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The Man in the Mirror


The Mirror brought the story of Madeleine’s captor perhaps being discovered through DNA on the curtains, the curtains which hung in the bedroom where the McCann children slept whilst on holiday in Portugal.

So let’s look at the curtain story by Kate McCann now that the Mirror has raised it!

The curtains that Kate McCann said went WHOOSH!

But before we do first a little background!

Kate and Gerry McCann said that the shutters on the window of the children’s bedroom had been jemmied open.

It was soon discovered that they had not told the truth on this count – police confirmed that the shutters had not been jemmied at all.  In fact, they had been opened from the inside!

More concerning is that the McCanns claimed, in a phone call to family/friends to have 'seen the damage to the shutters'

How can that be, when there was NO damage to the shutter?

Clarence Mitchell, McCann spokesperson had to therefore retract the statements the McCanns had made in this regard.  They had to concede that the shutters had NOT been jemmied, which in turn meant that no one had entered that apartment through the kid’s bedroom window.  

(Disturbingly, around 4 years after Madeleine's disappearance Gerry McCann was still, despite knowing those shutters had not been jemmied open from the outside, despite knowing their spokesman Mitchell had been forced to retract their statements in this regard, McCann was still spinning this tale on the Tubridy Show, telling the world how he had on the night Madeleine vanished, gone out to the window and opened the shutter with ease.

If this was so, that he had dicovered he could open the shutter with ease - WHY did they phone their families that night back in the UK and tell them the shutters had been jemmied and they had witnessed the damage?

If McCann was out there tinkering with those shutters he quite obviously could see there was no damage!

But that was the story the McCanns had told the world, that someone had jemmied open the shutters and gone in the apartment and removed Madeleine!

Oh what to do, what to do, what to do?

The shutter NOT being jemmied created problems for the McCann story, not least:

  • If the alleged abductor had not come in through an open window, why would he leave by one?
  • The fact was the McCanns had told the world that the WINDOW WAS OPEN when Kate McCann went to do her check on the kids.

They could concede it wasn’t opened from the outside, but what they, or rather Kate McCann could NOT do was now say – ‘OH I MADE A MISTAKE, THE WINDOW WASN’T OPEN AT ALL.

She had given this story to not only the press, but had phoned home and told all of her relatives this same tale, and they in turn had repeated it to the media.

How was she to get out of that one?   The window had to stay "open."


Mitchell decided the best course of action was to say –

'Well okay, NO ONE came in that window but Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the belief that someone left through the open window!

Well that’s one way of trying to get out of a sticky situation!  Just announce to the world, that Kate and Gerry McCann FIRMLY believe someone exited by the window but NOT give any explanation whatsoever as to HOW the alleged abductor had entered the apartment for him to then exit through an open window.  Just bluff it with all this 'FIRMLY BELIEVE' nonsense, leave it at that, leave everyone to assume that this alleged abductor had gained access through one of the two doors, and then had opened the window and shutter to climb out!

All Mitchell would add to his ridiculous statement -  ‘that Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the belief that an abductor exited the apartment through an open window’ was to say:

'that the alleged abductor did so without tampering with anything'


Well that makes it all okay then – if Kate and Gerry McCann FIRMLY believe someone left through the window then it must be true!  Just as true as their FIRM belief that an abductor had jemmied open the shutter and gone IN the apartment through the open window – THAT WAS UNTIL THE POLICE PROVED OTHERWISE!

Mitchell’s retraction, STILL doesn’t tell us how they FIRMLY believe the alleged abductor got IN?

And that folks is something you will NEVER hear from Kate or Gerry McCann, or from Mitchell, or from DCI Andy Redwood.   NONE of them will give any explanation as to HOW the alleged abductor gained access to the apartment, because they all know that apartment WAS ALL LOCKED UP!

And that is why throughout this seven plus years that NONE of the McCann private detectives either, ever touched on how an intruder got IN (if not by the window) they NEVER once produced any scenario as to how access was gained.  They knew they could not.  They'd tripped themselves up once too often - that window not being jemmied, left Kate's story dead in the water - they just were not going to go there.

