Lying in the Sun

Silence of McCanns

Silence of McCanns


“It’s a lot of money, but we cannot set limits, a child is priceless. We’ll pay whatever is necessary.”


Kate McCann,

Expresso Interview



Dr Goncalo Amaral retired Portuguese Detective, one time co-ordinator/lead detective on Madeleine McCann case.

During his time investigating there were two reported sightings which dominated.  Each sighting, of a man carrying a child!

Sighting One by Jane Tanner the McCanns companion where she first said she saw a man, a faceless man who might have been carrying something.  Later changing this to he was carrying a child.  The child then grew feet, and pyjamas which matched Madeleine’s added to her detail, the man his face she still could not describe.  That however did not stop the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell giving him a face, the face of another man (see Abductor Almost Caught blog)   Tanner said she saw the man close to McCann apartment.

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Police Investigation considered this sighting by Jane Tanner, not credible, for obvious reasons, well let’s not beat about the bush, to put it bluntly, Tanner lied!


Sighting Two - An Irish family by the name of Smith, they see a man carrying a blonde haired girl of around 3 or 4 years of age, this sighting was much further away from the McCann apartment, the man heading in the direction of the beach.


This is the sighting which interested Dr Goncalo Amaral.   Dr Amaral is then swiftly removed from the case. He was getting much too close to truth!


The public who followed this case knew of the Smith sighting it has been much debated on forums.  The McCanns supporter’s like the McCanns, and Clarence Mitchell, not wanting, it to see the light of day!  Dismissing it!


Well Lordy, Lordy seems Andy Redwood is in agreement with Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese investigation – Jane Tanner’s sighting was a nonsense!   Redwood does however give Tanner a way out (for the moment, for the purpose of his investigation?) by introducing a British father who had been carrying his child around that night, his child dressed only in pyjamas too – as if!

Do note, Redwood doesn’t say this man is definitely who Tanner saw, just that he might be.  I guess he said this, put it that way as the man does not exist.

Now everyone did wonder why the McCanns did not want anyone to know of this Smith sighting, why did they play it down and push for the one by their companion JaneTanner?

Well it seems Martin Smith told Portuguese Police he believed the man he saw carrying the little blonde haired girl was Gerry McCann!

Those that have followed this case have been aware of this all along.  Andy Redwood and Metropolitan Police have known about this all along.

But this was not Redwood’s revelation, nothing so exciting – his revelation was that Tanner never saw a man carrying a child dressed in pyjamas, well he said she saw a man, just not the one carrying Madeleine!


So Martin Smith thought the man was Gerry McCann – well that’s one sure fire reason for the McCanns to want that story buried deep!  

And bury it they did their very best to do!

Ms Burnie and Ms Kelly – hope you two ladies are reading, and paying close attention because there is more!

Those following this case often wondered too why the McCann private detectives did not give the attention they most obviously should have to the Smith sighting.  Always it puzzled.  Always those who raised this issue shot down by the McCann supporter’s – as they no doubt will be doing now!

But the cat is out the bag, and it’s not cuddle cat this time!

Private detectives working for the McCanns (their services paid for by the monies donated by the public) prepared and presented Kate and Gerry McCann, their Fund Directors I imagine too, with an intelligence report which was damning to the McCann couple.

Not only did it speak of Martin Smith believing the man he saw was Gerry McCann, it damned the statements given to police by Jane Tanner as they, like all of the statements given by the McCanns and their companions, were full of holes – ‘contained serious inconsistencies and anomalies’ but it also contained E.fits of the man the Smith family had seen carrying a child.

E.Fits which Kate and Gerry McCann, their Fund (which the public have financed all of these years, old ladies giving their pensions, kids their pocket money) their backers, their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, and all involved with this couple, this case – buried for FIVE YEARS!


What is the name of the Fund run by Kate and Gerry McCann?   Ah yes – the No Stone Unturned Fund – Best change that to the Unturn a Stone at your Peril Fund!

