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What some may not know is that this gentleman, a most decent and honest man of the highest integrity has suffered greatly at the hands of Gerry and Kate McCann.

Kate McCann stated that she wished him to suffer, to feel misery and fear.  She wished him dead.

For over five years Kate McCann must have been rubbing her hands with glee as she has managed to cause the pain and suffering for this man, his children, the mother of his children, his family, that she set out to.

This is a woman who left her three children alone night after night in a dark and scary holiday apartment.  Further she claims she left the door unlocked so that anyone at all could gain access.

Her best friend Fiona Payne, wife of the now quite infamous Dr David Payne, told police that Kate McCann said to her, on the night they reported Madeleine missing that she had left the door unlocked so that Madeleine, a child prone to waking in the night, could exit the apartment, into the dark night, and all the dangers it held.

Kate McCann dismisses it all.  It is not her fault that an innocent little girl (the term she chooses when referring to Madeleine) is missing.  It is not her or her partner Gerry McCanns fault if something happened to Madeleine on ANY OF THE FIVE NIGHTS when they left her alone with her baby brother and sister, while they went out with buddies.

Kate and Gerry McCann are the parents who have not fully co-operated with police.  The parents who have lied, time and time again.  Who told police one story, then changed it to another.

They are the parents who have access to a Fund which the public so generously have donated to, and from which they have paid Clarence Mitchell, vast sums to lie for them to create stories in the press, stories to paint them in a better light.

Stories like the ones we have seen this week, with regards the reporting of the verdict from the Court in Lisbon.  

As is usual gross misreporting, and as usual referring to Dr Amaral in the most derogatory and untrue terms.

But truth is something the McCanns and all involved with them have great difficulty with.

Money is what is important to them, and of course what that money is able to bring them - it pays for the paint job - where they are able to hire professional liars (enter Clarence Mitchell) to make them out to be Mr & Mrs Nice Guy!

Yes the money IS important to them, as without it they would not have been able to suppress the truth of this case, nor have Mitchell manipulate press stories by way of reputation management on their behalf.

The McCanns have indeed caused Dr Amaral and his children to suffer great hardship.

As to fear, of course she/they, Kate McCann has caused this also.   Not a fear of her, or her equally nasty other half Gerry McCann.  Dr Amaral has truth on his side so has nothing to fear on this count.   

The fear the McCanns have brought about for Dr Amaral relates to the hardship they have caused for his family.   The fear one experiences when there is uncertainty where the next £1/dollar/euro will come from so as to care for ones family, and the hardship, worry, and suffering this will cause.

Dr Amarals assets were in effect frozen by the McCanns during this legal process, and have been for over five years now.

During this long period of time he and his family have suffered so much.

Dr Amaral is a good man.  A man who had the misfortune during the course of his career to have been assigned the missing Madeleine case, that is in terms of having encountered the evil which is McCann.

He did all that any officer of the law could and more during the investigation to discover what became of young Maddie.  Much more than her parents ever did.   Still to this day, Dr Amaral is Maddie's voice!

Dr Amaral does not want to be in the situation that he is, not being able to fund his own legal fees, no one would want this, but that is the crux of matters.

McCanns while they use the Fund, the donations from the public for their supposed searching for their missing daughter, to finance their legal actions, have successfully, through the Courts, and for these past five years as I previously stated had a stranglehold on Dr Amaral, his ability from a financial angle to defend himself against them, against their lies.

And make no mistake they have lied in Court.

The Judge in Lisbon, throwing out most of their claims.  They could not provide any evidence of same. Not a single piece of evidence to support their as ever outrageous and fantastic claims.

  • The Judge did not accept that Dr Amaral's book had caused them the pain and suffering they claimed.
  • The Judge did not accept that Dr Amaral's book had caused the public to not come forward with information relating to Madeleine's disappearance as they claimed.
  • The Judge did not accept that Dr Amaral's book had hindered any search for Madeleine as they claimed.

All claims for which they could not provide one iota of proof.

The Judge pretty much threw it all out which makes the financial award granted to the McCanns one huge mystery.

But of course that will never be reported in the press in UK, a press to which Clarence Mitchell the McCanns spokesperson has pretty much dictated, since the time of Madeleine's disappearance, which stories the public were to be fed.   

This female Kate McCann she is so full of hatred for Dr Amaral, a man who knows the truth of this case.   A man who has truth on his side.   Something the McCanns will never have.  

But he is a man who needs our help.

Through no fault of his own he is unable to meet the legal costs of fighting what I consider to be nothing short of evil.

Dr Amaral is a proud man, he does not want to be in such a position where he needs the help of others so as to defend himself against these people, the McCanns.  Absolutely not.

But he is where he is, due to the badness of these people, their greed. So hate filled they are.

They have given not a thought in these long years to the suffering they have brought upon Dr Amaral's children, and I don't believe they ever will.

Parents who will not admit their dishonesty in the case of their OWN missing child.  Who will not accept any responsibility for Madeleine what became of her, not accept any responsibility for the cruel and neglectful treatment of all three of their children.  Parents who did NOT go out and physically search for their child.  Parents who were laughing and joking with friends days after their child who they claimed was taken by a paedophile - all caught on camera - demonstrates absolutely the type of people they are.

Dr Amaral I am pleased to hear is not going to give up.

He so easily could have these past years where without question the strain of this sustained attack on him by Kate and Gerry McCann has caused harm to his family, his good name, and so much more would have seen most buckle, go under.

Dr Amaral has given so much for missing Madeleine.  

In these times when all we hear of is the appalling abuse of children and the cover ups, the protection of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes (usually parents or someone close to home) and not the protection of children, to know that there are still good people out there who will defend the child, as Dr Amaral has in the case of Madeleine, is something we should all be thankful for.

He and his family have paid the highest of price in his fight for justice for this child.  The highest price in defence of his good name, his right to freedom of expression.

The McCann case is corrupt to the core, of that there is no doubt whatsoever.  

Dr Amaral is an amazing man, to fight as he has, against all odds, in a battle which is not equal in financial terms, and against such evil and dishonest characters.

He has to be admired.   He has my utmost respect.

His message after the verdict in Lisbon:

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There are of course other ways to show support for this good man - by spreading the truth of this case in any way you can.

By posting the links below also wherever you can.

There is no justice no fairness when a case is fought where the terms are unequal.   Not a fair fight when the McCanns have vast sums at their disposal, and Dr Amaral they have tied, not one arm behind his back, but both in respect of funding.

There is no justice when money can determine the outcome of any legal matter.

And there is certainly no justice when one side can dictate what the press put in print.

Thank you

And to Dr Amaral.  

You sir, continue to have my utmost respect, admiration, and support.

As always you conduct yourself with such dignity.  Never resorting to the foulness and hatred that is McCann, the foulness that we hear them speak.   You have shown compassion for this little girl Madeleine, a compassion for this child which we have never seen from her parents or their friends.  And never will.

I wish you and your family good health and happiness.

I wish you every success in your continued battle for truth, justice, freedom of expression, and against the evil which sadly has existed in the missing Madeleine case, and existed before the child was reported as missing.

I wish you nothing but the very best both in the eventual outcome of this case and in life.

1st May
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