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Sky News:
6th October 2015

The Twitter Account used to search for Madeleine McCann has been shut down after continuous online abuse.   Her parents, Kate and Gerry, said trolls and abusive posts were hampering the search for their daughter who went missing in Portugal eight years ago.


I asked in my earlier blog of this morning - 'Where's Madeleine'  -

WHAT search has been hampered?

And how has it been hampered?

What evidence have the McCanns produced of such hampering?

There is no private search for Madeleine by the McCanns so how could it be hampered?

Admittedly I have never seen this account that they speak of, so have no understanding of how it creates a search for the child, nor how any search can be hampered.

The Metropolitan Police the police authority in the UK which is investigating this case has not stated anywhere that their search or investigation has been hampered in any way by members of the public.

Indeed, I am pretty sure if it had been that a few collars most definitely would have been felt!

The Portuguese Police
who also have an open investigation regarding the Madeleine McCann case have not reported any hampering of said investigation.

In fact, the only hampering recorded in the case of missing Madeleine McCann which there is any evidence of was of the official police investigation on the Portuguese side of things, during the initial investigation when:

  • Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions put to her by police.   Of course she had the legal right to do so.   But it is rather astonishing that when she claimed her daughter was alive and in the hands of paedophiles, that she would refuse!   TO HAMPER the investigation the search for her missing daughter, utterly astounding.   The police put it to Kate McCann that she was HINDERING the investigation search for her missing daughter.  She didn't care.   If that is what the investigation thinks, was her reply.

  • The Portuguese investigation was further hampered when the buddies of the McCann, Dianne Webster, Fiona Payne, David Payne, Rachael Oldfield, Matthew Oldfield, Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner ALL REFUSED to assist police with their investigations.  Refused to take part in a re-enactment of the events of the night they reported Madeleine as missing.  Each and every one of them 'lawyered up' and accused the Portuguese Police of trying to set them up.   The inconsistencies and lies in their police witness statements arguably their reason for not wishing to assist with the investigation!
  • When Gerry McCann gave the police a statement saying he entered the apartment on the night his daughter vanished by the front door using his key to open it, AND then SEVEN days later telling police an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STORY.    So for SEVEN DAYS the police were working on the basis of McCanns FIRST account/version.    WHY DID IT TAKE HIM SEVEN DAYS TO CHANGE HIS TALE?   By all accounts this HAMPERED THE POLICE INVESTIGATION.    Like his wife Kate, they didn't seem too bothered about assisting police.   Makes one wonder how much they cared about Madeleine's safe return.  How much they cared about her being tortured by paedophiles.   Makes one wonder how much their buddies cared about the torture and abuse the child was suffering when they ALL decided to HAMPER A POLICE INVESTIGATION?

Funnily enough, the McCanns made this same accusation against Dr Amaral, that his book was hampering their investigation, that it had caused people to stop looking for Madeleine.   The very same accusation they made in press yesterday of others.

The Court, the Judge THREW IT OUT!

The McCanns could not produce any evidence whatsoever that this was indeed the case.

If they couldn't come up with it for the Judge then they sure in hell didn't come up with any evidence of hampering of their search (what search?) for Sky News.

One has to ask - Does Sky never ask for evidence before they set about making claims on behalf of the McCanns?

It is a year since their attack on Ms Leyland.

McCanns never do anything without prior planning, and this, just as in other unsavoury stunts they have pulled smacks of something more to come!

In the HAMPERING LEAGUE, perhaps the most gross act of hindrance was Kate and Gerry McCann not presenting to the public the E.Fits of the now main suspect in the Metropolitan Police Investigation.

Gerry McCann said on Crimewatch 2013 that these E.Fits were MADELEINE'S BEST CHANCE of being found, the perpetrators of crimes against her being caught.

Gerry and Kate McCann had these E.Fits in their possession for years and did not make them public.

So how is it, that he could then sit on Crimewatch and declare that they were Madeleine's best chance of being found?

That, like EVERY OTHER STORY the McCanns have told, STINKS!

Keeping those E.Fits under wraps, gotta be the worst case of hampering the investigation to-date in the missing Madeleine case!

Whatever was the deal with the McCanns and good old DCI Redwood of the Met at that time is anyone's guess, but there has to have been some sort of 'agreement' for McCann to sit there and make such a statement when he knew he had withheld these E.Fits from public, HINDERED MADELEINE'S CHANCES OF BEING FOUND.


And part of that agreement must have been that DCI Redwood would just FORGET during this Crimewatch production to bring this information to the attention of the viewers.

Now, so many lies in the McCann case, so many cover ups, that even the story as told by Redwood regarding these E.Fits may not be true.

But that is what is so awful about this case, is that around every corner is another lie, another deception.

Madeleine McCann won't ever be found, not when so much and so many preventing that from happening, and it's not some silly person who has left whatever is the comments on their McCann Twit account that is responsible for that.

And no one but no one FORCES the McCanns to do anything.   If they closed that account, they had another reason, and it was not a few comments by whomever they claim that caused them to.

This case has for sure brought out the best and worst in humankind, and Kate McCann is the worst I have seen or heard of.  She is a foul mouthed lady, filled with hate for others, and has no qualms about destroying anyone in her path, making their lives and that of their children if need be, a misery too.  No qualms about leaving a family destitute.  Gerry McCann likewise.

So when I hear of nasty comments on these twit accounts, Kate McCann comes to mind.  With her track record, the descriptions we hear of persons being described in derogatory terms, she comes to mind, she fits the bill.

When I hear of their whinging and whining about someone having said something which they do not like one has to question the behaviour and conduct of the McCanns themselves.

Yes we know Gerry McCann would like to control the world, control every word that people utter, but there are good bad and many in between in this world. That's life!

It is not for the McCanns to decide who gets to have an opinion and who voices it.

We do not see headlines, Sky News reports about the appalling conduct of the McCanns nor do we see or hear of any of facts of this case.

McCanns and Mitchell have put out there so very many ridiculous stories, untruths, about sightings and much more for the past 8 years.   None of which helping find Madeleine.  In fact HINDERING any real investigation by their nonsense.

Sky/Mitchell didn't put together this latest flurry of stories/news report for no reason, and certainly not because someone put comments of whatever nature on a twitter account.  It will all become clear soon I would imagine.

The date of the Appeal I believe is not the 7th October 2015.  An error here in reporting somewhere along the line.

But who is to say that if there is no confirmation of an actual date that it is not this week, unless someone can confirm differently.

I'm kinda guessin' the McCanns may in fact know when it will be, just as they somehow got to know of the original verdict before anyone even considered informing Dr Amaral his lawyer.

A Sky Report on behalf of the McCanns tells me that they have gotten a whiff of something and it tells me also something is rotten in the State of Denmark!

I'm guessing too the fund for Dr Amaral will have them furious for a very long time, seeing such sums being donated, when (I'm guessing again) they are not receiving anywhere close to this, and for money minded people, must be driving them mad!
6th October 2015

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