Lying in the Sun

Splitting Hairs

Splitting Hairs

We all know, those who have, and still follow the tragic case of missing Madeleine McCann, that so many lies have been told in this regard, so many stories printed in the press which are far from accurate, far from being truthful, and we all know, only too well that as a major part of the McCann agenda, many of these stories were created by none other than the highly paid McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, his fee paid from the fund set up to search for the missing child, and to which the public so generously donated, £hundreds thousands, if not £m's for that very purpose - to search (whatever 'search' means in the world of McCann and Mitchell) 

Some Mitchell Spin

Safe to say that the public gave willingly, but not so safe to say that they ever thought, for a moment that their donations would have been used in the way in which they have - to line the pockets of a lowlife such as Clarence Mitchell, and all of the other hangers-on who the McCanns chose to have in their employ.  

And of course there is the now only too familiar legal actions they, the McCanns have instigated, and in several instances, lost - which too of course, the press never report anywhere close to accurately. They cherry pick, always mindful to not print the truth of the case of missing Madeleine/any of the legal actions instigated by McCanns, or indeed the truth about the McCanns, and their holiday buddies, the very persons who claim to have been monitoring the McCann kids whilst on that fateful vacation. The very persons who made claims that they had a checking system in place.

It has always been easy for them to print untruths about Dr Goncalo Amaral, the now retired Portuguese detective whom Kate McCann stated she hoped would suffer pain, hoped that he would feel fear, misery, hoped that he would suffer. The man that she and husband Gerry set out to destroy, set out to cause this man, his children, the mother of his children great harm. 

Indeed, so very easy for the press to print false statements regarding this man.

The Daily Express did exactly that -  accused Dr Amaral of having lied.

Dr Goncalo Amaral had not lied, but hell what did that matter to the Express, to destroy this man's good name.

The Express LIE about Dr Amaral was printed on their front page.

Very recently the Express printed a retraction, but they did not have the decency to make it front page news.  Unlike their lie regarding Dr Amaral - they buried their retraction on page 21!

It read as follows:

Amplifications & Clarifications
Goncalo Amaral:
On 29th April 2015 we
published a headline on the
front page which said:
'Maddy: Detective did lie
about death cover-up claim.'
We would like to make clear
that there was no determination by the
Portuguese Court that Mr Amaral lied.

The piece continued by stating that the Court had ruled that the McCanns right to reputation had been breached and that Dr Amaral had been ordered to pay them damages.

It is to be noted that the Court also ruled against the McCanns on many of the counts.  One in particular, their claim that the book by Dr Amaral had caused damage to their search for Madeleine, that it had caused the public to stop looking for her.

Let's face it, how could the Judge not rule in the way she did, in this regard.  McCanns could produce no evidence whatsoever to support their claims, in not only this regard, but on most other of the counts.

But back to the Daily Express.  

Why did they decide to publish a retraction of the lie they had printed about Dr Amaral?

Well that was down to a guy by the name of Tony Bennett.  A guy who it seems is loved and loathed in equal measure by those following the Madeleine case.

It seems also, but for a few malcontents, that in this instance, both camps are in agreement that he, Tony Bennett, did a good thing.  He did after all, that which no one else had - challenged the false statement about Dr Amaral printed in the Daily Express.

Of course it would have been wonderful if the Express had made their retraction a front page headline, no question, that it would have been.

Of course it would have been wonderful if they had included 'sorry' in their text.

The fact that the Express, did not, does not, take from, lessen in any way the efforts and achievement brought about by the actions of Tony Bennett.

That, a few malcontents choose to split hairs - as to whether this retraction of a FALSE STATEMENT should be referred to simply as a 
correction of the lie by the Daily Express, or considered also as an apology by the Daily Express, is petty beyond belief.

That some, these malcontents, further suggest that this guy Bennett did not have the guts to hold out for a front page apology is staggering!   

To get a retraction of a false statement made, was amazing.

There was no guarantee that to pursue further would have resulted in a front page apology, a judgement call I would imagine which was given much thought and consideration.

Whether in the Bennett love or loathe camp, all appreciate and have the good grace to acknowledge when someone has done good, all that is, but the few aforementioned types who clearly have an axe to grind, the types who, if a full front page apology had been the outcome, would still have found reason to not acknowledge, not give credit where credit is due.  

As to how Dr Amaral feels about this retraction?  One would imagine, that he would be delighted with such an outcome.  An outcome, which may assist him, if in the future he decides to take legal action against the Express, and or others!

Those who are unwilling to acknowledge the achievement of Tony Bennett, those who choose to be mean spirited of his efforts, it comes as no surprise that these very same persons, also speculate as to how Dr Amaral feels about the matter, speculating that his feelings would be negative, as negative as theirs!

They reach this conclusion based on Dr Amaral having made no public statement!

If, there is one thing we should all have learned, through following this case, it is that Dr Amaral does not make public comment on every 'Maddy story' which pops up in the UK press, no matter what the issue/content.   

His silence in this matter, or any other, is no indication of his thoughts or feelings on the subject.

Dr Amaral we should all have come to know, keeps a dignified silence.

And to those who have made comment that Tony Bennett had not the guts to pursue this situation through to a front page apology from Express,  I believe now, as we begin this year 2016, that it is a perfect time to reply, and remind them, of a story that was promised back in 2014, and through lack of guts, or lack of a story, whichever the case may be, remains UNTOLD!

If someone, other than Tony Bennett, had been the one to achieve what he did, no matter whether the part he played was little or large, he instigated it, these very same persons would hail such other person.

How difficult it is for some to put their personal feelings aside and give credit where credit is due.  They'd rather be petty, split hairs - an apology or a correction?

Tomayto/Tomahto - Express acknowledged wrong doing against Dr Goncalo Amaral.  Admitted they made a false statement against the man!

That is a FIRST in the UK press. 

I hope such an acknowledgement helps Dr Amaral in some way, in a way or ways that only he knows may be or already has or have been beneficial to him.

One thing for sure, such an acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the Express cannot have been harmful to Dr Amaral!

I continue to wish the very best for Dr Amaral, his children, the mother of his children, his friends and wider family.

I hope 2016 brings him the happiness and peace he so very much deserves.
3rd January 2016

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