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Dr Amaral is a quiet spoken man, a humble man.  A highly intelligent man.  He acts with the greatest of dignity.   He is not the bumbling fool the McCanns would have the world believe, far from it.   Perhaps this is why they fear him.  And fear him they do. 

It is wonderful that there is a Fund set up where the public can make donations to help him with the financial costs of legal matters, a fund managed not by Dr Amaral but those who act in his best interests.
It is wonderful that the young lady who organised this latest online fundraiser (where all monies donated are transferred to the main Fund) did so.  Leanne Baulch has to be commended.

It is so very wrong that the MSM have reported on this in the negative way that they did, and will no doubt continue to, by referring to the good, kind and generous members of the public who donated, as
trolls, and to the Appeal as being sick.

This from the MSM who have reported in the most appalling and untruthful way regarding Dr Amaral.  An MSM who dance to Clarence Mitchell's tune, he Mitchell who creates the stories which appear in the UK press to protect the McCanns, to ensure that they are presented as victims, as honest people, as having been wronged. They have been paying Mitchell from Madeleine's Fund for years now, at a rate of around £70,000 per year, and when not in full employment with them he is on a retainer.

McCanns also paid £500,00 to it is reported to ensure that they remained on the front pages of the UK press.

Madeleine's money too has been spent on legal actions.  McCanns have a penchant it seems for this.

(Every year until this 8th anniversary of the child's disappearance McCann stories have dominated the press.  Every headline about them, this together with a round of TV interviews, sofa surfing - as it is referred to - has been the norm, that is until this 8th anniversary when the birth of another little girl put paid to their usual nonsense, knocked them off the front pages.  The McCanns themselves this year conspicuous by their absence on our screens, but then this year they had so much more to be ashamed of than ever before.  They left their spin and nonsense this year to Brunt, Summers and Swan, Mitchell)

Troll is a term which appears to have ever changing meaning.   In the Madeleine McCann case it is seen as a derogatory term.  And it is in this way the MSM apply it to anyone who has the intelligence to question the McCann tale of abduction.   A story so incredulous  it makes Harry Potter tales seem very ordinary.  But it is a story so full of holes, lies, inconsistencies (do read the police files online, as DCI Redwood of the Metropolitan Police stated, this is best way to become informed and form opinion) astonishing therefore that the McCanns have never been charged with any crime at all regarding their missing child.

Many, many people cannot understand how this situation can be. Many in law enforcement not only in the UK but around the world, cannot understand how this can be.   And many now retired officers of the law have openly stated they fail to understand this situation.

Quite famously, retired British detective John Stalker stated that the McCanns and their buddies are hiding something.  That the silence amongst the buddies is most unusual.

But money can buy so much.

It can buy silence, the silence of those who may otherwise decide to come clean who know the truth of what happened to Madeleine, and may decide to break ranks.      It can buy it seems the services of professional liars, and it can buy the power needed to attack those who will not be silenced those who challenge the McCann tale.  

Dr Amaral is one such person.   He has paid a very high price for telling the truth in the Madeleine case, for carrying out his duties as an officer of the law.   Astonishing that such a situation could ever come to pass.  

McCanns have used the Madeleine Fund and the MSM to silence this man, to blacken his name, to destroy him, his children his family in what is a most unfair fight.

(Please read the blog above - Support Dr Amaral - it may allow for a better understanding as to WHY people are so very keen to help this most amazing man)

But more than being an unfair fight, the lengths the McCanns have gone to in their attempts to silence Dr Amaral tell us so much about this case, so much about the McCanns.

On this 8th anniversary of the child being reported as mysteriously having vanished, what quite evidently has been of greater importance than remembering the life of this little girl, was to have stories out there about the McCanns.  An enormous amount of planning had to have gone into this by Team McCann so that it all was revealed at the time of this anniversary.

Stories which stated they had won a libel case when they had not.   A case which was not about libel.   A case where most ALL of their claims were rejected by the Judge.  A case where an Award was made but not based on their claims.   How extraordinary.

A case, the verdict of which had been expected for some time, and somehow it was miraculously announced right at the very anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

Somewhat of a miracle too that the Leicestershire police should on this very same week, decide that there was NO CASE to answer regarding a dossier which had been put together  by McCann supporters, a dossier which Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe of the Metropolitan Police said was handed to them by the McCann family so absolutely no question that the McCanns knew of it, its content and WHO the dossier compilers are, and which 8 months ago Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe also stated the Met, had decided no action to be taken, and stated that he had passed it to Leicestershire.

Why it then took Leicestershire Police 8 months to make it known  -NO CASE TO ANSWER - is suspect -not least because it too, just happened on the very week of Madeleine's disappearance.  But that verdict was brought to public attention NOT by Leicestershire Police but by Martin Brunt Sky, and with the assistance of Summers and Swan, who played a huge part in Brunt's Special Report where he attacked Brenda Leyland.  Brunt also attacked this lady on the street. This lady later took her own life.  

Yes it was a week where all the old culprits got back together!

Brunt reported that the McCanns were astonished at the Leicestershire Police verdict?

Really Martin?

It was a verdict which let the McCanns, their family, their supporters, all who organised and knew of the dossier which absolutely led to the death of Brenda Leyland  OFF THE HOOK!