Why? -  And I hope Ms Kelly, Ms Burnie are still following this – When you turn a stone that leads to what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann you get a warning!

The Private Detective said that they were silenced by the McCanns, the McCann Fund Directors, their lawyers sending the detectives a letter to ‘remind’ them they were legally bound to keep the report they had presented to the McCann couple confidential - a threat in other words.


The reason given by the McCanns source, for

  • NOT following up this crucial lead to discover what became of their daughter Madeleine.
  • NOT making it public.
  • NOT producing and distributing the E.Fits

Was would you believe:-


  • 1.   It would be too expensive!

  • 2.   Further they considered it necessary to threaten legal action against the authors!  (which they would require funds for)

  • 3.   It would not have been conducive to have the report/efit made public as it would have been distracting to their investigation.


So they simply didn’t bother to publish the E.Fits!

Bear in mind the 'face' they gave the Tanner sighting, was nothing at all like the one they had of the Smith sighting, nothing at all like the E.Fits they had hidden away.    They came up with something to detract from the Smith sighting - a scary looking man with prominent teeth long hair and a moustache!


The McCann source is telling us it would have been too expensive to pursue the information about the man seen by the Smith Family (the one that looked like Gerry McCann) as they wanted to pursue the sighting by their holiday companion Jane Tanner – the one which was a lie?(and they knew it to be)  Yes I’ll bet they did want to pursue their pals fabricated sighting  – that is about the only truthful thing the McCanns their Fund ‘source’ has ever said!

But how could it be too expensive?  The public gave £m’s to their Fund!   Where did those £m’s go then?

And apart from anything else and more vital to Madeleine, had they passed this information TO THE POLICE as they should have done given these E.Fits to them immediately it would not have cost them a penny to have them put out there!

It would have cost NOTHING to put them on their OWN FIND MADELEINE WEBSITE!

Kate McCann said in the Expresso Interview when being questioned about Fund expenditure, the balance remaining:


“It’s a lot of money, but we cannot set limits, a child is priceless. We’ll pay whatever is necessary.”


Yet as we can see now – the McCanns didn’t pay what was necessary to help Madeleine.


Instead they paid Clarence Mitchell £70,000 per year to spin for them, promote the false sighting, and bury the E.FITS!

E.Fits which if handed over to PORTUGUESE POLICE may have gone some way to helping their daughter who they claim was abducted by paedophiles.  They preferred to spend their money on Clarence Mitchell/private detectives/their many teams of lawyers both in UK and Portugal, and not spend MADELEINE’S MONEY (money donated by the public to benefit the child) on MADELEINE!

The McCanns could have used the information supplied by these private detectives to have this case re-opened 5 years ago, they chose not to.

We all must ask -WHY they acted as they did, failing Madeleine, Sean and Amelie?




The McCann private detectives Edgar and Cowley took over from the private detectives Oakley, who were threatened by McCanns with legal action if they spoke out about this hidden information, Edgar and Cowley the new detectives had this to say in the documentary 'Madeleine Was Here'

Private Detective Edgar:


One other hypothesis would be that it was the parents that have done it and it goes without saying that that is looked at and, I’m sure that Kate and Gerry understand, that if we have any evidence Kate and Gerry were involved, we hand it over to the authorities.


Did you find anything?


No nothing, not a shred of evidence that they were involved.


When I had the interview for the job I made it quite clear that I would only take the job if it was an independent investigation and if there was evidence against anybody we give that evidence to police.



The McCann ‘source’ is reported in this latest article as having said that the damning report on the McCanns, Tanner et al by their own private detectives, the Oakley detectives was passed on to Cowley and Edgar, both retired British Police Officers now working as private detectives.

Edgar, until the time the Metropolitan Review got underway remained in the McCanns employ

Cowley though seemed to disappear off the face of the earth much sooner.

Was Cowley not comfortable when discovering that information had been hidden by his employers the McCanns, so left them?

So all of these people McCanns, their detectives HID INFORMATION, E.FITS from the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police also, the two Police forces which were working on this case.


