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Tapas Timeline for PJ -2

Tapas Timeline for PJ – 2




On this date, I attached to these official papers 3 computer printed pages, relating to the description of the events, that have been collectively prepared by the nine people of the group in question, that was delivered to this Police Officer by the British Liaison Official, before the start of re-questioning of those same people.


Portimão, 10 May 2007




From the timeline prepared by the tapas group and presented to the PJ before the re-interviews on 10th May 2007, we have an account of Kate McCanns actions:

Kate McCann


22.00 (Approx.) KM leaves table to check children in 5A.  The patio gate is closed and the child gate is also probably closed.  She enters through the closed patio entrance, with the curtains closed. She crosses the living area and there is no noise from the children’s bedroom.  She is about to leave when she notices the bedroom door was open (approximately 60 degrees.)


She starts to close it and it slams.  Considering the patio doors had caused a draught, she checks these doors but they are closed.  KM returns to the bedroom and opens the door to check that the children were not disturbed by the noise.


At this point she notices that Madeleine is missing.  She checks the other single bed in the room and also Kate and Gerry’s beds.  Then she double checks that Madeleine was not in her bedroom again.  At this point she notices the curtains blowing forward with a gust of wind.   She runs over, pulls open the curtains and notices the shutters are completely raised, and the window pushed open to the left as far as is possible.


She then completes a check of the bathroom, kitchen and wardrobes.


On failing to find Madeleine she runs to the entrance of the restaurant shouting from the path leading to the restaurant area raising the alarm that Madeleine was missing.




1.   1. The child gate is probably closed?


Did not Kate McCann state the child gate was locked and this being one of her reasons as to why she knew Madeleine could not have left the apartment/patio area as the child was unable to open the child gate?  So why the - “probably?” 2

Why in this '3 pages' is it not stated with absolute certainty that this gate was locked when Kate McCann went to the apartment?


2.  2.  She notices the curtain blowing open with a gust of wind.  She runs over, and pulls them open?


How she managed to run with two cots in the middle of the room is anyone’s guess?


But let’s take it back a step – Before she made this “run” she had already checked the other single bed.  That is the single bed which was positioned directly under the window.


When she did this – how did she fail to realise the shutters and window were open?


No need to do a ‘spot the difference’ such are the many obvious differences between this account which was presented to the PJ on 10th May 2007 before the re-interviewing of the group, and Kate McCanns subsequent accounts of events, in her book, her diary, and in the documentary ‘Madeleine Was Here, not to mention all of her other statements and interviews!


It is interesting though that when the bedroom door slammed shut she did not, as most would, open it again.  Instead she walks according to this account, over to the patio doors which she has just come through, to check if they were open – surely she had not forgotten whether she closed them, not within a matter of seconds?  And of course this is a very different account from ‘Madeleine Was Here’ when she stood at the bedroom door and looked behind her over her shoulder to check if the patio door was open behind the closed curtains!


Just an observation, I note that the three computer printed pages presented by the tapas bunch are numbered in the files as 887, 889,890.


As there were only three pages presented according to the report - a simple mistake in numbering?

31st August 2013




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