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Thank You

Thank You

Thomas and Anita thank you both kindly for your 'welcome back' messages.

Thomas, you are spot on, if anyone, Lorraine Kelly, the one I mentioned, did put such question to the McCanns, it would as you say, not bother them.  In their usual fashion, they would worm their way out of it, as they always do.

Anita, I  held back from publication the post you requested that I should.  Your thoughts were of great interest.

As to the McCann kids mentioned in your post for publication.  You are so right, there will come a time, and perhaps not too long off when they will be in a position of having to decide what, and in whom they believe.  What a weight for young persons to have on their shoulders.  In teen years kids can find the littlest thing to get stroppy about, for young ones with the load the McCann kids will have, doesn't bear thinking about.   They are bound to feel great loyalty to their parents, but it would only be natural too if they have doubts. Will either of them ever be able to choose and be confident in what they feel happened to their sister, or will they forever live with nagging doubts as to the story told by their parents?  And yes they are twins, but they are individuals, they may not agree with each other, but perhaps it is good that they are two, and will be able to support each other.   

The actions of these parents when on holiday in Portugal are far reaching have affected so many lives and not in a good way (putting it mildly)    Young Madeleine of course lost her life (I don't doubt that not for a second (there would have been no reason for the many lies in this case had it been otherwise) and young McCann kids still at home with so much ahead for them to discover and have to face.  

No matter which story or which bits of the story the parents will tell them or they will discover, it is not going to be an easy ride.   Whether those kids were left night after night alone, in a locked or unlocked apartment, whatever was the situation.   It was a situation which absolutely should never have been.   The story told by their parents is utter nonsense.  If it is as the McCanns say that they left these kids night upon night alone, knowing they had been afraid, crying, and the parents ignored these facts, to leave them again in an unlocked dark and scary apartment - that is child abuse, that is gross negligence.   McCanns can dress it up any which way they want but they know.

If anyone out there believes what the McCanns have stated.
'that their actions were within the bounds of responsible parenting', they like the McCanns then don't know the first thing about the needs of kids, how to be a responsible parent, and should not have kids in their care.

If there is a police officer out there anywhere in the world who after examining the witness statements given by the McCanns and their buddies, and who believes their story, about the checking of the children, their movements of the adults in that group, on the night they reported Madeleine as missing, and pretty much all else, then they have chosen the wrong career path!  

If 30 + whatever it is officers on the Metropolitan Police Team investigating the disappearance of Madeleine have swallowed that nonsense then they should pack up now and go.   

If this team believe DCI Redwood, believe in his Crecheman.    Then this team cannot possibly believe the McCanns story because the Met story and the McCann  story  CLASH!

So indeed Anita, the McCann kids are in for a rough ride courtesy of their parents, and that is so terribly sad for them.  

And we are agreed that the McCanns behaviour these past years has done little to lighten, ease matters for these kids.

Their constant appearing on TV screens, their mother screaming like a banshee about how its NOT FAIR, she wants Dr Amarals money, and he's not handing it to her on a plate' like a spoilt, nasty rotten brat, and their father throwing temper tantrums with journalists, pushing his face in theirs in a threatening manner.  What horrible people.

If the McCann kids ever have to watch these, and it is probably quite likely that they have seen the last temper tantrums thrown by the McCann parents, a double act, outside the Court in Portugal, one equally as bad as the other, was pretty sickening viewing for an adult, watching it as the offspring of the duo...poor kids!

I could only think of those little kids back home watching their parents behave in the most disgraceful of ways, and of what these kids must face at school, and which will only get worse as they move on to 'secondary' school, I believe Kate McCann refers to it.

Storyteller, Kate McCann said, one of her kids the little boy heard on radio an item about Dr Amaral on radio.  She thinks it was on the school bus.  It is an outright lie.  We all know that.  There was no radio broadcast where any news presenter stated that Dr Amaral  had said the McCanns buried Madeleine.   And if we remember also, McCann buddy, Lorraine Kelly, went a step further in her telling of the tale and said that Dr Amaral was on the radio telling this story.

And of  course McCann made sure that her boy didn't hear this story in their home - oh no - it was the bus drivers fault!

Gimme a break.

Does anyone believe what comes out of this females mouth?

There would be more likelihood of the little boy seeing his parents on TV throwing temper tantrums than hearing a story on the school bus.

And it is that Anita which makes ones blood boil with these two. They just don't get it.  They don't get that the two remaining children need protecting.

They throw temper tantrums claim they have received death threats against the kids (which they have never produced any evidence of, and which the police appear not to have acted on either) and still they are out there in interviews, speaking of the kids, telling everyone what they say and do.

Are the actions of the McCanns the actions of parents whose kids have had death threats?