But for talk sake why would an abductor who had come in through a door, exit by a narrow window?

Not a reason in the world to do that!  

IN FACT more reasons for any intruder not to do that if we believe the tales told by the McCann party regarding their checking system.

In McCann apartment, the front door led out to the very same path which the bedroom window overlooked.  So it wouldn’t make a bit of sense for an intruder to make life difficult for himself by trying to squeeze out through a narrow window carrying a child when he could simply use the door!  Especially when no matter which of the two route he used, he was going to land on practically the same spot on the path outside!

And that is EXACTLY why Mitchell would say no more on this other than to say, ‘Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the belief the intruder left through an open window’….he and they knew they were caught out!  

Unknown we would have to assume, to Mitchell, Kate McCann had decided to post on their website that she thought the alleged intruder may have opened the window as a red herring!

This made Mitchell's story of the McCanns FIRMLY believing the alleged intruder exited by the window look like a great fat lie, made him look pretty stupid – there was he spinning away about an alleged intruder who had opened the window and shutter from inside without tampering with anything, who made his escape without leaving a trace, and all the while back at the ranch, Kate in her panic decided she would cut off the public at the pass, and create, and post on their website, an EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS and INCREDULOUS STORY than her first - voila the red herring tale!

This lot knew they couldn’t under any circumstance start speaking of which door this alleged intruder had gone in through, as McCann KNEW both doors were LOCKED!

Locked on that night, just as they had been locked on EVERY OTHER NIGHT!

Interestingly, Gerry McCann TOLD police in his first witness statement that the doors to the apartment were locked on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  That he had used his key to open the locked front door when he had gone to check on his children.  This locked front door was right beside the bedroom window where his children slept.  He had to pass this window right up close to get to the door.  So if it had been opened he could not have missed it on his check.

McCann said Kate McCann had done likewise on her check – ENTERED THE APARTMENT by the front locked door using her key to open it.

If that was the case – then Kate McCann could not have missed an open bedroom window, an open JEMMIED shutter BEFORE entering the apartment – IMPOSSIBLE.

Just hold that thought... 

What Gerry McCann told police in his 'FIRST' HONEST AND TRUE ACCOUNT OF EVENTS OF THAT EVENING was that BOTH of them he and his wife Kate McCann had entered by the front locked door on their separate checks! 

SEVEN days later he provided the Portuguese Police with his 'SECOND' HONEST AND TRUE ACCOUNT OF EVENTS OF THAT EVENING - McCann changed his story - WHY? 

Because it did not fit with the jemmied shutter story they had told!

And Gerry’s story DIDN’T fit with Kate McCanns "true account of events of their movements on that night!

Kate McCann told the police a DIFFERENT STORY ENTIRELY from what Gerry McCann had?

She told the police that she had entered the apartment by an unlocked patio door!

That is the unlocked patio door, which Gerry McCann FIRST stated was LOCKED!


Gerry McCann SEVEN days after giving police his account CHANGED his account to FIT IN WITH THAT OF Kate McCanns.

And that is very interesting!

Each of them would know that if Kate McCann had entered by the front locked door (which was what Gerry McCann had told police his wife had done) that she could NOT have missed the open shutter and window as she had to pass it to get to the front door.

Yet Gerry McCann told the police that this is the route BOTH of them had taken to the apartment (on their separate checks) and that the front door is the door they both used.

This is what they had been doing all week was the initial story.  ALL week they had been locking the kids in the apartment, leaving by front entrance, locking the door behind them, and naturally re-entering that way also.

That was their routine when going out during daytime too.

So one has to ask AT WHAT POINT EXACTLY did Gerry McCann discover his wife Kate McCann had given the police an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT account from his?

As clearly when he discovered this, and discovered that that bedroom window had not been jemmied open – HE WAS LEFT WITH NO CHOICE BUT TO CHANGE HIS STORY, TO COINCIDE WITH HIS WIFE’S VERSION!  TO SAVE HER NECK?  TO SAVE BOTH THEIR NECKS?

I have said all along, that although there is much in the story they have told, they and their buddies, which is simply not true, simply doesn’t add up, simply done to conceal something – their biggest mistake (or Kate McCanns biggest mistake) was that OPEN WINDOW.