Had the police prosecuted anyone named in the dossier - big trouble for Team McCann.

So we had the verdict from Court in Lisbon, the verdict from Leicestershire Police, all just in time for the anniversary of Madeleine's reported disappearance.  What amazing timing!

And of course this allowed for Summer's and Swan to promote an update of their failed book, on this case, and for Mitchell to prepare all of the stories he needed to try and paint Dr Amaral as the bad guy and the McCanns, who have yet to explain why their stories in relation to Madeleine's disappearance don't add up, to be painted, as ever as the poor parents, the victims, the good guys.

It massively backfired.

The public were having none of it.

Even a story which Team McCann threw in about Kate McCann doing a charity bike ride, a story about how she is more determined than ever to find her daughter, of how she will spend the money in Madeleine's Fund on doing so, and asking the public once again to help her in her search, wasn't going to work this time around for the McCanns.   The public had had enough of it the lies the spin, their money making out of the child's tragic fate.

But not only that - Metropolitan Police are still investigating, still spending UK taxpayers money - so what is Kate McCann talking about the McCann search.  McCanns search ended not long after the Met investigation commenced four years ago.

This 8th anniversary was not about remembering a little girl so cruelly and neglectfully treated by her parents, it was about Kate and Gerry McCann, their protection.   

It was about cleaning up their latest mess, the dossier, the death of Brenda Leyland.

It is not a coincidence that the verdict in Portugal and the Leicestershire Police, Brunt, Summers and Swan, all just happened on this very week, a week when McCanns knew they could not face the public for all that had happened not only in recent months but since the disappearance of Madeleine.

This 8th anniversary, sadly will be remembered not for a missing little girl, but for her parents once more crude actions.

It will also be remembered as the time the public said NO MORE to McCann and the MSM.  No more to the LIES.

It will be remembered as the time the public stood up for justice for this little girl, for the most dreadful treatment of a now retired police officer at the hands of Kate and Gerry McCann.

It will be remembered as the time a Portuguese Judge, let down not only Madeleine, Dr Amaral, but the Portuguese nation, by banning a book.  

On occasion, there is on Twitter I have noticed, a lot of name calling in reference to this case.   

I am not a part of Twitter, a member or whatever it is, but I often wonder why, when I see persons there their presence quite obviously simply to disrupt any sensible conversation regarding this case, that it is allowed.  Surely there is a method in place which allows for those who genuinely wish to discuss in a civil manner, to not allow these comments.

Those who Do want to discuss in a civil manner, they have the control in their own hands - simply do not engage with those who don't!

More than ever, at a time when all of the nasty stuff in the press has backfired for the McCanns, and a swell of support for Dr Amaral, and rightly so, is taking place, it is so very important to not allow oneself to be dragged into such avoidable and tasteless spats.

If I may be so bold to suggest to those on Twitter, please do not be drawn in to the silly name calling. Please engage only with those who wish to discuss in a civil and polite manner this case, that is, all persons who are civil no matter their views.

To an outsider looking in, and seeing reams of nonsense posts, name calling etc is rather off putting.  Madeleine is, if not forgotten, lost amongst it.

So few characters are permitted in each twit message in which to get a point across.  Make them count.  Make them count for Madeleine. For truth and justice.   For Dr Amaral.

Dr Amaral always conducts himself with the greatest of dignity.

Please don't let him down.

Please don't allow yourself to be goaded into a spat that is without dignity for you or for Dr Goncalo Amaral.

Don't tarnish this wonder Appeal to assist him financial with legal costs, which has had such a magnificent response, by acting in the same vein as those who have gone all out to try and put a stop to Appeal, and have done so in the most underhand of ways.

They will pick away.  Let them!   Don't let your guard down.  Don't give them ammunition to use against you, Dr Amaral, this wonderful Appeal which is proving so successful.

Smile at your enemies.  

Those who lie in the case of a little girl lost/the abuse of children as is the case in MSM, together with many others, are not friends of justice, they are public enemy number one.  They are the enemy of our children.  The greatest threat to our kids! 

Choose your battles carefully.

Those who support Dr Amaral are winning this battle.   Let's keep it that way.

The success of the Appeal is all the answer you need give the UNSCRUPULOUS!.

And, whilst the MSM referring to good people as trolls may be distasteful.  Infuriating.   It is also very infantile. It shows too the absolute desperation of the McCann campaign to destroy Dr Amaral.

Take the positive from it - it has brought such attention to Dr Amaral's plight.

Box clever folks!

Stick and Stones...

Angelique (Guestbook)

Your comment is most relevant Angelique to the current state of affairs.   Absolutely spot on, some 'shoot their mouths off' so sure are they of themselves.   They know not how to keep their powder dry.

What was it Dr Amaral said - Justice works in silence.

Would it not be wonderful Angelique if someone of financial means had the courage to stand up for Madeleine for Dr Amaral.  Perhaps they will, openly or in silence.   Inconceivable that there is not such a person out there.   Perhaps Dr Amarals story has yet to reach such a person.

Thank you for taking time to comment.

Very best wishes to Dr Amaral his family and friends and to the continuing success of this Appeal working alongside the original Appeal Fund.
5th May 2015

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