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Some Sort Resolution

Some Sort of Resolution


Poor little Madeleine McCann!


If we are to believe recent reports, one would have to conclude there is a bit of a boxing match going on.   NOT between the Portuguese Police and the Metropolitan Police, but ‘in house fighting’ amongst the Metropolitan Police Officers who either, are or were involved in the Review of this case - a ‘three rounder,’ each round of one year duration.


We join the bout now ‘two thirds in’ at the beginning of Year 3, Round 3


In the Yellow Corner - We have Heavy Weight Met Officer Andy Redwood with his ‘38 people of interest’   (well not really, he has still to round them up)


In (the other) Yellow Corner - Recently Retired Light Weight Met Officer Hamish Campbell with his dastardly bunch of ‘20 potential suspects’ (Like Redwood, he has still to round them up)

Sounds like the Met need to call in Rowdy Yates…


Cut ‘em out, Ride ‘em in, Ride ‘em in, cut ‘em, Move ‘em on, Head ‘em up, Call ‘em out… Redwood! 

But who will triumph in this mis-matched bout?  Who should we believe?

Redwood who believes there is a possibility Madeleine may be alive (living where and with whom?) or Homicide Hamish who deals in what his label tells us?

Will Redwood’s 38 people of interest come up trumps and ‘finger,’ lead him to the culprits, those who committed crimes against Madeleine - other than the crime of abandonment under Portuguese Law which all three McCann children were the victims – their parents the persons responsible on that count!  And not forgetting Redwood’s ‘genuinely’ really, honestly genuinely genuine evidence which he considers to be ‘new’ genuine evidence (as opposed to what, old genuine evidence?)  Genuinely, Redwood, genuinely means it’s genuine and new.  Genuinely he does.  The ‘38’ new bright and shiny genuine persons (he found where?) he has genuinely attributed and attached his ‘new’ genuine evidence to their names, but he GENUINELY has not a clue, no guarantee that they are able to assist the investigation, let alone has he any evidence that they are persons who played any part in Madeleine’s disappearance…his genuinely new thinking’ genuinely new theories, genuinely new witnesses, (still to be tracked down) and his genuinely new evidence he has yet to uncover and put to the test!




Will Homicide Hamish’  Horrible bunch of 20 suspects, the old lot who he found still lurking in the files – will they come clean and either admit to crimes against Madeleine, disclose where is her body, will they alter their original statements whatever they might be, or are they like the 38 not really suspects at all?  


Homicide Hamish is/was definitely not looking for a living breathing Madeleine!  Martin Brunt put us clear on that, saying Hamish doesn’t usually make such statements, unless…

These two Met officers are not singing from same hymn sheet!

Like the McCann police witness statements, press releases, by these two Met Officers’ are so full of inconsistencies and discrepancies that they do a disservice to the memory of this little girl, to any chance of what happened to her being discovered and made known.


But to the Redwood 38 (which one would have to assume includes the Hamish’ 20) The Met/Redwood are reported in the press as having said:


1. They need to find out more information and collect evidence on them and are NOT anticipating any immediate arrests.

2. They are "at an advanced stage of dialogue" with the other countries involved, and enquiries would be continuing with their assistance in the months ahead "to establish more information about the individuals concerned and any potential involvement".

3. The enquiries that we seek to undertake will be... will be to understand more about what role, if any, they played in Madeleine's disappearance. 

And Redwood added:

“Well everything we are doing is focused towards trying to find Madeline McCann uhm and there are no guarantees of any outcome.  But I can assure you of our absolute determination to try and establish what has happened to her.”


So really the Met have, according to the reports, absolutely nothing to go on!  NO solid information of any value on these people and NO evidence either, with NO arrests anticipated any time in the near future, and as Redwood tells us, still at this point in time they have NOT as yet established what happened to Madeleine!  


They still need to find and collect evidence!

One can therefore understand fully why the Portuguese authorities cannot re-open the case when there is clearly NO credible evidence being offered by the Metropolitan Police which allows them to do so!

