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Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference


Kate McCann - ‘Madeleine’


"I had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean, as hard and as fast as I could; to swim and swim and swim until I was so far out and so exhausted I could just allow the water to pull me under and relieve me of this torment,"


 "I wasn't keeping that desire to myself, either. I was shouting it out to anyone who happened to be in the room.


Both this urge and the expression of it were, I suppose, an outlet for the crucifying anguish."




Kate McCann – ‘Madeleine’



"I've always been considered quite a gentle person but these attacks stirred up terrible emotions in me. It was as if my whole body was trying to scream but a tightly screwed-on lid was preventing the scream from escaping.

Instead I was just howling internally.


My punch bag certainly came in handy at times.


Amaral's documentary was the last straw. On 20 April we took the decision with Isabel Duarte to sue him.


While she did the preparatory work, we were off to the States again – to appear on Oprah Winfrey's talk show."




Swimming across I wonder?

Such was her despair at the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral that she hopped on a plane to see Oprah!

How much was Oprah paying for this interview? What is the usual McCann asking price $1m?


As in all good Kate McCann stories she gives us at least two accounts to choose from.


In this one, she was either:


a)         Shouting out to anyone who would listen?

b)         Howling internally?


And we have the non-psychologist Pike, telling us of the non-suicidal thoughts, and of how he thought HE alone was privy to them.


There was Kate, telling anyone in the room who would listen, that she was planning on taking a dip and poor old Pikey was clueless!

Back to psychology school for you Pikey old boy!

Fooled by Kate McCann!

Well it's either that or, Pikey was telling Porkies!


Poor fellow is going to require the services of a psychologist himself before this trial ends!


Where is Gerry now?  Where was Gerry then?


Clearly not in the room when Kate was howling! 


That recent dip, hop skip, jump and run Gerry took…He wasn’t…No…He couldn’t have been…escaping..?  

A sequel - The Great Escape 2 - Gerry runs to the hills from the howls!

22nd September 2013

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