Why would anyone want to threaten these little kids?

If anyone had done so, it would have been splattered all over the news.  It would not just have been one of the run of the mill McCann poor us, stories.

Their conduct, like their stories is quite despicable.  Those poor kids!

And, very soon, if not now, these kids are what, 10 years old? the McCanns are gonna have to stop telling stories when being interviewed about what their kids allegedly said or did,because their kids are gonna know what their parents said, and when it is one of Kate's fabrications, the kids are gonna call them out on it.

The McCanns have, after the fact, over the years created the biggest mess, on an unbelievable scale, so many harmed by their actions, and for these kids to have to face that, to know that their parent's mess, will be, hopefully not their life, but it will be a part of, is tragically sad for the McCann kids.

I have wondered many times what goes on in the minds of the McCanns because it certainly has never been to put these two little ones before all else.  Far from it.

These kids as any child in such sad circumstances, the loss of a sibling, deserve so much better!

And if truth be told, the McCann kids in one sense, being so young when Madeleine disappeared, it would seem off the face of the earth, meant they will not have any real memory of her.   Even immediately after her disappearance, they may have said her name, but they were of an age that her not being around would have had no great impact. Little ones who were barely two years old would carry on doing what little ones do it would not have caused them upset in any way whatsoever.

Understandably their parents would tell them stories of Madeleine, but they themselves would not remember her, have any real memories.

In the now circumstances whether that helps these kids, whether they would grieve a sister they never got to know, is one for the psychologists to answer.

For sure though, the conduct of their parent's it is obvious to one and all the attention they seek and in the manner in which they do cannot be good for the McCann kids.

I guess too Anita what else these kids have to bear rather depends on how the McCanns conduct themselves.  Will they continue as they have been, or will they decide to put their kids first, put their happiness, welfare before all else, and behave with decorum when in public at least, something which has been lacking.

And of course it hugely depends on whether Madeleine is miraculously found alive and well.

But if we are to go on what their dad Gerry McCann said, he is NOT expecting her return. 

Gerry McCann

"...I hope we are going to look back at the end of all of this and say that we have done everything in our power..."

8.30 on recording

A parent would hope that the 'end' of all of this would be Madeleine's safe return, NOT that they have done everything in their power.

Kids are so very precious, and when we hear of people like the McCanns and their buddies who treated their kids so appallingly, when we read their witness statements, and  'hear' the ever so flippant remarks about the safety of their kids, as though that responsibility did not lie with them , it is utterly shocking.   And some of the McCann comments with regards Madeleine's disappearance, and the child herself, the cold way this couple can completely exonerate themselves distances themselves from any responsibility, comments such as, 'why would it be their fault if something happened to Madeleine  in their absence', in a period of time when the little kids were left on their own, quite frankly - chilling! 

In early days I gave them the benefit of the doubt as to some of their comments, thinking they are not thinking straight, in the terrible circumstances.   Time soon sorted that out.   Soon became clear that this is how these people are.  Now, nothing they say or do can shock me.  That is not to say their conduct is not shocking.   Just doesn't shock me now.  It is what is to be expected of them.  I now don't expect them to behave in any other way, but badly!

Sheila.   The shutters well they are a whole story of their own eh?   Anything in this case is possible, and it could well be as you say that Gerry was having a practice run. (I believe this story was about the shutters in the parents room, not the kids room, and in that room, it was patio doors, so large shutters here.  I could be completely wrong though Sheila) The only thing I would say in that case is that if they did break, depending what was the break, (did they come off the runners so to speak) he would then know that they could not be raised properly if the mechanism for raising/lowering the shutters was not used.  That is, if he was simply trying to force them up.  And do we know if, when Gerry was messing around with the shutters, was it from inside or outside the apartment?  Was he using the proper mechanism or just forcing them?   If he was simply forcing them, then as you ask Sheila - Why would he be doing that?  Why would he be applying the 'Gerry Touch' as you say?  I take it this is something that Kate McCann has said in one of her statements/book/diary/interview?   It sounds like a Kate McCann tale. So many she has thrown in to the mix, the stained pyjama tale comes to mind, which has one asking WHY?  I get where you are coming from Sheila, and as I say, with the McCanns, anything is possible.  It could be true that McCann broke the shutters, but I don't know the circumstances surrounding this particular story. Is it that he was supposedly just lowering/raising them in the usual way and they broke or was he trying them out to see, as you say if they would break?

If I recall correctly from their statements, Gerry McCanns, but I may be wrong, did he not say that during that week they did not check out the shutters or windows - to be sure they were closed/locked - at any time during their stay in the apartment?   I am almost certain this was his claim.  Something in back of my mind, thinking at the time that was most unusual for parents with such young children NOT to have checked out all dangers in an unfamiliar apartment on arrival. And windows on a ground floor apartment posed obvious danger from both inside and out.