The question we must then ask is – WHY the hullabaloo of this past few weeks and in particular the past few days?

Why would the Met have played this game, which commenced a few weeks ago, the drip, drip effect leaking, feeding the press bits and pieces of information- Information which Gerry McCann announced during the Lorraine Kelly interview would be coming soon, informing the public that the Met would be asking for public assistance when they were ready?

The Met however, did not ask for public assistance, and why would they need to if they know who the 38 are and where they are located?


If the Met do not want any investigation, inquiries compromised by media reporting why have they gone all out to announce what they have?  It makes little sense.


Some press reporters are stating that ‘detectives’ say Kate and Gerry McCann and their companions, and other persons known to them before heading out to holiday in Portugal, are not people they need to investigate.


An odd comment to make – McCanns must, like most people know an awful lot of people.  A comment though which brings to mind Robert Murat.  Was not McCann asked if Mr Murat was someone he had known since before the time Madeleine vanished, McCann, not confirming either way?

So who dreamed up that little tidbit, and decided to feed it to press?  And if it does in fact come from a Met officer, who were the Met referring to, as it has to be someone specific?

Another question we must ask is - These two officers Redwood and Campbell, both worked the same Review – yet we have one officer claiming 20 suspects from ‘old.’  Names he got from the files, and another officer, only 2 weeks later claiming to have 38 ‘genuinely new’ persons of interest, leads and theories.   How does that happen?

Last year the Met claimed too, to have 195 leads – nothing came of them either that we know of!

On the surface, the Met Review appears to be a bit of a shambles, officers giving officially and leaking also, information which is contradictory.

Information, being leaked by them over the past weeks, ahead of the official press conference by Redwood in what surely at this stage must be considered a sensitive investigation a crucial point if they have called in CPS?   And Gerry McCann too ahead of this official announcement speaking of what was to come.  Appears none of this was a surprise to McCann.

Rather than judge on what the press have printed as most of it is not direct quotes and cannot be attributed to a specific person, it is simply various reporters putting together a story by cherry picking the parts they want us to read and adding some trimmings of their own design.

Perhaps best look at what Redwood actually said:


Sky Reporter:

What has the Metropolitan Police decided to do in relation to the Madeleine McCann case?


Well in relation to the two year’s work that we have undertaken we have decided to move from Review to uhm Investigation.


And why have you decided to do that?


Well we in consultation with our Portuguese colleagues are absolutely committed, absolutely committed, committed to finding out what happened to Madeleine McCann, and we have been in a unique position over the last 2 years in drawing together 3 strands, Portuguese, UK and private investigators material, and from that a van…a vast quality (quantity ?) of material has been analysed, and we have identified 38 persons of interest, and within that, 12 who are UK nationals, and it is from that position that we have been able to move from review to investigation.



So what does this mean practically in terms of the search for Madeleine McCann, what happens now?


Well what it means practically is that we will be shortly serving to the Portuguese authorities following a judicial route uhm formal request for evidence to be gathered.


What can you tell us about people that you have found who are of interest, the numbers, where they are from, and what you intend to do?



Yes, well those 38 people in total are from a number of European countries and obviously the inquiries that we seek to undertake will be, will be to understand more about what role, if any, they played in Madeleine’s disappearance.  What I should say though over the last two years the Review has told me that there is no clear definitive proof that Madeleine McCann is dead.  And so on that basis I still genuinely believe that there is a possibility that she is alive.  And so I would ask the public to continue to look for her.


(Redwood then gives directions to Metropolitan Police Website and Crime Stoppers contact details etc)



You are confident that you can try and find her alive?



Well everything we are doing is focused towards trying to find Madeleine McCann uhm and there are no guarantees of any outcome.  But I can assure you of our absolute determination to try and establish what has happened to her.



What about the McCann family they’ve been involved have they?



Madeleine McCanns parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have been in close collaboration with us from the beginning, and I meet with them regularly and they are fully updated as to where we are in terms of our Review and now Investigation.



