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Tapas Refusals

Tapas Refusals

David and Fiona Payne,

Matthew and Rachael Oldfield

Russell O’Brien and Jane Tanner


We have seen the absolute reluctance of the tapas group, those who holidayed with the McCann couple to assist police with a reconstruction of events of the night Madeleine vanished without trace.

The Portuguese Police answered all the questions put to them by this group, the questions which they said they needed to have answered before they would consider returning to Portugal.  They were given the re-assurances also which they asked for from the police as far as was possible.

The police could not however guarantee the group that the arguido status of Kate Healy McCann and Gerald McCann would be lifted - this was one of their demands.

It is obvious that they feared returning to Portugal. 

They invented all sorts of excuses for not doing so, and IN so doing, they accused the Portuguese Police of wanting them back in Portugal so that they could deem the group ‘suspects’ in the disappearance of Madeleine.  Saying, also, that the police in Portugal simply wanted to FIND HOLES in their stories!  That the police wanted to create inconsistencies in their stories!  That the police wanted to create problems for them!

Added to which they each stated that they saw no need for a reconstruction, saw no benefit of a reconstruction, they said it was too late in the day, that it should have been done sooner, it was at the wrong time of the year, too close to the 'first Anniversary' of Madeleine’s disappearance. 

On, and on the excuses rolled off their tongues.  The weather would be a problem to them.  The press would be a problem to them.  People, locals might film them and then release the material.  It might be dark if it was a cloudy day when the reconstruction was filmed.  It would be upsetting for them. 

Wakey, wakey, anyone in this group remember the victim in this tragic case, a little girl, Madeleine,  who we are constantly told is alive and unharmed, being held captive possibly by a paedophile gang according to her parents - how 'upset' to put it mildly she might be?   The wee girl who unlike this bunch doesn't have a say a choice in where goes, what happens to her, and who DIDN'T have any choice on the night she vanished, her PARENTS deciding it was BEST for her and her brother and sister to spend EVERY evening on their OWN in a dangerous situation, in the dark, scary and unfamiliar unlocked holiday apartment?

Each of this group continually stated that they were NOT refusing, that they would do ALL in their power to help.  That they wanted to help! 

Sadly for Madeleine they NEVER DID!

What stands out in all of their statements is they claim that IF the reconstruction was filmed for the purpose of being televised for public viewing, an appeal for information that would help find Madeleine, they would THEN have been happy to return.  They could see a benefit in that.

The irony?  The police were APPEALING to THEM to return to Portugal to provide information crucial to the investigation information which by taking part in a reconstruction of events would HELP MADELEINE would help police ascertain what could have happened that evening, at WHAT TIME it was possible for any would-be intruder to have struck, to establish how this alleged intruder gained access to the apartment and how he made his escape.  Quite baffling that the group could not see the benefit - Or, was it simply a case of another excuse not to return, for reasons best known to them, but I am sure obvious to most!

This notion they have also which they spout that ONLY a reconstruction produced for television would be helpful to Madeleine, in finding her, in discovering what happened to her is quite ridiculous.

Just as it is  ridiculous for them to say, as they do, that if someone says the little girl is most likely to be dead, that this would prevent the public from reporting to police any information that may come to their attention.

Madeleine may be dead.   Most likely the child is, taking into account where the information collected by the investigation points.  But surely, that is not a reason for the group to not want to assist?  Surely discovering who harmed the child, who removed her from the apartment, discovering if possible where are her remains so that she may be laid to rest is equally as important to the McCanns, and the others in the holiday group?

Sadly it seems not.    The McCanns, and their friends are okay with asking the public to help Madeleine, asking the public to donate to their Fund, but when it comes to them assisting police – a quite different story - they are not so forthcoming, not the group as a whole, nor the child's mother Kate McCann, who refused to answer when questioned by police!

And one must ask - Has the Fund helped the child?

Six years on, and £m's of Fund money spent, (almost £1m lost to dodgy detective agencies) vast sums spent on legal actions raised by the McCann couple which they have failed to win in particular against a retired Portuguese Police Officer in their attempts to silence him.

One must ask also - How much in £'s has gone directly to help Madeleine and in what way?   As thus far it would appear their extremely costly, private investigation funded in part by publicly donated monies, which they have quite literally bragged about for the past 6 years, has not come up with a scrap of evidence to support their abduction theory. 

Their private detectives have failed not only in finding any clue, but failed to produce even a theory as to how Madeleine was abducted.

We do of course have the McCanns story of abduction, but that quite frankly, is all that it is, their version.

It is not a version backed by police, by evidence, or by anyone else.   Simply the story they released and for some extraordinary reason in some quarters it was accepted without challenge.   Yet, they have told tales of jemmied windows which were proved by forensics not to be true.  We have had Clarence Mitchell shape stories for the press, of 'sightings' among other far fetched tales, as part of their campaign.   They have made claims that they are investigating leads which the Portuguese police failed to act on, ONLY this too was not true.   On their Website we have still a picture of an individual they claim has not been identified.   This is a claim they have made re several people and again it was not true, people who were checked out and cleared by Portuguese police.   And we have stories of 'checking the children' which absolutely do not add up.  WHY?

