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The Impossible Dream

The Impossible Dream



Gerry and Kate McCann have had a good innings.


Their daughter was reported as missing over six years ago, and in that time they have…well what can I say…gotten away with murder – not in a literal sense of course!


They have peddled their abduction theory, without a shred of evidence to support it.


They have used the monies donated by the public for the  Madeleine Fund, monies to be used in the best interests of the child, in failed legal actions which they raised against others.


Not at all the purpose the public intended their donation to be used.


They have employed numerous numbers of dodgy detectives, all crooks, and lost £hundreds of thousands to these persons, which doesn’t seem to have bothered the McCanns in the slightest!


None of these people being sued? 


No headlines in the UK press in this regard?


Their latest private detective - redundant at the moment, as the UK taxpayer is now paying for the current shambolic supposed search for Madeleine headed by DCI Andy Redwood, Metropolitan Police - stated in evidence at a recent libel trial - that he is the only professional private detective the McCanns have ever employed!


He is wrong on two counts.


The others were professionals – professional crooks!


And nothing whatsoever professional about his actions either – as he has ‘looked the other way!’ 


He demonstrates this in the documentary – Madeleine Was Here!


When it comes to the police files – He just didn’t look at all.


He admitted in a Court of Law, at the libel trial now taking place in Lison that he had NOT read all that is contained in the police files.  


How then could he conduct a proper investigation into the child’s disappearance.   He therefore cannot be considered an authority on this case.


I hope the McCanns sue him, as they paid this man for a service which he clearly didn’t provide!  Spending once again public donations to do so.


Then we have the £70,000 per annum McCann spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell who has created the stories in the press by way of protecting the McCanns – and failing the missing child - a professional liar – I believe is the proper job description!


Why would the innocent parents of a missing child employ a spokesperson at such cost?   And, how can they afford it?


In the early days after Madeleine vanished the McCanns were having their mortgage paid for through the Madeleine Fund.


One can only take from that, that they did not have any personal funds, private savings, to pay for their lifestyle - else to have done so was morally wrong?


The point being though – Clarence Mitchell – hardly a necessary expense!


The truth of the evening Madeleine vanished was and is all that they had to tell the police.

Abundantly clear from the police witness statements given by them/their holiday companions that they didn’t do that! They were not honest in their accounts.

Had they done so they would not find themselves in the situation they now do and for which they and they alone are responsible.


When reading their statements – There is no mistaking their reason for requiring and acquiring the services of a paid story-teller like Mitchell.  Scum in my estimation.


That they and he would act as they have, paid more attention to their own interests, what the public thought of them, than the missing child…despicable!


The companions lied through their teeth, and that is plain to see, not some myth on the internet, or evil people inventing stories in this regard.


The Official Police Files are online for all to read, to ‘hear’ what these people stated to Portuguese Police and in their own words.


If there is one thing the police files do tell us – regarding the Tapas Bunch – that is, that they have lied!


No amount of spin and story-telling by Clarence Mitchell can erase this.


Their reason for doing so, now that is a quite different issue!

Was it to protect the McCanns, the entire group – as they all had neglected their children, inventing stories of checking systems, to cover for themselves, but in so doing, leaving no room for any abductor to enter and take the child?

Forcing Kate McCann to make the following statement:

August 2007 

"They've been watching us over a matter of days, I'm sure, you know, they know.. you know, they must have known that Gerry had just been into the apartment and then.... you're right, there was only a SMALL window of opportunity but.. you know"

Or, for some other, more sinister reason?


No matter what the reason – they LIED and it is for police authorities to discover – why?

The entire group all refused to return to Portugal to assist the Portuguese Police with their investigations to discover what became  of Madeleine.

Kate McCann refused to answer when questioned by police more than 40 questions.   It was her legal right to do so.  But one must question why the mother of a missing 3 year old would jeopardise a police investigation, jeopardise the life of her child, by doing so?

