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The Cyclists - 2

The Cyclists - 2

Our two keen cyclists will soon take to the open road.  Kate McCann and Fiona Payne, the best buddies!

The announcement of their cycle neatly timed to coincide with the 8th Anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.  With Martin Brunt's report that the British Police were not going to take any action against those named in the online vigilantes dossier, a report which Brunt presented without making any apology whatsoever for the part he played, which led to the death of an innocent lady Brenda Leyland, and which he shamefully introduced once more the despicable Summers and Swan who had, as in all McCann stories, 'added on' a new bit.  Seems they are the new spokespersons for the Metropolitan Police! But not just that, in their new piece Brenda Leyland was written of in the most sickening of ways.  This horrid pair S & S know that she was not the person as portrayed in Martin Brunt's Special Report, his door-stepping, yet here they all were back together doing their bit, no shame, doing what was needed to protect the McCanns.  The McCann family who knew absolutely that Brenda Leyland was to be door-stepped, knew absolutely of Martin Brunt's Special Report, no way they could not have.  And their buddie Jim Gamble how could we forget about him, part of the Special Report. Each and every one of them making no apology.  I guess advised not to by their legal teams.  Look out for number one is the attitude, not a simple statement of condolence if not apology from any of them.  Perhaps their legal teams advised that to do so would be an admission, an acknowledgement of what they had done on the lead up to Ms Leyland taking her own life.

Brunt sat there with his nice new report about the dossier introducing S & S also into the mix.  Where in this man's mind did it tell him this was a right and proper action?  Where in his mind does the death of Brenda Leyland fit as being a tragedy, a terrible loss of life that should never have happened?  Seems, nowhere.

If police had taken action, McCanns and all connected with them involved in the dossier, and Ms Leyland's death would have a whole lot of awkward questioning by police if not a Court case to contend with, and rather uncomfortable and unwanted attention.  Best the dossier was buried.

And of course at this same time McCanns announced the verdict of the case against Dr Amaral.

A nice neat package.  All they needed sorting out coming together at the 8th Anniversary.

All topped off with Kate and Fiona's sponsored cycle run.

What they did not forsee was a public who would be outraged at the verdict from Lisbon, and the dreadful stories that were then printed about Dr Amaral, and little in the UK press regarding missing Madeleine has not been shaped by their spokesperson Mitchell.

They showed their support of this good man by donating to a Fund to assist him with his legal fees so that he may be able to appeal the Court decision which legal experts are finding great difficulty in seeing the justice in such a verdict.

It would rather naive of us to imagine that the whole 8th Anniversary business was not well planned beforehand.  Kate's sponsored cycle was to be the highlight.   

Oh how 8 years on she was more determined to find her missing daughter.  Oh how she gushed telling of how her ass was saddle sore.  Poor thing!  Poor baby! Poor bum!

Her and best buddie Fiona were going to do it together, or no, perhaps not quite together, Kate McCann is to be the leader in the event!  Sure she'll find time for Fiona along the route.

Kate McCann and Fiona Payne are used to doing things together.

They sat together at the dinner table on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  

Kate telling Fiona that Madeleine and her baby brother Sean had been crying the previous night.

Kate telling Fiona of how Madeleine had asked why she had not come to them when they cried.

Kate telling Fiona she had left the patio door unlocked.

Kate asking Fiona if she thought that was a good idea.  The door being unlocked so that Madeleine if she woke, afraid, could get out of the apartment and go look for her and Gerry McCann.

This is the statement Fiona Payne gave to police, her account of what Kate McCann said at the dinner table that evening.

Fiona said she told Kate that it would be fine with the door unlocked, that Madeleine would be fine.

Fiona said that Kate seemed concerned at the door being left unlocked.

Fiona said that Gerry seemed NOT to be concerned at the door being unlocked.

What does Kate McCann say with regards that patio door being unlocked/Madeleine being able to get out?

Kate McCann said it was NOT POSSIBLE for Madeleine to be able to slide the patio door open and exit?


Kate McCann and Fiona Payne, both trained anaesthetists are the two who remained in apartment 5A after Madeleine was reported as missing, with the twin kids.  The kids who did not wake despite the banging, screaming, shouting, gusts of wind blowing throfugh the apartment causing doors to slam, through Kate and Gerry McCanns wailing, banging on walls doors, and despite the stream of people through the apartment, and the noise from outside of the many many people who were searching for the missing child.

Two doctors, anaethetists, who noticed the kids were not waking despite all the mayhem around them, Kate McCann, according to Fiona Payne, placing her hand over their mouths (checking for breathing?) but nothing more.

How extraordinary.  The McCann twins had, according to McCanns story been alone in that apartment with an abductor, a paedophile they thought.  Kids who would normally wake in the night but didn't, and they did not either of these two doctors, Fiona Payne or Kate McCann, or for that matter Gerry McCann the father think to either check the kids themselves for signs of having been drugged, which they could do easily and didn't bother to take them to a hospital to be tested.  Yet they were concerned as to why their kids did not wake they say.