I'll see if I can find McCanns statement where he speaks of not checking out the windows etc that entire week.

 the fleck in Madeleine's eye is one I see has been discussed many times.  If as you say, the McCanns have changed from this being something quite prominent, to being just a little fleck, why do they highlight it in the age progression picture.  Why indeed?    Track record of McCanns though, is ever changing stories!   Seems depends on what is discovered as times passes, that any story they have told can be re-hashed to suit, to fit with any new evidence or circumstance.

T9 Gone

How true.  Dr Amaral may have once been an officer of the law, but for these last what must have been, long years for him, his family, he has battled as a man alone, not as a police officer with the support of a team.  And so true also, that without Dr Amaral doing so, the case of Maddie would have been long buried.  It is Dr Amaral who has been the voice of Madeleine, and what a loud voice he has given her.


Yes Kate McCann did say she is frustrated by the slowness of the Portuguese authorities.  

But as you have pointed out, this from the lady who did not go out to physically search for her missing child not on the night the child vanished, and not in the days after when she remained in Portugal for many months.  Her other children placed in the creche during daytime, while she and he went jogging, played tennis, entertained their buddies, and family members who traveled over for what I like to refer to as a free vacation.   Interestingly they didn't allow maw and paw Healy to stick around, they got their marching orders, Gerry packed them off on a plane straight back to England,  out of his way. He had plans, an agenda to follow and maw and paw Healy were not included in same it would appear.  

None more chilling though, than that video of Gerry McCann, the Gerry McCann is Happy Video

...where he is clearly having a marvelous time, laughing his head off as he entertains buddies, just days after his child, as he claimed was snatched from her bed by paedophiles, and of course the happy couple days later at what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday, chirpy as birds strolling out from the church to greet their 'people'

Truly disturbing behaviour from parents whose child was missing being tortured by paedophiles.    Your point too of how Kate McCann said in interview that she returns to Portugal regularly, and walks the streets in search of Madeleine.   Load piffle!   Watching that piece of footage makes one cringe.  Kate McCann could not have come across less insincere if she tried.

When Fiona Bruce asks her if she goes to the local church when on one of her walkabouts in Portugal, Kate McCann replies: 

'Yeah, all that'

And I believe, the pair of them practice those ridiculous expressions they make in interview, always at the end when they have been asked a serious question about the child - a question which parents of a missing child would have no hesitation in answering, their emotions would be so evident, the hurt, their distress, they would not be able to disguise, the McCanns, they have to stop and think of what to say, and then they pull silly faces, expressions, which they no doubt think would be what other parents of missing children would have, if asked the very same question.  Nothing is from the heart, spontaneous.   Gerry McCann looks like Stan Laurel with his ridiculous expressions. A ringer for him.   And Kate, what can one say.  She struggles to even pretend sincerity.   The shrugging of the shoulders, the Elvis Lip Curl, her replies of  'yeah stuff like that' so cold.

In the particular interview you refer to, she did indeed say she walks the streets of Praia da Luz looking for answers!  Hmm!   But does so quietly as she knows some people don't want them there.

Once or twice a year she goes there, but at time of interview had not been for over a year.   This interview was around the time of the 7th Anniversary.  We are now fast approaching the 8th?  Has Kate McCann been out there since the interview, looking for answers, or is this years visit imminent?

I cannot imagine where or how she looks for answers?  

Those answers if this child was abducted she would have had more chance of finding on the night of the disappearance, more chance of finding the child if she had looked perhaps, gone out and searched.

More likely to have found those answers in the weeks and months she and Gerry McCann stayed in Portugal, before fleeing.  They had all day every day to do so as their twin children were at nursery.   They didn't!

And the fact that the placed their twin children in nursery the morning after Madeleine vanished is a mystery in itself.   Not knowing who took Madeleine (could have been someone from nursery) and they hand their remaining kids over to strangers!

Mothers don't do that, they keep their remaining children close, especially in the immediate aftermath of a paedophile having snatched one of their kids!

I can imagine as some say, if she knows where is Madeleine's resting place, that that might be more of a reason for her to be out there in Portugal.   Looking for answers?  I don't think so!

Patricia May

Thank you for your kind words, appreciated.  I have not published your message for obvious reasons.  I think the least said about the individual concerned the easiest mended.  I think from what I can determine, this person has seen the error of their ways, and is back on track, and hopefully dust will remain settled.  Sometimes a little push in right direction is needed to make some see the error of their ways.  

Again, thank you all for taking time to post your comments, always good to hear the views of others. It is so very much appreciated.
22nd March 2015
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