The investigation asked her did she understand that by not answering that this is what she was doing.   She replied 'If that is what the investigation thinks.'

They are now suing a retired Portuguese Police Officer, and their case is going very badly, as witness after witness called by the McCanns, their family members and various others have taken the Stand given evidence some of which has not been truthful.  Most of it heresay.

And astonishingly, when asked , cross examined by either the Judge, or the lawyers for the defence - how exactly do they know, or how can they explain, a particular statement they have made - they have replied - that Kate McCann told them so!  

They were in attendance in a Court of Law supposedly giving evidence of something they had witnessed or experienced first hand - and they reply 'because 'Kate (Gerry) McCann told them so!'

Well that is alright then eh?   As we know that everything Kate and Gerry McCann have said since their daughter was reported as missing has been the honest truth!

If the McCanns had any credibility left, this libel trial has put paid to that!

The Metropolitan Police Investigation is an interesting one with Redwood heading it stating that the McCanns their companions are not suspects, and that the soon to be screened Crimewatch programme will not present them as such.


Now as I have said before, unless Redwood and his team are masterminds...

(and sorry Andy mate, no offence but you are not coming across as the brightest pebble on the beach – and what is it with this posing for photographs at the Belgravia Office – Hoping for a ten page spread in Metropolitan Police Magazine - Hello, Hello, Hello?  Not sure a photo-shoot of a Met Officer is where the taxpayer thought their money was to be spent, and more sure that there must have been something better you could have been spending time on - looking for Madeleine?)

...and all of the utter nonsense he has spouted since commencing this review is part of some ingenious plan – then we can only say that Redwood has quite another agenda going on – and it’s not to discover what became of Madeleine, it is to prevent others discovering what became of her!


The first step in this would be to give the McCanns a much needed make-over…but it would have to be done gradually, and indeed it has.

One year into his ‘never before seen’ ‘never before done’ investigation, he told us that Madeleine is either alive or she is dead.  But still he spoke of an abductor.

That was to be our first clue as to how this review by the Met would continue.  The 'abduction seed' was sewn.

Another year on and we had him confirm (in his 'please believe me' speech) that he had genuinely new leads, and genuinely believed Madeleine could be alive, as he had genuinely new witnesses, who he genuinely could not refer to as suspects…oh and he threw in also that the McCanns and their holiday companions were not suspects.


Same status, as the genuinely, new witnesses then? – All, McCanns included simply witnesses of some description.

He announced this as he had done the previous year at the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and with the same fanfare the McCanns create at that time of year.


He stated also at this time that there was an upcoming libel trial and that it was unfortunate that his further investigations – interviewing his new witnesses would clash with same!


But Andy could very easily have interviewed these people quietly without fuss.  In fact I am surprised that months down the line from telling the world of these witnesses he seems not to have interviewed them all – and their numbers hardly on the same scale as the thousands of mobile phone users – hell if in the space of a few months he couldn’t interview 38/41 persons of interest and have them ruled in/out – we’ll all be in the ground before he manages to track down thousands of mobile phone users!


99% of whom, one of Redwood’s officer said are innocent.


Of course they are you dumpling whoever you are! (Loud laughter)


But Redwood’s actions demonstrate there is no urgency in interviewing of witnesses, and that, I believe, is because he has no genuine belief that Madeleine is alive.  How can he have when he is working at snail’s pace?

And the McCanns it would appear are in no hurry either unlike when the Portuguese Police were investigating - they complained constantly.   Yet the Met have been handed the files on a plate, the work basically done for them...and the McCanns are happy to go along with it...What does that tell us?


Let us call a spade a spade, how can Redwood possibly have this belief that Madeleine is alive if he has read the police files?  But that won’t stop him, and hasn’t stopped him making nonsense statements to the press over past two years.


Bear in mind it was the Portuguese who investigated, who did the leg work, compiled these police files, and in much lesser time under much more pressing and stressful conditions, and yet the Metropolitan Police have taken 2 years 6 months and the only thing they can come up with is to check the phone numbers of people who have nothing whatsoever to do with this case.

