Lying in the Sun

Shielding the Children

Shielding the Children


The Truth of the Lie


The McCanns have made it abundantly clear they do not want their twin children to read the Truth of the Lie.


Many and varied reasons for this, one would have to say.


As it is not printed in English language they will not be able to read it in book form.


We have however had sensational headlines over past few days of how the McCanns shield their children from possibly coming across the online version which is in English.

Excellent, that is what they should be doing, shielding them from any material which is not age appropriate, and Dr Goncalo Amaral's book, likewise Kate McCanns book, and a million and one others to be found on the internet, are not suitable for 8 year old children.

Glad to see at last they are getting the hang of responsible parenting!


What I do not understand, is that Kate McCann does not want her twin children to read this book. Shields them from the internet in case they come across any mention of it.  Yet there she is in Portugal in the middle of a libel trial which is about the book and which is being reported in most of the UK papers, and the story being run too on the news channels?


She had the opportunity to have this case heard in closed court, but she opted for ‘open?’


What I wonder is, it is fine to say she shields them from reading the book online, but do the children actually know that the book exists?


Were the twin children told that their mummy, granny Healy and auntyTrish went off to Portugal, and why?


Were they told it was to silence the scary Dr Goncalo Amaral because of the content of his book?


What did McCanns tell the children was the reason for their mummy going to Portugal for a few days?


Do the twins know it was when in Portugal that Madeleine vanished?

How do they feel about their mummy going off to the place from where the sister they never got to know disappeared?


But mummy has gone off to Portugal before.  Quite recently their mummy was there with their granny Healy around April/May.


What did the McCanns tell the twins then and now about these visits?


Have they been honest with them or told them a lie?


Did the McCanns consult with Trickey to ask for advice as to what to tell the children in this situation?   


If so what advice did Trickey give as to what the children should be told in reference to the libel trial?


Their mummy and daddy might be making further trips to Portugal over next few weeks – how will they explain it to children their reason for being in Portugal so often?

I find it difficult to see how the McCann twins could not have heard of Dr Goncalo Amaral, his book.


If Kate McCann truly wanted to shield the twins, she would not have opted for this trial to be heard in open court.  She would not have given reporters a statement outside the Palace of Justice in Lisbon.


Without question she knows the children will see or hear a news report, will see a paper on a news stand, will hear it in the playground that their mummy was on tv talking about a book and a bad man.  The children at school the older ones perhaps will tell them too about their mother’s book which any child can pick up in a store open and have a read of a page or three, but hopefully not page ‘nasty nine!


So I am at a loss as to how, other than not allowing 8 year old children online to freely browse which is what any responsible parent would do anyway, they have managed to keep knowledge of this book by Dr Goncalo Amaral from them.


Have they?


What difference does it make if they do, some might ask – a hell of a lot of difference when there is a libel case against the man who wrote the book, and when child psychologists like Trickey are called to give testimony.


Trickey, spoke of the damage it may cause Sean and Amelie in the future as young adults at an age when they are able to understand it.  He was not speaking of 8 year old children reading the book.


How could he when he said the McCanns had done a great job in shielding them from it.


What happens in the intervening years will also play a big part as to how Amelie and Sean will view either the 'Truth of the Lie' or their mother’s ‘Madeleine’ (the most obvious being whether Madeleine is found, or remains missing) or indeed any other material out there. 

So many untruths in Kate McCanns book which her twin children as young adults will be able to easily identify. The harm this will cause them?

Trickey's evidence and opinion appears to be based on the assumption Madeleine will not be found at least not until the twin children become adults.

That is not sounding hopeful for Madeleine!

I guess I’d like answered:


Do the McCann twins know of the existence of the Truth of the Lie?

What do they know of it?

How, if they do know, did this come about, from where did they learn of it?

And if they do, does Trickey know they do?

One can only feel great sadness for Amelie and Sean for their future, as so much has been written about their missing sister - not by any stretch of the imagination will their lives be normal - Much of what is written coming from their parents, their sources who set the ball rolling in May 2007.  They have not only courted the press, but controlled it to a great extent, Clarence their spokesman shaping the stories he said.


And ‘stories’ is an apt description of what he has put out there…little of it truthful or factual...and Amelie and Sean will come to learn of this too...of how the Madeleine Fund, paid this which was intended to search for their sister, which should have been used for that purpose and that purpose alone...

They will learn a lot of people profited from her Fund...


Still Kate McCann does not learn that the best way to protect, shield Sean and Amelie is to stop the ball rolling…

17th September 2013

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