Lying in the Sun

Stand and Deliver

 Stand and Deliver… 

                                Your money or your life…



Was the cry from the McCanns own personal highway robber - none other than Madame Isabel Duarte…at the Court in Lisbon yesterday…


We know the McCanns want money, your money, my money in fact they’ll take money from any source it would seem…they just want, money, money, money!


But they have demonstrated more than anything, that they want Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money…


Their little lawyer Duarte unable to contain herself making statements to reporter’s at the Court before the case got underway.


Statements which I think could land the little lady in a whole lot of trouble…with the law!


But does Dr Goncalo Amaral have money?


Whether he has or has not, and whether he chooses to bank it, keep it under the floor boards or in the sole of his shoe is rather up to him, and should be of no concern to others.


The McCanns did not concern themselves with whatever monies Dr Goncalo Amaral may or may not have, and in fact did not concern themselves either with his book, the content as far as one can tell.


Not until the book had been on sale for a long period of time, did it seem to hit them that it may be a nice little ‘earner’ - for THEM!


Had the book as they have said done damage to their search, then one would have expected them to take legal action a whole lot sooner than they did.


Did they think, ‘leave it a while, the more books he sells in the meantime, the more for us in the end?’



Ma Hubbard, she told the Court that after the documentary based on the book,was aired, that sales of Dr Goncalo Amaral's book increased.

That must have been good news for McCanns I would think - the more he sells, they more they sue for!


Duarte stated that they have not yet found Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money, that she believes he is hiding the profits from his book! 


Loud laughter


One of the biggest mysteries, in the case of missing Madeleine, is - The McCann ‘Private Search’


We so often hear of this, are asked to give, donate to this Search, but the reality is, no one seems to know what it involves…until now that is!


Courtesy of Madame Isabel Duarte we now know that the ‘SEARCH’ is the McCanns pursuit of Dr Goncalo Amaral’s cash!


Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money, legally earned cash, which, Madame Duarte also told the world – ‘They (the McCanns) have not yet, FOUND!


What gives the McCanns the right to search into the private financial business of anyone, to attempt to seek to discover how a person uses their legal earnings or where they choose to safely keep same?


Duarte stated that Dr Goncalo Amaral she believes is hiding his money, and this from the lawyer acting on behalf of the McCanns, who when ordered by the Court to return the copies of the ‘Truth of the Lie which she held also on their behalf, refused to do so.


The books which did not belong to her, which she had NO LEGAL RIGHT TO she had hidden away! 


April 2012


The 7,500 copies of ‘Maddie the Truth of the Lie are being returned today to their rightful owners, the book publisher Guerra and paz.

The McCanns libel lawyer, Isabel Duarte, has FINALLY complied with the Superior Court ruling that ordered the immediate return of the books last month.

It should be recalled the McCann couple attempted to ban the book of the first co-ordinator inspector of the Maddie case in 2009 with an injunction that was deemed as going against the Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Expression and information by the Court of Appeals of Lisbon.

13th September 2013

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