And realistically - that is never going to happen!

The Metropolitan police tell us of the vast amount of information contained within the file.  They do so to justify the length of time they are taking – which serves to prove that the Portuguese Police investigation was extensive, and thorough!


The fact the McCanns don’t like the conclusion reached... That's another story!

Redwood was quick to tell us the McCanns and their companions, he does not consider as suspects – Seems that, unlike the other witnesses (loud laughter) they were fast-tracked to innocent status!

Or rather non-suspect status, as Redwood cannot deem them innocent, only a Court of Law will do for that one!


Seems they had to be fast-tracked.


There was a libel trial soon to come one that if justice is served, they could not possibly win.   One they tried to get out of after years of accusing the now retired Portuguese Police officer of the most outrageous actions.  But we will get back to that in a moment.


The next stage of Redwoods instruction - to paint what is black, white -was the appearance of the 'tainted ones' who had become more pink as the years passed -  on Crimewatch!


Some may think this Crimewatch appeal is all for Madeleine!


Think again!


This is all for Kate and Gerry McCann to save their sorry asses, and to detract also at this point in time, from the Truth of the Lie, Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book!

Remember, Redwood said months back that his interviews would clash if not with the actual libel trial dates, but with matters concerning the libel issue – The timing of his latest, and the media frenzy was planned, it is no coincidence.


Not forgetting the Portuguese (?) journalist who spoke to Gerry McCann outside the Court in Lisbon, who asked McCann his thoughts on what was ‘going to happen in the coming…next few days’

Did this guy somehow know what was about to happen - the announcement of their appearance on Crimewatch?

And McCann he knew that the guy was not talking about the next few days of the libel trial as in reply he refers him to the Metropolitan Police investigation.


And if anyone has any doubt over this ‘McCann make-over’ 


Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, Mark Rowley: –


“In view of the history of this case and how the McCanns were presented originally this is the first time they will have sat alongside police officers.


From their perspective it is quite significant.”


Significant for the McCanns because it would show them working with the police!

(as opposed to working with the pretendy cops those they hired at huge cost to the Fund?)

No of course he is not referring to the pretendy private detectives, the criminals the McCanns employed.

He is referring to the Portuguese Police!

Does Rowley not realise how shocking his statement - that this is the FIRST time that the McCanns have worked with police, and not against?

Indeed Rowley!

And when did it become the duty of Scotland Yard to take on Clarence Mitchell’s role, and get involved in presenting to the public ‘the new look’ McCanns?

When did it become their responsibility to portray the McCanns as now 'working with' the police?'   To let the public see this?

The public expect of any parents whose child has disappeared under the most mysterious of circumstances as Madeleine did, to fully co-operate with police authorities, IN THE COUNTRY FROM WHERE THE CHILD VANISHED!

What exactly is it the McCanns want now - A Gold Star for effort?

This investigation (The Mets) is by their own admission not nearly at completion stages.  Anything could turn up – information which shows the McCanns and their companions to be involved, or not as the case may be.

But at this moment in time the Met - don't have any suspects, any evidence of an abduction having taken place.

The Metropolitan Police, should absolutely not be 'presenting' the McCanns to the public in any way at all, neither for better or worse. 

They should not be attempting to influence public opinion in any way with regards the public perception of this case.

  • Unless of course Andy Redwood has absolute proof that they were not involved in any way in their daughter’s disappearance, and can demonstrate this.

  • Unless he can explain fully the lies contained within the police witness statements given by the group who holidayed with McCanns and how this matter has been resolved.

  • Unless he can explain this and so much more!

More importantly he is working from the police files -

  • Unless he can explain why and where exactly within the police files, he parts company with the findings of the Portuguese Investigation?


Rowley has in effect stated that the original investigation is NOT favourable to the McCanns – and that the Crimewatch programme, its purpose to ‘change public opinion' of them.


History cannot be changed.


