Lying in the Sun

Sun Goes Down on McCanns

Sun Goes Down on McCanns

Best friends?    Antonella Lazzeri (The Sun) with Gerry McCann

I started this blog a while back now.  On my first page, the Home Page, I wrote about lying in the sun, the dangers of doing so.

Looks like Antonella Lazzeri didn't take on board just how dangerous the sun can be - she's looking a bit pink here!  (remind you of anyone folks, someone else who is also partial to a bit of pin...err Piss taking that is, and like Antonella gets his fingers burnt by his lying - in the sun of course}

Well it is one thing when Antonella lets her imagination run riot to produce much of the nonsense she has over the years in respect of the McCann case, but what she did yesterday, probably shocked herself at just how low she could stoop.  

When you see from Antonella Lazzeri the use of the word 'monster' and at the anniversary of the date the McCanns reported their daughter Madeleine, as missing, then you can consider her piece read!   You just know the 'monster' is not going to be the alleged abductor (no siree, Kate McCann has forgiven that guy she said) the monster will be the 'someone' who is to be blamed for the McCanns neglect of their three kids.  And that person is generally Dr Amaral, the guy who has done more for Madeleine than her own parents.

But hell why report the truth!

I said in a blog a few days ago that the reporting, of the past few days, all the hard work Team McCann have gone to, to spread more lies about Dr Amaral, and assisted by Sky/Murdoch, Mitchell, Brunt, Summers and Swan (all those really who have made an absolute fortune out of this missing child, including the McCanns themselves) had backfired.  And it has big time!

No one is believing the ridiculous stories now.  And when they are clearly manufactured, planned well in advance by the McCanns and their team, produced always at an anniversary of the day they reported Madeleine as missing (which is pretty sick ) it adds to the disgust people feel towards these parents for the heinous act of abandoning three little kids on FIVE consecutive nights in that dark scary holiday apartment, and for their 8 year campaign, where they have spent the monies (donated by the public for the purpose of a search for the child) on paid liars like Clarence Mitchell in an attempt to dupe the public as to the truth of this case, and used also to fight legal actions of which there have been many.  

It also adds to the disgust felt towards them when this campaign is deliberately put together (as it has been this past week) not to help Madeleine in any way, but to cause harm to another.

The McCanns could not stoop lower.

Dr Amaral, still stands proud.  Still stands with a dignity that they will never know.  Still fights for Madeleine in a way that they do not have the capacity or compassion to understand.

McCanns have for all of these years, used the press in the UK to attempt to blacken the name of this most decent man, to destroy him his life, his family.

Never has he resorted to speaking of the McCanns in such a vile way as they have of him.

That is not the man that he is.  He has a class, a dignity, a decency that does not allow him to stoop to their levels.

He is an educated man, a highly intelligent man.  He is not the person that the McCanns and their Team have spent so much of Madeleine's money, trying to convince the world that he is.

How many of us, would have been able to do what Dr Amaral under such duress, still fight for Madeleine, for truth and justice for this child?  Not many!

Look at Gerry McCann and Kate McCann, both of them go into almighty strops, and temper tantrums every time someone tells them they cannot have any more of someone else's money, that they cannot force people to believe their incredulous story!  They behave like spoilt brats.   This the couple who could not afford their mortgage at the time they reported Madeleine missing and used the money donated for her to do so.  Their Fund conditions had to be tightened up so that this could no longer be the case.  Eventually they repaid the monies they had taken for personal use, to the Fund.

When they publish their annual accounts, they publish the minimum necessary by law.  So much for the transparency they promised.

How many of us in the position in which Dr Amaral is - the McCanns having his assets frozen for over 5 years now, would have been able to stay strong, to still fight for justice for a child who is not their own?

Only a man who has truth on his side could have survived, and through the most horrendous times, with the McCanns attack on him lasting years, with their mass produced lies in the UK press lasting for years.

How many of us could have stayed strong to fight their evil.  And make no mistake what they do is evil.

It is evil to have made his family, his children suffer, for doing what was his job.  For reporting in his book, which the Judge in the trial agrees absolutely, was the same findings of the police investigation.

They claim to be devout Roman Catholics, good christian people.

Their actions are not those of devout Roman Catholics.  Their actions, religion aside are inhumane, the actions of people who are so filled with hate, a hate that most of us cannot understand.

Rather than admit that they did WRONG in leaving their children alone, admit that they are responsible for their daughter's disappearance they continue to blame others.

Antonella Lazzeri, her piece, did Dr Amaral more good than harm.  It backfired for the McCanns, so filled with the hate both she and they have for Dr Amaral a hate they cannot control or conceal.

Antonella Lazzeri has shown them all in their true colours!

This 8th Anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance is the day the McCanns buddy, Antonella Lazzeri brought the Sun down on the McCanns!

Do please consider donating to a legal fund set up to assist Dr Amaral, in his battle against these people, his fight for truth and justice for Madeleine, to defend himself against their lies, to defend his good name, which the McCanns have paid many to trash.  

If you were in an unfair situation where your assets had been frozen preventing you from affording a legal defence, an even playing field, against people like the McCanns, who have had £m's from the Madeleine Fund at their disposal, you surely would hope that someone would help, allow you a fair and fighting chance.

Thank you.
3rd May 2015

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