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The Long & Short of It

The Long & The Short of It

In my earlier blog (Guestbook Reply) I addressed the issue of Madeleine's pyjamas.

  • The Smith Family said the child they saw wore a LONG sleeved top.
  • McCanns say Madeleine was wearing a SHORT sleeved top.

How can this be reconciled?

Interestingly when Andy Redwood created Crecheman, which I believe he did, he chose to dress the 'child of Crecheman' in a LONG sleeved top.

I wonder how much consideration Redwood gave to the choice of long or short sleeved pyjamas?  Did he take the description by the Smith family into account?  What were the deciding factors as he has to have given this a fair amount  of thought?

If he had said short sleeved, and as he has stated he is only ALMOST certain that Crecheman is this Brit dad, that would have rather left the door wide open for McCanns to still claim it must have been Madeleine, as it stands, he has left it open a crack for them, by saying 'almost' and opting for the long sleeves!

Perhaps someone out there has already figured it out how the child in the Smith sighting could be Madeleine in LONG sleeved top?

Smith family mistaken in what they saw? - Not likely!
McCanns lying about the type of pyjamas? - Likely!
The alleged abductor changed Maddie's pyjama top?  Not likely!
18th January 2015

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