In terms of those suspects who are of interest, some of them are abroad and some of them are in the UK can you can just talk to…what…who those suspects are where they are?




Well I WOULDN’T use the word  SUSPECTS they are persons of interest and they are a mixture of persons from a number of places in  Europe, and what I wouldn’t want to do today is to go into any great detail about that other than to assure you that we are working diligently to find out more about these individuals.



What has changed have you had new evidence, new information, what has changed to lead you to open this investigation.



Well as we have worked carefully over the last sort of two years through that review process, we have now processed some 30,000 documents and some of those documents could have say one page some have got hundreds of pages.  From that you will recall last year that I said we had 195 investigative opportunities.  We have now generated over 3,800 actions and it is from a careful analysis of that work that we have been able to establish new thinking and we have spoken to witnesses who have provided new evidence for us.


And the Portuguese are being helpful in this investigation being led by the British police?




Yes we have visited Portugal on 16 occasions the Portuguese have worked with us we have always been welcome guests and we are working carefully and closely together now in order to progress this case.


Some people…some people, suggested quite cruelly at the time that the McCann parents might be in some way involved with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, what can you say about the involvement of Madeleine McCanns parents in anything to do with her disappearance.




Neither, her parents or any of the members of the group who were with them are either persons of interest or suspects.


Because obviously there were some rumours at the time, but you are quite categorical in that.



They are not persons of interest or suspects they are parents who have lost their daughter and we are doing all that we can to bring resolution for them to find out what has happened to Madeleine.


How big is the team that is involved and where do you go from here?




My team consists of 37 staff that is a mixture, predominantly of police officers but also police staff as well.  The size of my team will stay largely the same and moving forward from here we will hopefully have a position where whilst the legal inquiries are being conducted by the Portuguese that we have the ability to be present while those inquiries are  taking place.  So I envisage a situation where a small number of officers will be present in Portugal.


And obviously there has been many years since this case are you still confident you can discover what happened to Madeleine.



We have been in a unique position in drawing those three key strands together, that has given us the ability to see this case with fresh eyes and through that bring out new, genuinely new lines of inquiry and I am hopeful that when we pursue those lines of inquiry we will be able to bring some sort of resolution - whether we will be able to solve it… is a different issue…but I hope that we will have ability to move the investigation on.





So, what has Redwood really said?

That the McCanns and their companions are not suspects or persons of interest.

·        That the 38 he would not refer to as suspects either but as ‘persons of interest.’

·        That he has no evidence against the 38

·        That he still has to investigate them

·        Still has to track them down

·        Some are in UK, some abroad

·        That they, one, all some may not have played any role whatsoever in the disappearance of Madeleine. He doesn’t know if they have/have not.

·        That there is a possibility that Madeleine may be alive as he has not found in the files any clear definitive proof telling him otherwise.

·        That he and his team do not know what happened to Madeleine but are focussing on trying to discover what did happen.

·        That he has no guarantees about finding Madeleine
·        That he is hopeful that he may be able to bring some sort of resolution?

·        But not so hopeful at all of solving the case…that being a “different issue” he said?

·        That he cannot charge in to Portugal and start investigating anyone.

That he is relying on, and envisaging being able to sit in on any interviews/inquiries which may take place be conducted in Portugal by Portuguese authorities.

·       It will take months to interview the 38 he has already identified!

·       There will be no immediate arrests.  (How can there be when the persons concerned they have no evidence against, and have yet to interview them?)

·      He has new genuine witnesses.

·        He has new thinking

·        He has new theories

·        He has new evidence (?)  (yet appears to hold little hope of solving case?)

·        He hopes to have the ability to move the case on.


Not exactly the most encouraging of news! 

One can understand the rather lacklustre reaction to it by Gerry and Kate McCann and as brought to us by a faded pink Clarence Mitchell – ‘Kate and Gerry McCann warmly welcome the news.’ 

I would like to believe what is being said.  Like everyone else wish nothing more than for Madeleine to be found alive, the culprits who committed the crimes against her caught charged and convicted.

