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The Charge of Pistorius

The Charge of Pistorius

"I ran back to the toilet, I ran straight into the door I tried to shoulder charge the door, nothing happened."

Oscar Pistorius

I've been listening to Pistorius describing how he went out, onto the balcony (this is
after he shot Miss Steenkamp) to shout for help.  Came in from balcony after shouting.  Put on his prosthetic legs.  Rushed back to the bathroom and charged at the toilet door.

It is my understanding (and as demonstrated in the Court Room today) that the toilet door opened outwards?

Why then would Pistorius charge at it throw his shoulder against it,  if it opened outwardly?

Was he trying to open it or trying to smash it with his shoulder?

Doesn't make sense.
14th April 2014
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