Lying in the Sun

She Did Not Do That

She Did Not Do That

"I think I have a responsibility for myself and Reeva to tell the truth My Lady"

The words of Oscar Pistorius before he went on, under cross examination by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, to lie, and lie, and... well lie!

No great surprise that he has, we expected him to lie and deny.  I don't believe there will have been many though who would have believed that the extent of his lies would be so far reaching.   He left no one out.  Everyone, according to Pistorius has lied about him.  All of the witneses called by the Prosecution!  

The Police too he said, tampered, contaminated scene and disturbed items.

Miss Steenkamp too he said had lied in her email to him, then changed this to exaggerated about fearing him.

He blamed everyone else for all that has happened, accepting no responsibility whatsoever.  He didn't stop at witnesses though.   His own legal Counsel were to have blame placed at their door.  Barry Roux specifically was to be criticised by Pistorius.

Pistorius didn't leave anyone out!    

I cannot even begin to try an imagine what Mrs Steenkamp, Reeva's mum must be going through, the anguish unbearable having to sit in Court day after day listening to the Court proceedings, the grisly detail of how her daughter died.  The graphic and bloody images of her daughter's horrific injuries.  But Mrs Steenkamp does bear it, she bears it for her daughter.   She bears it in the hope she hears the truth.

If the performance by Oscar Pistorius thus far is how we can gauge whether this will ever happen, at this stage I would have to say I have no confidence that the lying scumbag will do what is right, proper and decent, that he will act responsibly, decently and allow Reeva's parents to know the truth.  

This guy is a coward.  He thinks of no one but himself, that much is obvious.

He said he has a responsibility to himself and Reeva to tell the truth - He just has no intention of telling it!

So much in this case is so shocking.  Terribly, terribly sad to hear, but of everything I have heard this week, hearing Pistorius - who we know has laid blame at everyone's door but his own - blame Miss Reeva Steenkamp for not calling out to alert him to her being in the toilet cubicle - was truly sickening!

When I heard this,I knew absolutely this guy was never going to do what was right and decent, he was never going to tell truth.

He took the life of this young woman and deliberately so.  He has concocted an elaborate and unbelievable story, which for the Steenkamp's to hear must be horrendous beyond belief.

For him to take this lie further, and say in his defence, when speaking of Reeva, in relation to her being in the toilet cubicle:-

"I wish she’d let me know she was there.  She DID NOT do that."

To blame Miss Reeva Steenkamp in his sickening tale invented to cover his ass.   Chilling!

He is the lowest.   He is in essence saying that it was her fault, not his!

For the Steenkamp family to have heard Pistorius say those words, words which will no doubt stay with them forever must add to their pain.

Mr and Mrs Steenkamp have said they do not want revenge.  They only want truth.  They have stated Pistorius being sent to prison will not bring Reeva back to them, the daughter who was their world, the daughter whom they adored and she them.

They are better people than I. I could not be so forgiving or generous. I hope Pistorius is thrown in the slammer, the key thrown away.

And, I hope no one hears when he screams like a girl - and in prison this guy will be doing a lot of screaming!

The only true words which have come out of this guys mouth is that he is 'fighting for his life.'   

And he'll say and do anything, even blame Miss Reeva Steenkamp for him killing her if it keeps him out of jail!

She did not do that, Pistorius - You did - You killed this young woman. You, no one else.  No one else is to blame.
11th April 2014

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