But how can one believe anything that is said when so much remains ‘outstanding’ by way of truth and explanation by the McCann group as to their actions and content of their police witness statements?

When the statements they gave to Portuguese Police and the statements their companions gave to the Leicestershire Police are pretty damning.

When the evidence in the files points to Madeleine not being abducted not being alive?

The Met have not demonstrated that the findings of the Portuguese Police investigation are wrong – Because thus far they are not able to, and may never be able to prove them wrong, Redwood has confirmed that much.

He may never find Madeleine he has no guarantees and he may not solve the case as that is a different issue from coming up with some sort of resolution, said he!

I’ll say it is!

Without solving the case what ‘sort of’ resolution might he be thinking of?

Bandying a few theories around, suggesting this or that might have happened, with any theory/suggestion not to include the McCanns, and their companions?   In doing so, ‘moving the case on?’

If he doesn’t solve it – how can he ‘move it on’ as he has stated?  Is moving it on, merely a way of saying, brushing it under the carpet? He announces the McCanns and their friends are not suspects, doesn’t otherwise solve the case, no one is prosecuted, Madeleine isn’t found, whatever happened to her not discovered, so let’s move the case along..?

And what of the McCanns this couple who tell us they will never stop looking for their daughter, tell us that the Portuguese Police were inept – how do they feel about Redwood not showing more enthusiasm, about having the ability to solve the case, but merely hoping to come up with some sort of resolution?  Are they happy to accept ‘some sort’ of resolution, if it keeps them in the clear?

It is odd that Redwood is speaking of not solving but finding an acceptable resolution?

Most police find that they are able to solve a case backed with evidence sufficient to bring charges, or solve it, but never quite acquire enough evidence to ensure prosecution, conviction of the guilty party.  But it is in a manner of speaking, solved!

Not really heard of any not solving a case but reaching ‘some sort’ of a resolution? 

As Redwood said – they have NO EVIDENCE against the 38 people he spoke of in the press.

He said they are NOT suspects, but persons of interest.

That is a huge number of persons, and he knows, just as we know – that they are nowhere close to being considered official suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance.  

And why are the Met happy to state that these persons are from five different countries, Portugal, UK but fail to name the other three?

And when have we ever heard of a police officer feeling the need to stress that any leads, witnesses, new or otherwise – are genuine?

Sounds to me as though he felt that if not emphasised, he would not be believed…    I wonder why? 

Perhaps due to 38 seeming too great a number – 20 was stretching the imagination – Thirty eight is beyond belief!

(Of course he is not saying they will all (if any) have played a part in Madeleine’s disappearance, but still a huge number of people (whether these people have links to one another or not) and it would be ridiculous to think that the Portuguese Police did not fully investigate such large numbers, make any connection if there was one to be made, after all, they are in the Portuguese Police files which quite obviously means the Portuguese did investigate these persons.   Further investigation obviously welcome if warranted, that is what the purpose of a Review, but the persons are not then ‘new’  The 30,000 documents Redwood spoke of put together by the Portuguese Investigation, which tells us too that the Portuguese must have conducted a pretty thorough investigation to have gathered such a vast volume of information.)

Perhaps because he knows that it will appear to the public that he has “overlooked” the statements given by the McCann party which without question require thorough investigation, robust action to discover why they did not tell the truth in their statements and misled the Portuguese Police Investigation.

What kind of police force would not get to the bottom of this – as to why key witnesses did hinder an investigation into the disappearance of a little girl, reducing her chances of being found, reducing the chances of the perpetrators being caught?

Whatever the reason for this recent activity and whatever it is the Met hope to achieve by drip feeding the press with this latest is anyone’s guess.  One understands and appreciates the need for the police to not want to divulge too much so as not to effect any future investigation, be detrimental to any case the police are trying to build, so to release what they have regarding the 38 and the countries of their whereabouts for sure cannot be of any help to them to their Review/Investigation.  Or perhaps it can, depending on the purpose behind it..?

The only obvious people at this point who can gain by such stories in the press are the McCanns and their companions…and the only people who can gain by ‘some sort of resolution’ are the McCanns and their holiday companions!

