Lying in the Sun

Sun Ain't Gonna Shine...

Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More...

Well, not on the  McCanns!

First we had Antonell Lazzeri trying her utmost bad best in her piece of yesterday to do as much harm as she could to Dr Amaral, and today we had Bill Perrin doing likewise, but both failed miserably.

Antonella Lazzeri's hate, and that of the McCanns for this man, she could not conceal.  She did the McCanns more harm than good with her 'monster' story.

But more importantly for now, she brought to public attention the plight of Dr Amaral - Most, likely did not know that the McCanns had his assets frozen over five years ago.   

Most would not have known of the pain, suffering and hardship this had caused his family, his children. How it left him unable to pay for legal assistance.

What kind of people are the McCanns that they would cause a child such suffering?   Perhaps a silly question!

And what kind of people are they that they would fight an unfair fight in financial terms.  A dirty fight.

Today we have from the Sun, a staunch supporter of McCann, Bill Perrin's piece where he inadvertently brought to the attention of the public, not only Dr Amaral's suffering, and that of his family, at the hands of McCann, but attention to the fund raiser for Dr Amaral, so that he may be able to defend himself, against these people.   So that he may continue to fight for truth and justice for this missing little girl.  

Such wonderful publicity for Dr Amaral's fundraiser, publicity that those who organised it and those who support it, could not ever have hoped to achieve.   And here Perrin provided it - free of charge!  

Three cheers for Perrin and the Sun!  

But let us not forget that this was not what Perrin had planned.  This was not his intention.

It was his aim to do Dr Amaral as much damage as possible.  In fact so low did Perrin stoop that he scanned the Fund Raiser Site set up to assistance Dr Amaral, and then tracked down persons who had donated.

It will come as no surprise to learn that he then made contact with one such contributor, a man by the name of Sam.  Perrin then sent him this message:

Hi Sam, hope you're well.
I'm putting together a story on the gofundme website linked to raising £25k towards legal fees of Goncalo Amaral.
I noticed you had donated on the page and I'm looking to speak to a few people who forked out.
I'm after a quote about why you thought it was important to donate?

In Perrin's finished and published piece he refers to those good and kind people who donated monies for Dr Amaral, by the derogatory term

Again, another Sun reporter who brought shame, not to Dr Amaral but to himself, to the McCanns with the underhand tactics.  

Only one thing left to ask - Why did Perrin feel it was important to write the vile piece that he did, to label those good people who choose to support a good man, in the nasty way that he did?

Today is the 8th anniversary of the day McCanns reported Madeleine missing.

Why would any innocent parent of a missing child choose to embark on all that we have witnessed this past week, this planned and crude campaign from Summers and Swan, Brunt, and the usual culprits in the MSM, not just at the anniversary of their child's disappearance, but at any time?
3rd May 2015
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