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The Lost Opportunities

The Lost Opportunities

In 2012 Andy Redwood spoke of his 195 investigative opportunities.

In 2013 Andy Redwood spoke of his 195 investigative opportunities.

But what are they?  Where are they?  What has he done with them?

In 2012 Kate Garraway, Daybreak presenter attempted to find out the answer to the above, but it seems that DCI Andy Redwood, in 2012 was unable to, answer, other than to say he “found” the 195 opportunities in the police files, the history – 

In the UK he said he is unable to find an answer to his ‘195’ he continued by saying that this is where his really important dialogue with the Portuguese takes place.

Daybreak Presenter 2012

Kate Garraway:

We’ve heard mention, of these '195 investigative opportunities’. What does that, what does that mean?  Does that mean, leads, chances of finding Madeleine?


Yes, well our responsibility, we have a unique position, if you like, in terms of where we are at present. We are drawing together three key strands, never done before - UK, Portuguese and private investigation material all into one place in our incident room at Belgravia - and it is through that process that
we are identifying investigative opportunities in our careful, systematic trawl through the material - err so those 195 have come from our review of the history…

Kate Garraway:

So those things have been basically…been tied together? – links – links and…


Yes. This history of the case, where we’ve obviously started, is one part of the review, and that is where those 195 opportunities come from…across a broad range of issues...but it’s just simply that we’re unable to answer them in the United Kingdom, which is where our really important dialogue with the Portuguese police takes place.


In 2013, one year after Redwood spoke with Kate Garraway – Redwood had this to say of his 195:-

Sky Reporter: 

What has changed have you had new evidence, new information, what has changed to lead you to open this investigation.



Well as we have worked carefully over the last sort of two years through that review process, we have now processed some 30,000 documents and some of those documents could have say one page some have got hundreds of pages.  From that you will recall last year that I said we had 195 investigative opportunities. 

We have now generated over 3,800 actions and it is from a careful analysis of that work that we have been able to establish new thinking and we have spoken to witnesses who have provided new evidence for us.


But clearly not any ‘new evidence’ which would allow for this case to be re-opened in Portugal.   But is a re-opening what is being aimed for?

Indeed too, we do recall that Redwood said he had uncovered 195 investigative opportunities.   Opportunities he also said he required the assistance of the Portuguese to further investigate.

Still he does not explain the outcome, assuming he has, in the year since first bringing the 195 to the attention of the public in 2012, investigated the 195?  

Or are we to take it from his rather ambiguous statement that the 195 investigative opportunities led to 3,800 actions?

The 195 is sounding pretty much like the - 20 suspects, which grew overnight almost, into 38 suspects, who were not really suspects at all, but persons of interest, who may or may not have any information which would throw some light on this investigation.

So does Redwood have 195 investigative opportunities which a year on since their discovery he has not followed up?


Does he have, 195 investigative opportunities which grew and grew and grew into 3,800 actions?

If the 195 opportunities led to 3,800 actions, actions which led to Redwood’s, new thinking, new theories, new evidence, one, would have to assume that those actions have been carried out for him to have reached any conclusions?  

And, if as Redwood said he required the assistance of the Portuguese to investigate his 195:

“but it’s just simply that we’re unable to answer them in the United Kingdom, which is where our really important dialogue with the Portuguese police takes place.”

Do we understand this to mean that the Portuguese have in fact carried out interviews, investigated on Redwoods behalf,  Redwoods 195 opportunities/3,800 actions – as, as we know the Metropolitan Police cannot do so on Portuguese soil without the permission and assistance of the Portuguese?

Or, should that be re-investigated, as, as these 195 opportunities came from the history of the files, they would, one would imagine, already have been investigated by the Portuguese Police in the original investigation?

Further, the ‘all important’ letter requesting such authority had not been sent to Portugal at the time of the 2013 interview given to Sky by Andy Redwood.

So where is Redwood really with his 195/3,800 opportunities/actions?

Redwood in 2012 said of the Madeleine case being re-opened:

Daybreak Presenter

Dan Lobb:

But you, you still, you still have that hope, do you…and that’s what you’re pushing for?


Yes, absolutely…100%, the dialogue I have with my colleague in Portugal is very positive, and they do want to reopen in due course.


How long is ‘in due course?  A bit like, a piece of string really…

So what now in 2013 are the intentions of Redwood/Metropolitan Police:-

Do they still push for the case to be re-opened in Portugal? 