We have also on their website a claim, 'a criminal style reconstruction' for those visiting to view.

The McCanns did NOT make a criminal style reconstruction of events of the night Madeleine vanished.   They put together a little drama which by no stretch of the imagination could be referred to, or considered as a criminal style reconstruction.  
Key witnesses  not being allowed to take up the positions where they were on the night Madeleine vanished! Tanner's 'man' being portrayed as one and the same man that the Smith family saw?  He was shown to be carrying the child in the same manner as in the Tanner sighting, which of course the McCanns who made this drama KNEW was not a truthful re-enactment.   And much more misleading information was contained therein.   But we must not forget their site is McCann World, and there it seems, 'anything is possible.' 

Rubber wrist bands, on sale too, good quality, no less, so they say, t-shirts, holiday packs, no doubt lying gathering dust, not best sellers I would imagine, as not exactly what our children need as we set off to the sun -  a reminder that little kids disappear on holiday, left alone at night in dark apartments by their parents 

Altogether a rather cheap and tacky site in my view - it is not what one expects when a little girl is missing - this money making scheme.

Money though is NOT the answer to solving the crimes against this child, nor is hiring dodgy private detective agencies.

The public donating have a right to know that the monies are being used wisely, and for proper purpose.  They have a right to know when vast sums are lost to fraudsters, fraudsters who the McCann Team  declared were doing a 'GOOD JOB, that the McCanns were pleased with his efforts.  

How can that be?

The key witnesses, the McCanns and their friends without a doubt hold the answer to what happened to Madeleine.   Kate McCann says of others - 'they might not know that they hold a piece of information.'   

Then arguably the same applies to this group of people, the McCann group, that they don't know that they hold vital information?    Though their 'refusals' tell another story!

Such a pity the Portuguese Police could not have called ‘their bluff’ on this one, as there is NO WAY these people were returning to Portugal under any circumstances.

You see, whether the reconstruction was filmed/recorded, be it for police internal investigative use only or for the purpose of a televised appeal for information, the VERY SAME problems and excuses they spoke of would still have existed.

They would still have thought the Portuguese police wanted to:

  • Find holes in their stories.
  • Cause them problems.
  • Create problems and inconsistencies in their stories.
  • Make them suspects – 'slap arguido status on them' as Tanner said.
  • The press, the locals filming it, and all of the other  quite ridiculous excuses they invented to avoid going.
  • The weather, the storm clouds, the darkness, the time of year, the closeness to the 1st Anniversary would still all have been the same.
  • Kate Healy McCann and Gerald McCann would still have been arguido as the police said they could not guarantee this would change before any reconstruction.

They claimed a reconstruction at this time would have been too little, too late.  Only one way to find out - to test it!

So for this group of people, the McCanns included to say they would have taken part in a reconstruction if it was for the purpose of an appeal is utter nonsense.

Their same fears/excuses would still have existed.   Their fear of returning to Portugal of having to speak with police.

These people it is clear for all to see on reading the statements given by them, the refusals, were afraid to return and I can only think that this was because they KNEW absolutely that their statements did not add up.  That a reconstruction would throw up the the flaws in their story.   

Flaws which Matthew Oldfield very calculatingly stated the Portuguese Police would create if they, the tapas group stepped once more on Portuguese soil.   The police cannot 'create' inconsistencies, they either exist in the tales told by the group in their statements to police, or they do not.  

But how very devious of Oldfield, of them all, to attempt to shift blame by once more spreading a tale, and again not one of truth, to blacken the Portuguese Police by suggesting they would create inconsistencies problems for the group.

The flaws, the inconsistencies the untruths in their police witness statements are ALL of their  OWN making.   Their problems of their own creation when they set out to deceive.

Six years ago this group of people dug a hole, and they haven't stopped digging since!

Madeleine, finding her, helping her, discovering what happened on that fateful night – furthest from their minds!

O’Brien?  Sickeningly gushing in his correspondence to Leicestershire police in defence, of the McCanns who he barely knew!  Now why would that be?

"We are very keen to help an investigation aiming to establish what's happened to Madeleine, but have no desire to assist one that seeks only to damn our innocent friends."

How does O'Brien know if his "friends" are innocent?

How do we know if O'Brien is innocent?

How can we believe him?

This is the man who stated to police, that he took the keys of both the McCann apartment and the Oldfield apartment  on the Sunday evening, entered both properties and checked on the Oldfield child and the McCann children.

Oh dear - HE WAS LYING!

EVERYTHING about their actions sets alarm bells ringing!  None more so than the REFUSALS and what the REAL REASONS behind them!

The next pages detail the correspondence sent by the individual group members to Leicestershire police, as ‘middleman’ between the group and the Portuguese police.  An interesting read!

Details of all correspondence between the group, Leicestershire Police and Portuguese Police, PJ can be found on the McCannfiles:

A thank you, to Nige at the McCannfiles, his site is a marvellous source of reference from where I obtained the information on rogatory interviews/the communications between group and police.
April 2013

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