We must remember also that Dr Goncalo Amaral had been removed from the case at this time, else this would have been pursued by him, it was this Smith sighting he was working on when removed from case.  He was clearly getting too close to the truth of matters. 


The McCanns, their holiday companions and all connected to them should hang their heads in shame that they should ALL have participated in such deceit – deceit which may have cost this child her life.   They are despicable individuals, every last one of them!


For their ‘source’ to add to their despicable behaviour using ‘lack of funds’ as their excuse for not following this lead, for burying vital evidence, is simply sickening!

While they waltzed around the world for the past five years – they knew they had hidden the information, information vital to perhaps bringing their daughter home!


There is no excuse for hiding such vital information from Police – and anyone, anyone at all the Lorraine Kelly’s the Joan Burnie’s and all those who have supported this farce, should they utter one word today of support, they are no better than the rest –  they too can add their names to the long list who helped put the nail in this child’s coffin!


What type of people stay silent/bury information when they know a child’s life depends on it being made known?


And they expect us to believe that publicising an E.FIT that might lead to discovering the whereabouts of their missing daughter MIGHT BE DISTRACTING TO THEIR INVESTIGATION?


If they produce an EFit by their holiday companion – that’s not considered by them to be distracting to their investigation.

They produce one by the Smith Family – and that they say would be distracting to their investigation?

Clearly Madeleine's safety, safe return was NOT top of the agenda for the McCann couple – never has been.

Self-protection/reputation management/money is their game and always will be!

No money for Madeleine to produce and circulate an  E.Fit, and they have, how many firms of lawyers working to protect them– Four?  Five?

There are two sides to this report it not only brings us the shocking news of the underhand behaviour of the McCanns and the rather perhaps dubious statements made by Andy Redwood (jury still out on what he is up to) it appears also an attempt at ‘clearing up’ an attempt at putting as nice a slant as they possibly can on all that Redwood knows will come and needs to come out, the murkier stuff about this couple, this case, stuff that needs to be glossed over before they can ‘clear the couple’ so to speak if that is Redwood’s agenda.

Don't forget a 'McCann source' had a hand in this article.

A risky strategy as McCann would say – release some murky stuff, ride the storm of their hiding crucial information, and hope they get away with what is the bigger picture.

There cannot possibly now be anyone left on the planet who cannot see that this case must rate as one of the seediest ever.

Kate and Gerry McCann are in the middle of a libel trial an action which they raised against Dr Goncalo Amaral.  They accuse him of hindering their investigation to discover what became of Madeleine.  His Book, Maddie a Verdade da Mentira (Maddie The Truth of The Lie) they say caused them pain and suffering, hindered finding Madeleine.

Whilst two separate issues, is it not ironic that the persons who have been proven to have hindered the OFFICIAL POLICE INVESTIGATION to discover what happened to their missing daughter, was the child’s parents – Kate and Gerry McCann – who deliberately withheld something which could have saved this child all those years ago, from whatever was her fate!

The parents who are suing Dr Goncalo Amaral, the one person who has never stopped fighting to have this case re-opened.  An honest man who did not fear the truth as the McCanns do.

He did not roll over and settle the libel out of Court as the McCanns wanted.

I doubt there can be anyone now, not anyone at all who is able to believe a word we are told in this case, by this couple and the team who work for them, all of those who are in their employ who have profited from this child's disappearance.   And many have.

There can be no one now, no one who would want to put a penny towards that Fund now that we know they did not use the monies for Madeleine and at a time when such vital information was given to them.

They thought not of Madeleine, they thought only of themselves.

More importantly, how will Sean and Amelie McCann feel to know that their parents, hid information which may have led to the discovery of their missing sister?

How will they feel when they learn that the book 'Madeleine' which is already known to be stuffed with lies, a book which their mother said was written for them so that they would one day have
an account of the truth that the 'account' she wrote for them was far from truthful, that she omitted to include that she had hidden information which could have helped find their missing sister?

How will these children when grown feel to know their mother in essence lied to them?

This case truly stinks!

27th October 2013

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