Have they been pushing for a re-opening? 


through this latest move, their now investigation do they plan to push for an identified culprit, provided s/he/they are British, and provided Redwood can come up with one, as thus far he appears to have nothing – else this case would have been re-opened - to be tried in a Court of Law in England as opposed to a re-opening in Portugal?

But would a re-opening in Portugal not involve a reconstruction of events?

Something the McCanns and their companions absolutely want to avoid at all costs.

Do the Metropolitan Police want to avoid this at all costs too, one wonders?

Based on the statements given by the McCanns and their friends - the Metropolitan Police don't want to go there, don't want to touch with a barge pole a reconstruction, based on the McCanns statements!

The views of Goncal Amaral on exactly this, the reconstruction, the Metropolitan Review of the case, and Redwood’s 195 make interesting reading and are very informative.


JS Judite de Sousa (JS) interviews Goncalo Amaral (GA)


But it becomes difficult for those that are viewing and listening to us to comprehend for what reason the political power in London or a police with the prestige of Scotland Yard are so focused, committed on this case, five years later, particularly since the process has long been archived in Portugal. 

What do you think is the true motivation behind this review?


Do you really believe that they are focused, committed?

They speak about a 28-man squad, from the Scotland Yard... Allow me to inform you that it is just a metropolitan police of a city, of the city of London.

Here in Portugal the investigation was done by the Judiciary Police, a much higher rank police, with jurisdictional competence for the whole country, which is not the case of the Metropolitan police.

Let's be clear about this, we [Portuguese Judiciary Police] are what we are, but maybe we can be equally or even better than they are - that is the issue.

Now, concerning those 284 police officers, they investigated (the case files)5 and arrived to the conclusion:

"We have 195 hypothesis of".

Well, the question is why do they still have 195?

Why not just 5?   Don't you see?


So you think that they say 195, just as they could say 10, 15, 20, 200, 300?


They have to justify the money they have spent.

It would have been better if they had said only five. That would have been meaningful it would mean that they had closed the range of possibilities.

To say, that they have 20, 30, 40, 195, 200, 300, 400...

Look, of sightings by psychics, dreams by mediums, we had hundreds, dozen, thousands of those, take your pick.

Now facts, indicia, all that is in the report made in September of 2007 put together by the Judiciary Police and by the English police - let's not forget the fact that it was the local police where the McCann couple lives that was working with us, not the Metropolitan police.

Here we have the Judiciary Police that has the national competence to investigate criminal cases, for a good reason... Therefore that that was established [in the report] at the time cannot be refuted.

Why are they asking us to re-open the case now?

It's important to re-open the process but as Dr.Rogério Alves [McCann couple lawyer, mentor of their legal strategy in Portugal] said recently "there must be solid facts" to re-open the process.

He knows very well that when the process is reopened, one step will immediately ensue, and that is the reconstruction of the facts [events of May 3, 2007].

And that reconstruction of the facts, that may be useful or NOT for those who were suspects, has to be done, it's the first step that needs to be done in proceeding terms in Portugal. And that didn't take place...


Gonçalo Amaral, so you defend that the process should be re-opened?


Yes I do.

I have always defended the re-opening 6, actually it's something the McCann couple NEVER defended, only recently, after two or three years, they've started to defend a review of the sightings - and that is what is being done.

The re-opening of the process in Portugal, with all the indicia that are contained in the process, it was NEVER defended by them.

Note that when the process was archived in 2008, there were three suspects:   Robert Murat and the McCann couple.

Any of the three could have opposed to the process archival, some received 500.000 pounds of compensation from the British media whilst others kept quiet.


Because it WASN’T IN THEIR INTEREST FOR THE INVESTIGATION TO CARRY ON - but the investigation needs to go on.


Are you talking about the child’s parents?


I am talking about all of them, of all those that were considered suspects.


**Recently the press reported that Robert Murat has stated that the case should be re-opened.   Whether he has or can take formal action in this respect?

As for Gerry and Kate McCann, I have yet to come across any statement where they have acknowledged their wish for the case to be re-opened by the Portuguese authorities, and where they and their companions would be prepared to do what is right and proper and participate in a reconstruction of the night Madeleine was reported as missing, or where they have made any formal application to the Portuguese authorities in this regard.

Perhaps others know more on this..?

But what of the 195 opportunities - did they ever exist?  Or like Madeleine, lost somewhere?
4th August 2013
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