The McCanns are who they are.  Have done what they have done, and that cannot be changed either!


This Crimewatch programme, the Metropolitan Police’ their shameful press releases and Redwood posing for pictures in the ‘nerve centre’ is nothing short of embarrassing to see, and a huge ‘age progression’ picture of Madeleine on his desk only adding to his stupidity, an insult to the intelligence of others.

£5/6m of UK taxpayers money and Redwood is posing like a pansy flower!

Had there been 'product placement' it would have come as no surprise – Oh arh Andy, some home grown onions, somewhere in the background - or some good quality rubber wrist bands!

There is not a doubt in my mind that Rowley’s Revelations:-

Of fresh, new and substantive, information/material, not previously presented – is aimed more at trying to change the public perception of Gerry and Kate McCann than it is to finding an alive and happy Madeleine.

Still it is not sufficient evidence to have the case re-opened in Portugal and that is what matters - a proper re-opening of this case!

The Metropolitan Police know, the same as police world over, that sadly and tragically, Madeleine McCann most likely died in apartment 5A the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz!

Rowley can throw a different light on the case with whichever spin he chooses – sandwich the McCanns between, however many Met Officers he chooses, if he thinks that is what will make them more appealing, more credible, give them halos to wear for added effect, in their to attempt to demonstrate the McCann willingness to work with police but it is all too late.

So many now can see them for what they are.  Manipulative and all else that we already know of them, but for me - and still not having been completely honest as to the events of 3rd May 2007 when young Madeleine was lost without trace.   The most shocking aspect of their latest antics, their 'see, see me' campaign, is the way in which they and their family members have willingly abused and used the twin children.

And this libel trial has backfired big time for them.  

That is not to say they will not win - stranger things have happened.

But what has emerged from this trial is the lengths they will go to, to harm another.   It has shown their greed, their bitterness, their hatred, their need to be in control, their need to prevent the public knowing the truth!

And they may just have succeeded in doing so, but they had not bargained for a member of the public to be present at each and every hearing, for the amazing lady, Anne Guedes, to have brought to us in her transcriptions, the events from inside the Court.

The work involved in this must be tremendous, yet Anne has done what not a single UK journalist member of the press was able or willing to do, and singlehandedly.

The press in UK were happy to continue reporting one side of the story!  Happy to not report that the McCann witnesses were digging a hole for themselves as they lied and bluffed their way through each session.   Often tripping themselves up, in so doing - landing Kate and Gerry McCann in deep and serious trouble...their action against Dr Goncalo Amaral being shown for what it is - malicious!

To simply say 'thank you' to Anne,  just doesn't seem enough!

This libel trial, and the magnificent Anne Guedes her work - has meant Andy Redwood's job of painting these people white - just got more difficult.

Unless he can come up with some solid proof that the child was abducted – and he clearly doesn’t have this, only the bright new story, which he will present on Sixty Minute Makeover - Crimewatch, with Gerry and Kate McCann sitting alongside him - then he is in trouble.

The public are not gullible.  They never were.  They were just kept in the dark as to the truth of matters and fed the stories created by Clarence Mitchell on behalf of his clients McCann.

It is all unravelling now!

As for Andy Redwood telling us that this Yard review of this case was being looked at with fresh eyes, not looking back but looking forward - then Mark Rowley just blew that out of the water when he spoke of the history of this case and of how the McCanns were presented previously, back in time, of how the Crimewatch programme would show them in a different light!

Not only is that going backwards - it is not the remit of the Metropolitan Police to provide the McCanns with PR assistance.   

The UK taxpayer are paying for this nonsense, while the McCann Fund bears no expense!

The McCanns if they thought that they could continue indefinitely with Funds, stories, and suing others, hindering police investigations, bullying - they have had a sharp wake up call in Lisbon with the libel trial.   And no amount of PR provided by the Metropolitan Police will change matters.

If their dream was to continue living the lie - that has become IMPOSSIBLE!
5th October 2013

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