What a strange friendship Fiona Payne and Kate McCann have.

How forgiving Kate McCann has been with Fiona Payne.  

Considering Fiona Payne gave police such a damning statement against Kate McCann one cannot help be astonished that she did not wish for Fiona Payne to suffer, to feel miserable to feel fear ( her wish for others, namely Dr Goncalo Amaral ) - before taking legal action against her.

Maybe she'll just push her off her cycle!

But it is NOT simply how Kate McCann and Fiona Payne handle these LIES.

The UK tax paying public are funding the Metropolitan Police investigation.

The public have donated to the McCann Fund which many are only now coming to understand that the funds were NOT all spent on a search for Madeleine, but on press agencies, spokespersons, teams of lawyers in Portugal and UK, all forms of protecting the parents.   Every penny as Gerry McCann claimed, was NOT spent on a search for Madeleine.

  • The public need this matter of Kate and Fiona Payne, their conflicting stories/police witness statements regarding that un/locked patio door cleared up.

  • The public need to know which of the two is being truthful, IF either of them.
And it needs to be cleared up FIRSTLY,as by lying, an investigation into the disappearance of young Madeleine was seriously compromised.  And to have lied to the investigation that is a crime also.

With regards their upcoming cycle where they are asking the public to sponsor them to give of their cash - the public have to be confident that the monies they collect will indeed be used for the purpose which they claim it will - given to Missing People (that sounds like a good reason in itself not to sponsor in my opinion) 

The public have to be confident that Kate McCann and Fiona Payne are BOTH honest and truthful of good character, as those conflicting police witness statements and stories after Madeleine vanished suggest something quite the opposite.  Even to those who support the McCanns their abduction theory the statement by Fiona Payne to police and Kate McCanns statements in televised interviews, tell a different story?

Time they, and the others in the group, cleared up a whole lot of matters in relation to missing Madeleine, which don't add up.

Dr Amaral's Fund is doing exceptionally well.

And for that reason I can only imagine that all that was being planned by Team McCann in connection with this sponsored cycle will now getting looked at very closely.

How do they tackle it now with so many people speaking out against them on the Fund Site for Dr Amaral.   So many people leaving such heartfelt messages of support for this good man.

For sure some BIG stories in support of Kate McCann and Fiona Payne will require to be shaped for press publication for this cycle.   Murdoch/Sky/Mitchell and all else on the Team working all out now I'll bet on the best possible way to promote them, whilst ignoring the success of the Fund for Dr Amaral, the huge support he has in the UK and beyond, or indeed shaping stories where they mention the legal fund for Dr Amaral but in a derogatory way.

There won't for sure be front pages filled with messages lifted from the Fund Site for Dr Amaral making headline news, or not rather not to be used in any good way.

So easy it was for them to lift twit messages at the time of the dossier and use them to support the McCanns build a story that did not account for the whole truth of matters.  A story spun for Team McCann.

But who said that the MSM care to be honest or fair?

Whichever road they choose to go down, few now will be buying it  if it is more of the same old same old stories shaped to protect the McCanns, in support of an abduction theory which in eight years never has there been one iota of evidence produced to support.

So many now telling the McCanns and their buddies - on your bike!

So much awareness has been raised of Dr Amaral's plight.

We must never forget the buddies in this tragic case.  They have remained silent and for a reason.

Fiona Payne must have thought the 8th Anniversary, the dossier being ditched by police, the death of Brenda Leyland, the inquest over, the verdict from the Court in Lisbon was the all clear signal to put her head above the parapet, show her face, and her sorry ass on a cycle alongside that of Kate McCann.

I reckon they thought that was the end of it that Dr Amaral would disappear that he would now be silenced.

Reading those comments on the Fund Site, his supporters, Madeleine's supporters, those who support the truth of this case being made known, those appalled at the treatment of Ms Leyland, those who support justice, those who support freedom of expression, they have other ideas on this one.

Please do, if you have read this blog, take a few minutes to visit the Fund Site and read the heart warming messages for Dr Amaral sent by good people who will not tolerate such unjustice.

All of those persons who have fought Dr Amaral's corner we owe a huge debt of gratitude.

Joana Morais in particular for all of these long years translating news from Portugal making it available online.  Information which would otherwise have been buried if McCanns had had their way.

Nigel Moore, McCannfiles

Anne Guedes, translating the Court proceedings in Portugal.

So many good people who have worked so hard to ensure that information which otherwise would not have seen the light of day, did!

I think there is one question which rather sums up this case - and it is

WHY have the McCanns, innocent they say of any wrongdoing whatsoever, required the services at huge cost, vast sums of money, monies they would never have in their lifetime ever earned or seen (these doctors were pretty hard up at the time of the child's disappearance) to be spent on press agencies, spokespersons and legal teams both in Portugal and UK, WHY?

They have got to be the only parents of a missing child to have acted as they have.
21st May 2015

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