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Smelly Man

Smelly Man

Does the Smelly Man who the Metropolitan Police have thrown into the mix, fit the description of the E. Fits issued by the Metropolitan Police?

That is the e E.Fits produced by the McCann private detectives (which were kept under wraps by the McCann for a number of years, and which only came to light during the Met investigation, and which must surely have hindered Madeleine's chances of being found if alive, or the whereabouts of her remains being discovered, what happened to her on that night made known.   Astonishing that her parents would have done this, kept from the police the public such crucial information, especially so when they continued to ask the public to donate monies to their Fund to find her, knowing they were sitting on this information.   How can anyone trust in them now such a gross and blatant abuse of the trust those who donated had in them, that they would do ALL in their power to help Madeleine)  the description allowing them to produce said E. Fits provided by eye witnesses in this case, one being, a Mr Martin Smith, who stated that when walking home with his family on the night Madeleine vanished, he saw a man carrying a little girl who fitted Madeleine's description. The man he said he believed was Gerry McCann.

So again I ask - Does 'Smelly Man' look anything at all like either Gerry McCann or the E. Fit which was put together using the details given by the eye witness who said he believed the man he saw carrying the child on the night Madeleine was reported as missing to be Gerry McCann?

The eye witness may be wrong, but that still does not rule out that at the time Andy Redwood is now saying Madeleine was taken from the apartment in Portugal, a man resembling Gerry McCann was seen carrying a child resembling Madeleine by the eye witness Mr Martin Smith and his family?   Mr Smith's daughter, describing the trousers the man was wearing as being identical to a pair owned by Gerry McCann - the same style/colour of pants with buttons down the side.

Smelly man is a dark skinned man with a paunch a beer belly, stinking of the smell of cigarettes and body odour - cheap aftershave.   That definitely does not match the description given by the eye witness who claims the man he saw he believes to be Gerry McCann.

Smelly man's M.O. is not of someone who kills or kidnaps kids. 

So who of the possible suspects, is most likely to have taken Madeleine from apartment 5A?

(a) The man seen at the time DCI Redwood said she was taken, that is the man fitting Gerry McCanns description, dressed in trousers matching a pair Gerry McCann owns and had with him on vacation in Portugal, walking through the streets of Praia da Luz?


(b) A dark skinned smelly man who wears a dirty dark coloured top, or sometimes goes bare chested?   A man whose fat beer belly he would not have managed to squeeze through that open window in the McCann bedroom, the window  which Kate McCann  is suspected  of opening to stage the scene of abduction.  
  man who thus far has managed to enter holiday homes without any sign of forced entry?   A man who could do this - would have been able to do so also at the McCann apartment, they left it open !   He would not need to open a window and try to squeeze himself either in or out out through said opening, and carrying a child.  A man who carries out his crimes alone, no accomplice.  A man who has never abducted a child nor killed one?

This plump, porky paedophile did not abduct Madeleine McCann.  He would have to have been on the Abductor Diet - before even contemplating that window!

I can just see him now, weighing it up outside the window of the McCann apartment, a 'daddy or chips' moment - Asking himself,  'A  cream bun or a Ryvita?    He definitely  isn't sporting the body of a guy who lives on a diet of fresh fish and vegetables -  sea bass, sardines!

Andy Redwood and his team of Metropolitan Police Detectives should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves to come up yet again with more nonsense!

And I see Pinky, Gerry McCanns newest best friend, popped up too yesterday.  What a vile excuse for a man.  

I wonder how much his latest performance cost the Madeleine Fund?

I think Pinky may fear there won't be enough in the pot to pay him if McCanns don't win that libel trial an action they raised agains Dr Amaral - a trial where the McCann witnesses bungled big time, and would you believe told untruths also?

Lies are the common thread in this case!

And in case anyone is left in any doubt about the intentions of the Metropolitan Police, and the ability, competence and integrity of DCI Redwood:

Daily Mirror

By David Collins | Mar 19, 2014 22:25

Mr Redwood added:

"While I accept there are
differences between the break-ins and the McCann case, there is no abduction that we can see, but the assumption from that is that Madeleine McCann has been abducted."

DCI Redwood speaks of 'differences'  Well yeah this guy doesn't abduct children, or kill them, being the main one!  And he doesn't have to 'break-in' as in force his way in, he does so without having to.

And the biggie, this guy doesn't fit the description of the guy seen carrying the child who looked like Madeleine!

Be honest now, would you be comfortable if this guy, Redwood was tasked with finding your missing child?  

Only if you didn't want the child found!

Redwood we can see is still insisting Madeleine McCann was taken by a stranger!   He just hasn't been able to prove abduction, let alone state abduction by a stranger or otherwise!

How Redwood is going to reconcile his latest nonsense with the stories told by Kate and Gerry McCann and their holiday companions as being what happened on the night the child was reported as missing, and all documented in the police files, and the lies in Kate McCanns book, her diary, their many T.V interviews?

The man will need to be a magician, make a whole lot of stuff disappear.

Give the guy the credit he is due though - he's having a darn good bash at doing exactly that!

And what he cannot make disappear he is ignoring!

Will Andy Redwood tell the public what is the Metropolitan Police position regarding the sighting by Mr Martin Smith, who saw a man who resembled Gerry McCann, carrying a child who resembled Madeleine?

Who does HE think this man is?   Clearly not another father taking home his child on that night from the creche.   Creche records would clarify that in an instant!

And if this wasn't Madeleine, how many kids who looked exactly like her, is he asking us to believe were being carted around that night in their pyjamas - and all by their fathers?   

£m's have been thrown at this case donated to the McCann Fund, and the UK taxpayer footing the bill to the tune of £m's for the current investigation.   Between the two, neither party has come up with anything credible.  

The only credible evidence is to be found in the Portuguese Police files which can be accessed online.

The failure of both the McCann Fund and the Metropolitan Police to further this investigation brings us back to Dr Goncalo Amaral his thoughts that is, that the McCanns and their holiday companions must re-visit that night, to reconcile events, the statements they made.

It is not money that is going to solve this case.   Giving money to the McCanns we can see has done nothing for this missing child. It is their full co-operation in taking part in reconciling of events.

All of this talk about missing pieces of a puzzle - when they themselves hold the answers.

Sadly for Madeleine, not a one of them is prepared to board a plane bound for Portugal to go through their movements of that night, not prepared to bring to the party, the piece of the puzzle that they claim will find Madeleine.

(See 'Refusal Blogs' above)
20th March 2014

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