Lying in the Sun

The Libel Trial


The Libel Trial


Send in the Clowns



Isn't it rich?

Oh how they dare…

To try to take money from others,

Without a care,

Good people they hope,

Will be left in despair

Their lives, destroyed,

Their children, no home anywhere,

But what do they care? 


What a God awful pair… 


They sent in their clown,

Clarrie the Clown,

For six years he’s been running

Good people…

Into the ground,

With his lies, and their tales,

He and the despicable duo

Do dare…

To destroy the lives of others,

How little they do care


What a God awful affair! 


Kate eggs her clown on,

Her loyal ‘source’ he is known...

Throughout the years,

Spitting Kate’s hatred and bile…

And in her own style,

She spits too, from the rear,

Wishing others to suffer…

Much Misery and fear!

Oh how she does dare,

How little for others do they care,

Their greed drives them on... 


What a God awful pair! 


Isn’t it rich?

Isn’t it queer?

That they’ve managed to get away with it,

All of these years,

Their Timeline is lies,

And that is why..

The Portuguese Police, they do despise,

For they saw through... 

The stories and lies,

But still they do dare,

Without a care,

To silence a good man…


What a God awful pair! 


Oh how they love farce,

But the public don’t want

What they want,

So no apologies here,

We’d rather the truth…

Be like music to our ears!

So stop acting like clowns,

Time to get things made clear,

Madeleine can’t wait for the truth

For another long year,

One wonders... do they really care? 


What a God awful pair! 


Gerry’s  story too,

Seems any version will do…

Finally when we thought

He’d stopped opening doors,

He dares make his entrance again (and again, and again)

Oh how he dare,

To pretend he had flair,

As he delivered one of his usual lines,

But lying each time…

How little of the truth…

They are prepared to share…

Only for their careers, did they ever care! 


What a God Awful pair! 


It isn’t bliss,

The public don’t approve,

As the duo tear around,

Trying to make it impossible for others to move…

Their hatred they cannot hide,

But they cannot stop the tide,

Should come as no surprise,

The truth seekers won’t drift away.

Not when Madeleine has still

To have her best day!

Oh how they dare,

How they just don’t care. 


What a God Awful Pair! 


At the Court they will fail,

Truth and honesty will prevail,

No one will believe...

Their Fairytale…

Oh how they’ve tried,

Oh how they’ve lied,

Oh how they dared

To make others feel scared,

Using Madeleine’s Money in this way,

They have always been prepared..

How little they cared.


What a God awful pair!  


Here at last at the Court,

What a surprise,

Who could have foreseen,

The accusers are...

Nowhere to be seen,

They’re not on the ground,

Nowhere to be found,

Fighting for Madeleine,

And they’re just not around!

How little they do care,


What a God awful pair! 


So where are the clowns?

They ought to be there,

Their absence because…

Their case... is up in the air?

There ought to be clowns,

Where are the clowns?

To Portugal they haven’t sent in the clowns,

They didn’t bother coming?

They’re just not here?


Well maybe next year…
7th September 2013

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