how desperate for cash, how hate filled Kate McCann must be when she uses her children – who have gone through so much already, and have such an uncertain life ahead being the siblings of probably the most,  known missing child in the world – in the most disgraceful way she has.

Dr Goncalo Amaral wanted  a closed Court, this, to protect Madeleine, her name.  He requested this.

Kate McCann had a choice to have a closed Court.  She chose not to.  

We would be fools to think for a moment that this, together with the press reporting, Kate appearing alone, as the tragic mother – and the stories leaked by Andy Redwood, Scotland Yard, was not all part of their plan for this libel case. That too is part of their game, the dirty tricks were all expected.


What was not expected was the blatant abuse of Sean and Amelie.

If Kate McCann wanted to play out this pantomime, as the victim, Dr Goncalo Amaral the evil villain, she should not have used her twins for this purpose.

These children have no say, no voice - Someone has to come forward, someone from social services and protect them!

What in heavens name do the colleagues of Gerry McCann think of this?  He should be ashamed to show his face at the whichever NHS hospital he is employed.

And as for his absence, all part of the plan - Kate looking more tragic as though a mother on  her own...facing the evil Dr Amaral!

To think that the McCanns, their lawyers, Clarence Mitchell and all the other hangers-on - sat and planned how they would go forward with this case, how they could use the twins to benefit their case best, and make no mistake there would have been many meetings to speak of what was to be their strategy, what Wright and others were to say in Court.

The twins are nothing more than a meal ticket to them.

I can understand why the tapas companions did not on this occasion go to Portugal.  Even they must be sick to the stomach watching this, would want no part. 

But how did that go?  How do the parents of a missing child allegedly abducted, sit down and plan to use their other children in such an abhorrent way?

It goes against all that is decent that a parent would do this.

There is no amount of money in the world would have me treat our children in this way.   Money is not how we measure the worth and life of our children.  How we value them, unlike that of Kate and Gerry McCann is not in dollars and dimes, pounds and pence.


My thoughts and prayers tonight are not with Kate and Gerry McCann, I have nothing by the utmost disgust for their actions since the day they left Madeleine to her fate.  

I only have thoughts for the three little victims in all of this mess, Madeleine McCann who lost her life due to the reckless conduct of her parents abandoning her on all of those nights, a little vulnerable girl, and Sean and Amelie whose parents are showing absolutely no thought of concern for their welfare, their well being.

It is tragically sad.

I don't hate the McCanns, I don't know them.   I don't hate anyone. But they are to me all that a parent should not be!

I do not think they are fit to be parents, and especially not after allowing Kate's cousin to appear in Court, part of their plan, and have stories out there now which will terrify these two little children.

Is it not bad enough that their sister vanished, and they have been told a burglar took her, then to be told someone wants to kidnap them? 

Wright, by speaking in Court telling the world (for the sake of 1 million bucks) a ridiculous story of someone wanting to kidnap these children, which has appeared in the press, is tantamount to telling the children face to face, as it is not possible that the children can be shielded from the actions of Wright and their parents...

Some might think the McCanns have lost the plot?   I don't!

I think they are quite simply, nasty, selfish people who think of no one else but themselves.  They have proven this time and time again that this is the case.   Today, if anyone had any doubts listening to Wright would have dispelled them.

I hope the Lorraine Kelly's of this world are sitting up and taking notice.  Because even the most dense person on the planet cannot have failed to miss what has gone on this week.   Could not have failed to see that they have lied through their teeth. 

Could not have failed to see how they have abused these two little children.

Ask yourselves, is there any amount of money, that would have you treat your children like this?

There is no excuse, and if anyone attempts to excuse it, they are no better than the offenders.

This case has not a jot to do with Kate McCann her hurt feelings. It is about money, her hatred of another human being.   A man who has shown her children more respect than either of their parents.

Who would want to be Amelie or Sean McCann tonight?  Not a child in the world!

I would hope I am right in thinking, that one and all, those who believe in the McCann abduction story and those who don’t, are united in condemning the actions of the McCanns, their legal team, and in particular, Clarence Mitchell for bringing little Sean and Amelie McCann into their game.  For putting them at risk! 

What kind of parents place their children in the danger the McCanns have by these stories.

There is no question in my mind the McCanns are unable to care properly for the children.   They appear unable to act responsibly.

They are in my opinion unfit parents to have put the twins in the danger they clearly have.  The are it would seem unwilling to put the welfare of their children first, unwilling to do all in their power to keep them from harm.  

Quite astonishing from the parents who have already lost one child through their irresponsible actions.

It is a sad day for us all to witness what Sean and Amelie's parents are doing to them, I feel such sorrow.

If they win their libel action, they will have nothing to celebrate or be proud of.

How are this disgraceful bunch spending tonight, raising a glass for the job they did today, while two little kids will wake to the most awful of headlines?  Headlines which will terrify them.

Headlines their mummy and daddy created, and planned weeks and months ahead...

Truly chilling stuff from the McCanns.

How these parents sleep at night..?
20th September 2013

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