Other than announcing that the Review is now becoming an Investigation, an investigation which Redwood and his team absolutely have to rely on the Portuguese, as the Metropolitan Police have no jurisdiction in Portugal, they cannot march in in their jack boots and take over…he has told us little, no more than he did one year ago.

He referred the public to the Met website as any police officer would do when a case has not reached conclusion, is a cold case.  He asked also that the public keep looking for the child.   That too is the norm, so nothing new or extraordinary here.

What is extraordinary is that he did not tell us how the Metropolitan Police came to the conclusion that Gerry and Kate McCann and their companions are not suspects in the disappearance of their daughter.

I don’t imagine that anyone suspects them of murdering the child, absolutely not, but their witness statements, by their own words and admissions, clearly point to them not having been truthful in their accounts of the night Madeleine vanished.  And no matter what the Metropolitan Police are saying now – they, like any police authority around the world, must know that there has to be a reason why the group collaborated and came up with the story which they did, which without question is not only, not credible, but clearly untruthful.

Their elaborate but full of holes tale, was not to cover for the serious neglect by each and every one of the adults in their group, of all the children in the group, as quite obviously, their story still left them wide open to the justifiable criticism and condemnation of their cruelty towards these children, the complete and utter lack of care and protection of these children - so WHY did they come up with the story they did?  There has to be a reason for this, for them to have put themselves in such a position - lying to the Law!

The Metropolitan Police too, despite Redwood’s recent announcements, must know absolutely that the Portuguese Police are not wrong in their ‘thinking’ on this case.

Redwood has been very careful not to outright dismiss the findings of the Portuguese but if we are to accept what he is saying, then it follows that we must accept the Portuguese got it wrong.

But did they? 

There is information in those police files, the published files, which clearly and definitively demonstrates that there was and IS very good reason for the Portuguese and any other investigating force to suspect that the McCanns and their companions whilst not having perhaps directly harmed this child, but to suspect that they do know very much more about the events of that evening than they have disclosed, and did for whatever reason concoct the tale which they did which without question hindered the Portuguese Police Investigation into the disappearance of this child.

The Metropolitan Police like the Portuguese Police are not fools, and neither, I suspect is Andy Redwood – So what is really going on here?

Homicide Hamish has bowed out of this bout – Is Redwood going to just lay there crashed out on the canvas, until he too is ‘counted out’ or will he come out of his corner fighting, and genuinely so for Madeleine? 

Unless this latest from him is some sort of ploy to smoke out the real culprits…put them on the ropes, then Madeleine is the loser…her parents and the companions the only winners…

For the Metropolitan Police to convince anyone of the innocence of the McCanns and their companions in any direct or indirect involvement in the harm caused to Madeleine, her disappearance they would have to explain how they reached the conclusion, 2/3 of the way through their review of the Portuguese Police Files how they-

 ·        Reconciled the police witness statements given to Portuguese Police by the McCanns and their companions.

Reconciled the rogatory interview statements as given to Leicestershire Police by the McCann holiday companions (where the McCanns were permitted to pose questions to be asked of the group, and where the group in some instances were allowed to read statements given previously by other members of the group to refresh their memories as to events of the night Madeleine vanished)

Reconciled all of the statements given by the group to match the documentary made by the McCann couple which was aired on tv around the world.

Explain the differences in their accounts of that evening, and explain why Gerry and Kate McCann have given several different accounts as to whether the apartment was un/locked and different accounts as to which doors they exited and entered the apartment.


Until the Metropolitan Police can give full explanation as to this, few will believe anything they now come up with.

They absolutely have to demonstrate for the public and give full account as to how they managed to reconcile all of the above and much more, which they would have to have done, to have enabled them to say with certainty that the McCanns and their companions are not suspects.

This case has still a long way to run...perhaps some Redwood twists and turns along the way still to for sure he knows, just as the Portuguese Police do, that those police witness statements by the McCann party don't add up...
8th July 2013

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