Lying in the Sun

Shut That Door

Shut that Door

Gerry McCann his message to Madeleine if he could get one to her-

"How much we lovED her"

A strange message to get to a 'living findable little girl!'

'Lies, Leaks and Misinformation' says Kate McCann - Indeed what the German audience have been served up is all of those!

And in true McCann style they have "updated."   As always in 'answer' to comments on internet.

If this was not the tragic case of a missing child it would be hysterically funny, not only the McCanns dreadful acting which they clearly think adds to the drama but the fact that they seem to believe that no one notices that each time they appear their story changes!

The obvious question is - Why was the German audience treated to this nonsense, different nonsense from the British audience?  

Do the McCanns think the Germans more gullible?   It would seem so...

I have only had a quick look at the video and speaking of the video and not in relation to missing Madeleine - it will have those who know the story - laughing aloud - not least at "Oldfield's" face when Kate comes to tell the group what Oldfield already knew!  

Have you falling off your seats.

The "McCanns" in this version spent more time with the kids than Kate and and Gerry McCann did in Portugal!

And what a 'Jolly Gerry' they found to play the part of McCann - Well I don't suppose if they had shown the real Gerry McCann the one on the airport bus who had said in front of the children and other passengers that he was not going on holiday to 'Fucking enjoy himself'...or if they had shown Kate performing her mantra in respect of the Portuguese Police Officer, what was it she proudly told us in her book 'Madeleine' that she chanted?  Oh Yes...Fucking Tosser, Fucking Tosser...

But yes, one of the most obvious things the McCanns have updated is the patio door.   Kate carefully opens it turns around and closes it before heading to kids room.

Very different from their OWN documentary 'Madeleine Was Here where she said she simply opened it and stood inside, intending to just leave again.

Why would she need to 'make much' of closing this patio door once inside?

Well in one of her earlier versions she had stated when the bedroom door slammed that she had gone over to check if she had closed the patio door.   In another she said she just looked over her shoulder basically to see if she had closed the patio door.

But how could she have seen if door was open or closed as she had also already stated that there were heavy curtains draping this door which were CLOSED!

Unless there was a gale blowing through an open patio door as we are to believe happened in the bedroom, blowing those curtains wide open - Kate McCann could not have seen, by looking over her shoulder that the patio door was closed!

In this new version Kate treats us to her very deliberate emphasis on closing the patio door - so that we can see the curtains were open!

And they needed to be open for Kate to look over her shoulder and see that the patio door was CLOSED!

What a web of deceit they weave!

Again the McCann are being calculating, a deliberate attempt, subtle in nature in misleading the viewing public, that is, those who have not followed the case and particularly so the German audience.

McCanns have always maintained those curtains were CLOSED and have done so many times.

Those heavy closed curtains were one of the reasons they gave for Madeleine being unable to get out of that apartment - Madeleine could not negotiate her way through them, nor they said could she slide a patio door open, nor could she open the gate at the top of the stairs!

But, she could look after her 2 year old twin siblings night after night while her parents were out wining and dining!

In answer to other internet comment where the public cannot understand the McCanns never making a direct and heartfelt message to Madeleine - Gerry rather unconvincingly does so, he said if they could 'get a message to Madeleine' ...

Still neither parent can bring themselves to look straight in a camera and tell the child how much she IS loved ...  

Their reason for not being able to?   Perhaps Gerry answered that for us in his message...

By the time this travelling circus reaches the Netherlands the story will be double dutch!

Can there really be anyone out there who still believe this couple?

Open doors, closed doors, doors that can be open by some and not by others - doors that are open a little, doors that were open a lot, then not - the tapas bunch must dream about doors or rather have nightmares about them, where they cannot remember what their original story was! 

The McCanns certainly bring new meaning to the saying 'as one door closes another opens!'

A perfect end to the nonsense in Germany would have been for the interviewer to have asked the McCanns to
shut the door on their way out!
17th October 2013

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