Lying in the Sun



We know the McCann buddies ALL refused to return to Portugal to assist police with their investigation.   Refused to take part in a reconstruction of events.

Read Refusal Blogs above.

We know the stories they have told regarding the timeline on the night they reported Madeleine to be missing, quite simply don't add up.

It is unimaginable that if the child of a friend went missing that we would not co-operate fully with police if requested to.   

Unimaginable to refuse, when by refusing we might cause this child to lose her life.

But that is what they did REFUSED, and with the blessing of the McCanns!

If they were NOT involved.  If they had been entirely TRUTHFUL with the police when they gave their FIRST witness statements - WHY WOULD THEY NOT CO-OPERATE, not take part in a re-enactment based on what they had already told police?

They made demands of the Portuguese Police -

FREE Kate and Gerry McCann of their arguido status and they then may co-operate?

What kind of people are this group of people?

FREE Kate and Gerry McCann of their arguido status and they might consider helping Madeleine who they claimed  was in the hands of a paedophile gang?

Now it would take a sick bastard to leave any child in the hands of a paedophile, but if a paedophile took this child, that is EXACTLY WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE - SICK BASTARDS.  A real bad lot!

We speak of what the McCann twins, what they will ask their parents as they get older (and they are now ten years old, must be asking some difficult questions now)  But WHAT will the kids of their buddies be asking?   Some of these kids are older than the McCann twins!   WHAT will they think when they come to know that their parents REFUSED TO HELP MADELEINE.   CHOSE to leave her with paedophiles?  CHOSE not to help her be re-united with her family, her brother and sister.

And WHAT will the McCann twins think of their parents buddies?

Reading Fiona Payne's interview with Leicestershire Police may give us a clue as to their thinking?

This is Fiona Payne telling the officer questioning her why she would NOT help Madeleine by taking part in a police re-enactment of the night the child was reported as missing.

“And, at the moment really, we’ve got NO reason to trust the motives of doing a re-enactment when Kate and Gerry are still aguido and, if they’re aguido, I think WE'VE ALL GOT TO BE IMPLICATED, because I just don’t see how Kate and Gerry could have done anything that’s been suggested WITHOUT ALL OF US BEING IN ON IT.  You know, its just NOT POSSIBLE!”.


What more reason could there be for them NOT TO RETURN to Portugal to assist with police investigations?

Fiona Payne, this best friend of Kate McCann HAS LIED to police. Lied about Kate McCann telling her that Kate McCann told her she and Gerry McCann had left that patio door open for Madeleine to get out and go look for them if she woke up.  Lied about this and so much more.

Kate McCann lied about the patio door also. She claimed Madeleine would not have been able to EXIT through the patio door, that the child would have been unable to open it.

These best friends tripped each other up with this lie and the many others told.

NO INNOCENT ADULT refuses to assist police with their investigation into the disappearance of a missing child.

NO INNOCENT ADULT chooses to BACK the parents, hold the police to ransom - RELEASE MY BUDDIES OF THEIR ARGUIDO STATUS and then I MAY think about helping the missing child!

How these people are not behind bars, is astonishing!

Here is her full and complete response to the Leicestershire police officer who had put the question to her, about returning to Portugal to help Madeleine.  It is shocking!

And later these people consulted with lawyers, all then refusing to help the child.

Officer 1485:

“How do you feel about attending that re-enactment?”


Reply by Payne

“Well I’ve made my feelings clear in a letter, erm, already. Erm, my feelings are, I would do absolutely anything if I felt it was going to help bring, find Madeleine or find who took her.  Erm, my reservations are, at this point, how doing the re-enactment is going to achieve that or advance the search in any way.  And, obviously, there is a lot of apprehensions about doing it, just in terms of the media and they way we’ve been treated, the way the media would react to us doing the re-enactment, how they’d sort of physically actually manage to do a re-enactment without massive media intrusion, erm, and how the information would be used, I mean, we all know that we’re telling the truth of our actions on the night and if doing a re-enactment were going to be for the purpose of trying to find holes or, you know, in our movements and statements and try and rubbish our statements, then we know that’s not going to help find Madeleine, because we know, we were there, and we know we’re telling the truth, so I wouldn’t be happy to do it if that was the reason for doing it.  I’d just like to be convinced how it’s going to move the investigation on really, erm, to find Madeleine”.






“And, at the moment really, we’ve got no reason to trust the motives of doing a re-enactment when Kate and Gerry are still aguido and, if they’re aguido, I think we’ve all got to be implicated, because I just don’t see how Kate and Gerry could have done anything that’s been suggested without us all being in on it, you know, it’s just impossible”.



“Is that it?”



“So, you know, that’s a big stumbling block really”.



“So, at this present moment, you are saying you wouldn’t?”



“No, I mean, we haven’t really had any, been given any information about how it’s going to be used and that’s the information that I think we would all need if we were going to do it and, obviously, there’s no point one of us doing it without everybody doing it.  So, I think, you know, as far as I’m concerned, I’d only do it if everybody else was doing it, otherwise it’s pointless.  And I still don’t see, erm, I think, emotionally, it would be hideous to go back and have to do an re-enactment, I really do, and I don’t see how, erm, emotions couldn’t affect the way it was done, because it would just be horrific, I mean, imagine, you know, Jane having to relive that, Kate having relive that, any of us having to relive that, you, you couldn’t do it without it being an emotional thing”.






Erm, so I just, I just don’t see, I mean, in my eyes, doing it, it would be beneficial if actors and actresses did it because they don’t have that emotion and you can still direct them to exactly what you were doing and where you went and your movements.  So, so I still don’t, we still haven’t had an answer to that really, that side of it”.



“Okay.  Alright.  At this stage I have got nothing else to say to you”.

Saving her own ass is what she was doing here.  She had NO intention of ever going back to Portugal, to help save Madeleine, and I can only think of TWO reasons for that, ONE she explained herself, if Kate and Gerry McCann were looked upon with suspicion then so would she and the others be - IMPOSSIBLE SHE SAID FOR THEM NOT ALL TO HAVE BEEN IN ON IT!

And TWO - she/they the group, already knew Madeleine was not alive!

She said she would not like to return if the police were going to try and find holes in her/their stories, find that their movements on that night as given in their original statements could be proved not to be truthful.  

But IF she had told the truth then there is NO WAY the police could find holes in her story, could find that her movements could not be as she stated when originally interviewed by police.

She, Fiona Payne and the others KNEW their stories were not going to stand up to scrutiny because they were NOT true!

And an aside.

Fiona Payne and her partner David Payne have both lied, of that there is no doubt.

They also said they never checked on their own kids at any time as they had a little child monitor which they took to the restaurant in the evenings.

On the night Madeleine was reported as missing, this lot as far as one can tell CHANGED their routines.  Oldfield now checking on kids he never had before etc

Who is to say the Payne's didn't do likewise - change their routine!

Who is to say the Payne's, one or both, did not leave that dinner table on the night Madeleine vanished?

The group have been less than truthful in general.  Every chance they lied about this too!

The Payne's are the McCanns closest buddies.  Stands to reason if there was something going on, they would be in the thick of it - NOT just OLDFIELD, who did not know really know the McCanns and certainly did not know the McCann kids!
19th April 2015

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