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Isabel Stilwell, journalist on Madeleine case -  


“Over the last few months, part of the media seems to be completely conditioned by the theory that the parents murdered their daughter and simulated an abduction, no matter how absurd that is. Apart from a complete lack of evidence, what would lead someone who, according to this theory, committed the perfect crime, to keep calling attention upon themselves?”


Interesting that she says ‘part’ of the media seems to be completely conditioned by the theory that the parents murdered their daughter and simulated abduction?


I cannot say with any authority if ‘part of the media’ was conditioned by the theory that Madeleine was murdered.  I cannot say that I have ever heard this theory.


I can only say that:-


Madeleine, having been murdered, by her parents, either or both being involved, was not the theory of the Portuguese Police!

Madeleine, having been murdered by her parents, either or both being involved was not the theory of the Dr Goncalo Amaral!

From what I read on the forums I have not read of anyone there either who believes that the child was murdered by her parents.

Whether this is, as Stilwell has stated what part of the media, believe (or believed at the time of writing) and who or what conditioned them to this ‘thinking’ is puzzling?

She describes this “murder” as the perfect crime.

Is there such a thing as the perfect crime? – Criminals who have escaped the law will probably argue that there is! 

And, if we are to believe that someone abducted Madeleine from her bed, and as she has never been traced nor her alleged abductor – Do we take it that the perfect crime has been committed?


Or we could look at it, another way.


Why does Stilwell describe the disappearance of Madeleine, her, ‘murder’ as in the theory Stilwell speaks, of as ‘perfect?’


A crime is only perfect, until it’s – not!


Stilwell asks would someone who had committed the ‘perfect crime’ draw attention to themselves?

Perhaps, perhaps not! 


Depends on the crime, the motive behind it!  The reason, behind the need for attention, and how easy it is or how difficult to stop that particular, ball rolling!


Stilwell continues in reference to McCanns:


“Even presuming that they are people without scruples, compulsive liars and other epithets that they have been called, without those who accuse them being able to sustain the accusations, we have to agree that even for criminals that would be taking things too far.”


Those who murder, generally are people without scruples, most likely compulsive liars too as they would no doubt have to lie in some regard to cover their crimes.  And indeed in such cases sometimes those who accuse cannot sustain any accusations of murder they may make.

Many murderers have gotten off scot-free for this reason, not enough evidence to make accusations stick, not enough evidence for police to bring charges. 

As for the media not being able to sustain the claims...well that's a whole other ball game.



But beyond the anguish that any mother or father feels just by imagining themselves in a similar situation, that which continues to cause me the most perplexity is why so many people seem to prefer to believe that the parents are guilty, the most sick possibility of them all, especially after the most expensive investigation that was ever made in Portugal failed to point anything whatsoever against any of them, even forcing to lift the arguido status and to archive the case?


As to those who Stilwell speaks of – the part of the media- that has been conditioned to believe Madeleine was murdered by her parents, who she is perplexed at, at why so many of them prefer to believe the most sick possibility of them all – that the parents are guilty of taking their daughter’s life:-


Whilst it is of course sick that a parent would kill their own child – it is not exactly unheard of.   Many children are killed by their parents, close family members. 

But as to why the ‘part of the media’ to which Stilwell refers, prefers (as she has put it) to believe the McCanns murdered their child, she does not know, she can only state that she finds it perplexing that they would do, due to the fact that the most expensive investigation that was ever made in Portugal failed to point anything whatsoever towards them, forcing the case to be archived.


Indeed the most expensive investigation ever made in Portugal did not find evidence that Madeleine was murdered by her parents, and have never, we must note, made any such claim.  So of course, perplexing that the media would prefer to believe this. 

Ms Stilwell though I have to say, does not appear to understand the reasons in their entirety as to why the case was shelved.



“And no, please don’t mention again the serious mistake of leaving the children alone, which they have punished themselves over and over again, because it doesn’t equal making someone into a murderer, and certainly doesn’t deserve this kind of punishment.”


Absolutely, neglecting your children, and deliberately so, does not make one a murderer.


But in the circumstances the McCann children were left alone, in the unlocked apartment night after night, does make them responsible absolutely for creating an environment where the children could have had an accident, become injured, resulting in death.  And it creates a situation where anyone who cared to could access the children, abduct or murder them.

And as there is absolutely no evidence pointing toward an abduction...


So please, don’t mention again that this was a mistake, serious or otherwise.  No mistake.  Just simply parents not caring enough about the safety of their children, putting their own enjoyment first.


And, contrary to what Ms Stilwell has stated.   The McCanns have not blamed or punished themselves, over and over again.  They have accepted no responsibility whatsoever for the disappearance of this child.


Quite obviously Stilwell has never listened to them speak on this subject.


The type of punishment she speaks of?  The media believing they murdered their daughter?




“There are only two explanations.


“The first one comes from sociologists and is called the Fair World Syndrome, which results from us finding it unbearable to believe that bad things can happen to good people. In other words, we prefer to abandon the victim, in the belief that she got what she deserved.

Which means that us, who don’t leave our children alone, can sleep in peace, and not think about it any further!”


So the part of the media she refers to in her first explanation, find it unbearable to believe that bad things happen to good people?  So they prefer to abandon the victim.  

Oh I think that the media know only too well that bad things happen to good people.  They are reporting the ‘bad things’ daily.


Madeleine is the victim, bad things happened to her, and if anyone has been abandoned it is this child – both by her parents and by the media and not just ‘parts of’



“The second one is related to the role, that former PJ investigator Gonçalo Amaral has been playing.

It sincerely shocks me that both the Republic’s prosecutor and the PJ director keep their silence, while a former officer, who was removed from the case, makes absolute accusations, almost as if he was the Portuguese police’s spokesman.”


Ah, so now we come to what is bugging Ms Stilwell!


What gives Ms Stilwell any more right to voice her opinion than that of Dr Goncalo Amaral?   To make accusations as she has in her article?


Dr Goncalo Amaral has never assumed a ‘role’ as the spokesperson for the Portuguese Police, far from it!


But if Ms Stilwell prefers, conditioned by whomever or whatever, to believe this, that is her prerogative.


Miss Stilwell forgets also that there can be more than only two explanations…

She made one huge leap from The Fair World Syndrome to The Blaming Dr Goncalo Amaral Syndrome for what the the 'part of the media' she spoke of, believe?


She forgets also, that never has the Portuguese Police claimed that Madeleine was murdered by her parents.


Neither has Dr Goncalo Amaral claimed that Madeleine was murdered by her parents. 


So why Ms Stilwell has included this as her ‘Number 2’ her ‘second reason’ for the actions and beliefs of  ‘part of  the media’ she speaks about is a bit of a mystery!


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22nd September 2013

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