No matter how hard they try, or how hard anyone tries, when it is clear the window shutter was not jemmied from outside as Kate McCann told everyone, but opened from the inside – that is the point their real problems begun – because that open shutter and window doesn’t fit in with the story, no matter how hard they try to squeeze it in, it just doesn’t fit anywhere!    Hence Kate’s red herring tale – that is the best she could come up with by way of explanation for that window being open- that an intruder had opened it to create a red herring.

Now if she FIRMLY believed (as Mitchell announced to the world) that this alleged abductor had taken Madeleine out through the window - why would she feel the need to come up with this red herring tale and post it on their website?

That an intruder opened the window to create a red herring!  Laughable if it was not for the fact a child lost her life.  And for Kate McCann to post such a ridiculous suggestion on their website is bizarre to say the least.

But hey, Gerry has no problem with people purporting a theory!

And as Mitchell said – Kate and Gerry are only putting forward a theory when they speak of abduction – bet he regrets ever saying that on radio interview!

But back to Kate and Gerry:

HOW is it at all possible that these two could have given Portuguese Police ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS OF THEIR MOVEMENTS that night?

If they had been following the routine which they had been carrying out all week long, as Gerry told police they had – which was to lock the patio door (which when locked could not be opened from outside), and leave the apartment by the front door, locking it as they left – HOW come Kate McCann told a VERY DIFFERENT STORY?

At what point did he,McCann  learn that she had told the police a different tale?

Now I would suggest that his first account was most probably the true one –

'That they had both entered the apartment on their separate checks by the front locked door using their key to unlock it, which they had been doing all week long'  

So why on the night Madeleine vanished would it be any different?

But it throws up the BIGGIE – IF Gerry McCann was being truthful –


And WHY did Matthew Oldfield the member of the group who claimed NOT TO KNOW the McCann kids (read Just Checking Blogs) LIE TOO about having gone into that apartment on that night to check on the McCann children, children he did not know, when he had never done so before, AND NEITHER HAD ANYONE ELSE IN THE GROUP CHECKED on the McCann kids throughout that holiday?

For DCI Andy Redwood and his 37 team of detectives to have any chance of catching the perpetrators of the crimes committed against Madeleine McCann, he needs to discover why the McCanns and their holiday buddies have not been truthful, have hindered a police investigation, as by not being truthful, that is exactly what they have done.

But of course Redwood and his band of merry men know this - they are crack detectives at the Met we are told.

But have they discovered during their ALMOST FOUR YEAR REVIEW/INVESTIGATION why a bunch of doctors, the lawyer wife of one, and one other, Jane Tanner would not have been entirely truthful in their accounts given to police concerning the mysterious disappearance of a little kid, Madeleine Beth McCann?

They hindered chances of Madeleine being found, be that dead or alive by giving different and changing versions of accounts of that night.


You see Gerry McCanns account of where he was, his movements, being EITHER at the front or patio (back) entrance to the apartment at any given time has enormous bearing on the rest of the story told.   That he told police his WIFE entered the apartment using her key, has great bearing also!

None of this has to be taken lightly or dismissed off hand, as McCann changing his version of events, changed also the chances of Madeleine's whereabouts being discovered.

Perhaps Drake of the Mirror might like to do a piece on this aspect of the McCann story?

The McCanns keep telling us there is a missing piece of the puzzle yet to be found – I FIRMLY believe there isn’t!   It’s sitting right there – just needs someone with balls, to pick it up and place it FIRMLY where it FITS!

Just as Kate and Gerry McCann FIRMLY believe that someone magically got into their holiday apartment and climbed out of the window carrying Madeleine, thousands FIRMLY believe their story to be a shed load of shit!

Thousands would like to know WHY Gerry and Kate McCanns versions of the  EVENTS of that night, regarding, in particular, the securing of that apartment on the night they reported Madeleine as missing - DID NOT MATCH - causing Gerry McCann to change his version!

But back to Kate and her whooshing curtains, in Drake's Drapes:

27th October 2014

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