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The Math 20-38-41

The Math

20 - 38 – 41


'Would whoever has the darn key, give it up now please?'


The 20 ‘persons of interest’ magically became 38.

Now the 38 have become 41

But soon the 41 will become 38 again...


So says Rowley from the Metropolitan Police, as soon, he will eliminate 3!


In the original 38 – 12 were Brits.

In the now 41 – 15 are Brits.

So he Rowley added 3 more Brits to his list.


Ah but are the 3 to be eliminated, Brits?  And if they are, are they the same Brits who are newly added to the list?

Or, are the 3 eliminations to be from the original 20/38  - whichever number you prefer to use.

Scotland Yard seem to pick their numbers out of a hat – so feel free to do likewise!



Was there ever 3 added at all?

It just keeps getting sillier!


And the phone data from holidaymakers from 30 countries Rawley tells us could hold the key to Madeleine’s disappearance.


Now might be a stupid question.


But I thought the 20/38/41 and the again, soon to be 38 persons of interest hold the key?


The Brits among them number 15.

By my calculation that leaves 25 who are from other countries (based on 38 as 3 are being eliminated as we speak, so why ever mentioned at all? To give impression work in this regard was carried out?) 

Then we have the  holidaymakers from these 30 countries who too hold the key

They are not though part of the group of 38 ‘persons of interest’ who also hold the key!

We are left with 25 persons of interest – non Brits

And we still have 30 countries.   The figures aren't adding up!

But then they are not supposed to - not the intention of the Met that the public should get a clear picture. 

Six million dollar question how many people from these 30 countries hold the key?

Well it seems that there were thousands of holidaymakers in Praia da Luz when McCanns were there, and these ‘thousands’ have to expect a call from the Metropolitan Police!

It has just gotten sillier again!


So that’s 38/41 persons of interest (who may hold the key)

Scheduled for elimination – 3 (who may hold the key, up until their time of elimination)

30 Countries (with untold numbers of people who may hold the key)

Thousands of people (who were in PDL and had mobile phones back in 2007 who may also hold the key)


Where did these thousands of holidaymakers spring from?


We have been told for the past 6 years by the McCanns the resort was quiet, it was out of season, hardly anyone around?


Now, 6 years on,  this quiet town we are being told was in April/May 2007 filled with thousands of tourists from 30 countries, and paedophiles, too numerous to mention all watching the McCanns ...all who were using mobile phones!  And of course who hold the key!


Do we really think there are thousands of people all 'standing by' waiting expecting a call from Redwood/Rowley’s team?  

Do we really think that Redwood/Rowley's team will be phoning thousands of people?

And hey, only recently we were told that it is the people of Portugal who hold the key?

But then we were also told at the libel trial that the people of Portugal stopped looking as they believed everything they had read in Dr Goncalo Amaral's book!    

I did read some reports that the people of Portugal - eat everything they see!

But of course the McCanns their witnesses made up of family and friends must accuse the Portuguese people - the book wasn't in English, so it had to be the Portuguese who they would blame for reading it, and then not believing the McCann version of events,

The mobile phone records which should be of most interest to the Metropolitan police are those of the tapas bunch…

The persons of most interest to them also should be the tapas bunch.

Seems that Scotland Yard are now part of the McCann Panto -  Our message to Redwood and Rowley has to be -  Look Behind You!
4th October 2013

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