Lying in the Sun

The Cot

The Cot

Crimewatch Video


12:47 on Video

Gerry McCann 

"I could see the twins clearly in
their cot."


May 2009

Madeleine Was Here

Kate McCann:  

"I could see Sean and Amelie in THE cot!


Madeleine Was Here 4/5

Matthew Oldfield:

"Pretty much from the approach down here you could see straight into the room so you could see the COTS as you were walking in so it never really felt like there was any real need to sort of go all the way into the room you could see both cots"

"All ...all I just knew is that I had an unimpeded view."

Oldfield in his statement to police described how he saw the twin children, one in each cot, he could see the movement of their little bodies as they breathed.  In this video he simply said he could see the cots.

Were the McCann twins in separate cots, or in the one cot?

Like everything else in this case, there are so many inaccuracies, inconsistencies and lies too of course, all of which make a difference to whatever is the truth of what became of little Madeleine...even down to those cots, their position and which children were in them, and of course which children Oldfield seen in the cots?

Oldfield said he had a clear view of the cots.
McCann said he could see clearly the twins in their cot.
Kate McCann could see Sean and Amelie in the cot.

But Kate McCann could not make out Madeleine in her bed, she was not able without going over to the bed the top of the bed, to establish whether Madeleine was in bed or not?

Gerry McCann from the same position, at the doorway easily saw that Madeleine was asleep in bed?

Does Kate McCann have very poor eyesight?

At the time she was in the bedroom one would imagine it was a little lighter than when Gerry was in, as when she was in the room the shutter was fully up she said, which surely allowed for even a little more light to filter through from outside than from when Gerry was in the apartment?

Andy Redwood in Crimewatch speaks of the positioning of the cots  20:40 on video:


It shows the cots pretty much jammed between the two single beds and very close to Madeleine's bed.  In a position which would not have allowed Oldfield to have seen what he said he did.

It prompted me to look for the actual pictures taken by the police at that time, of the bedroom where the McCann children slept.

The position of the cots is different from that of Crimewatch in as much as in Crimewatch production the cots are seen to be close together.

The actual pictures taken by police, show the cots to have a gap between them.

Either way, Matthew Oldfield absolutely could not have seen what he claims he did.

The cot closest to the chest of drawers is not in a position where Oldfield could have seen a McCann twin sleeping there, the movements of the child's body as it breathed.   Absolutely not could he have seen this from where he said he stood, and the position of that cot.

The other cot, it does not have a mesh side to it, like the other one did.

So again, unless Oldfield has x-ray vision, he absolutely could not have seen a child, or children, the movement of their little bodies as they breathed, whether one or both twins in either cot!

Oldfield lied!

How Andy Redwood and his team have not discovered this is shocking.

I don't know what game Andy Redwood is playing, but at the moment it isn't looking as though it is one that has Madeleine's best interest at the heart of it!

Like everyone else, I'm not quite sure what the McCanns and their despicable buddies are hiding exactly (like everyone else I have my thoughts in this regard) but one thing is for certain, they are hiding something, there would be no need for the lies, the silly stories unless they had something to hide.

And if they had not been so dishonest in their accounts of that night, the police would not have had anything to become suspicious of, and they in turn would not have needed to employ the biggest team of high profile lawyers which includes criminal lawyers to protect them.  

Never known the parents of a missing child to need the security of such a formidable legal team, and to still need their services six years after the child vanished?

They can argue they need them as they might be charged with crimes against their daughter.

But as I said, the police would never have suspected them, and they may still do, if it were not for the many, many inconsistencies in the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies.

Inconsistencies which have not as yet been explained.

Redwood hasn't explained them for sure.

He seems to have ignored them?   If the Crimewatch production had his blessing - then Redwood has chosen to ignore what is staring him in the face - the facts!

Facts which mean he really needs to get back to the drawing board and fast, not least because his rerrverlations are making him look like the dumbest cop on the planet.

Let's hope he proves myself and all who think as I do - wrong, that he really is working for Madeleine not her parents and their buddies - because they are certainly not looking out for her- if they were we would have not had to witness yet another account of the events of that night as per this group.

They say the Lord works in strange ways - Let's hope Redwood does too - but I won't hold my breath on that one!

I think the 'twins in their cot' and the 'I couldn't make Madeleine out' (in her bed) just another 'pyjama story!'

Some might say the positioning of the cot in Redwood's Crimewatch doesn't matter, it clearly does from the angle of Oldfield's statement, but also, for those who have never read what Oldfield said, and are only watching this for the first time anything to do with the Madeleine case - it is of the utmost importance that they are not misled in any way.

It is of the utmost importance for Madeleine, to discover her whereabouts, dead or alive, and what happened to her, that these documentaries are truthful, absolutely accurate, and to-date, that has not been happening!


As to Oldfield he's a man worth questioning!

Well aren't they all?
28th November 2013

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