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The Cost

The Cost

1st OCTOBER 2014

Ben Thompson @ 2014

'...The disappearance of Madeleine McCann has without doubt touched the hearts and minds of two nations. Never before has there been a case that has been so prominent in the public arena as this one, but without sounding heartless why has this case been given such prominence over others, and at what cost to the two countries involved?
On 30th August 2014 Mrs S Rhosier made a freedom of information request to the Home Office in London. The content of this letter requested details of the cost of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and also raised some valid points as to why the vast amount of money allocated to this case hadn't been evenly distributed to other cases. The example Mrs Rhosier gave was of teenager Mary Bastholm who disappeared in 1968. Mary was just 15 years old when she vanished, and although her body has never been found it is the belief of the police that she was abducted and murdered at the hands of notorious serial killer Fred West
. This is the letter Mrs Rhosier sent:...'

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12th October 2014

'...Scotland Yard's review of the youngster's disappearance will be more than double the £5 million it was expected to cost...'
13th October 2014

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