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On this date, I attached to these official papers 3 computer printed pages, relating to the description of the events, that have been collectively prepared by the nine people of the group in question, that was delivered to this Police Officer by the British Liaison Official, before the start of re-questioning of those same people.


Portimão, 10 May 2007





Jane Tanner


21.15   JT leaves the table and sees GM talking with fellow resident (“Jez” Wilkins) outside the apartment 5A.  The two were standing just up the hill from the gate towards Rua A da Silva Road.  She did not speak to GM as she passed.




So Jane Tanner in THIS account prepared by the group to be presented to the PJ before the re-interviews is said to have seen Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins, outside the gate of apartment 5A, in fact just up the hill from the gate.


Why would Gerry McCann be standing just up the hill from the gate if he had just exited the apartment by the gated entrance?  If he had done so he would not be just up the hill from the gate!


And if he was on his way to check on his children when Tanner saw him, rather than returning from doing, so then again, he would not walk beyond the gate unless of course he was heading for the front door entrance!


In this account prepared by the group Tanner also is said to have described the child carried by the man as follows:
  • The child appeared to be a Caucasian girl about the ages of 3 -4.
  • She was seen to lie motionless/limp in the man’s arms consistent with her sleeping or possibly drugged.
  • She did not seem to be wrapped up well for the time of night wearing only pyjamas, the trousers were lightly coloured with a floral element, possibly with turn-ups.  The top was not well seen though there is thought to have been another coloured involved, possibly pink.
  • She was not wearing shoes.


Well they sure transformed Tanner’s original description of the “bundle/child”  into  quite something – A now 3-4 year old female child, wearing turn-up leg pyjama trousers, light in colour with possibly a pink top!  No shoes.  Lying sleeping or drugged across the man's arms.


What a lot of thought our Gang of Nine put into these change of stories!

Something big must have needed to be hidden, covered up if it required them all, all nine of them to collectively prepare such statements, and making sure the PJ received them BEFORE they were next interviewed on 10th May 2007!


Has Andy Redwood gotten to the bottom of any of this?


The gang must surely be of enormous interest to him, his now investigation.  In particular the reason why they all got together and changed accounts of their movements and actions on the  night Madeleine vanished.

31st August 2013

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